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Power Point of interviews

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  1. 1. why ?
  2. 2. I had worked with DDB during new pitches long before I was ever a part of the family. At that time, DDB Chicago was the most creative agency and I saw that the fit of the culture, the spirit of the agency… there was no place like this. Working here only reinforced that we’re the “nice” people; no back-stabbing edge. It’s about working together to create the best possible product . The truth is, you either fit into this culture or you don’t, and if you do, you’ll always be happy about coming to work. Heather Malenshek Group Strategy Director DDB Chicago
  3. 3. I knew DDB’s reputation even before I started working here. I was excited to work for a company with clout; a company with an impressive network that spans multiple medias. But the reason DDB has kept me is the constant collaborative environment that is fostered here. I work with six clients and people are always willing to bounce ideas off of each other, even if they aren’t directly involved in the project or even if it isn’t in their job responsibilities. It’s never the same boring stuff and you never know what you might be called into… they would have to drag me out of here. Don Lupo Senior Interactive Producer DDB Worldwide Los Angeles
  4. 4. About a year and a half ago I got a great opportunity from Alma DDB: to be an intern. I loved working for Alma so much that I made extra efforts every day to do my best work and hopefully get hired. Today I am a Junior Copywriter and I love it even more, the atmosphere, people, our work- everything is fun and interesting.  Xochitl Serrano Junior Copywriter Alma DDB
  5. 5. most exciting campaign
  6. 6. The most exciting campaign I’ve worked on at DDB would probably have to be the LensCrafters Open Your Eyes campaign mainly because we developed some really great insights into people who need to wear eyeglasses and I believe were able to dispel the myths about them and make them feel better about wearing glasses. We shifted the focus (excuse the pun) from visual acuity to how the right pair of glasses can change your whole attitude to life.
  7. 7. I have to say that the most exciting campaign I have worked on was for Activision, a large publisher of interactive entertainment (mostly video games), for the new James Bond video game. It was so exciting to be a part of a team that brought to life a truly iconic character! It was so much fun, it almost couldn’t be counted as work.
  8. 8. The most exciting campaign I have worked on was for our second State Farm I'm there campaign. Our creative work evolved from the first campaign and the spots turned out to be amazing. I still get excited when I watch them. 
  9. 9. a day in the life of…
  10. 10. A typical day for me is never typical and that’s what makes it interesting. One day we can be talking to young guys in a bar about what’s on their mind and the next day we’re watching kids play and trying to get into the minds of a 7 year old.   All that combined with working with some of the most talented and genuinely cool people in the industry. Can’t beat it!
  11. 11. A day in my life at DDB LA is a non-stop rollercoaster of interactive brainstorming, digital production, creative collaboration and frequent consulting for colleagues. From working with the incredibly talented people at the agency to coordinating projects with vendors, I am never at a loss for an interesting task. I truly enjoy being pulled into strategic and creative sessions to collaborate on a new project, and I finish every single day feeling that I have accomplished something meaningful and beneficial for our clients. Best. Job. Ever.
  12. 12. My day at the office starts out with laughs, then brainstorming with the team while laughing a bit more, and ending with rewarding ideas.  Not too shabby.