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Big Lions with Small Budgets by Caspar Bock & Simon Naver


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Making smart creative work in a small county

Published in: Business, Travel
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Big Lions with Small Budgets by Caspar Bock & Simon Naver

  2. 2. IntroductionWho we are and where we’re from Simon Naver – Art Director Caspar Bock – Copywriter Copenhagen
  3. 3. We’re not experts! Copenhagen
  4. 4. Rule #1There’s no formula for winning awards Copenhagen
  5. 5. Rule #2Budgets matter but they don’t rule Copenhagen
  6. 6. Rule #3Every case is different Copenhagen
  7. 7. Our approach to this seminar Because there’s no recipe for creative success Because every case is different- We have decided to let our work speak for itself. Copenhagen
  8. 8. Our approach to this seminar Afterwards: How to sell in good workSome general learnings from Cannes Copenhagen
  9. 9. McDonald’s Coinoffers Business problem:Connect with a younger audience Copenhagen
  10. 10. McDonald’s Coinoffers Idea: Make a loyalty scheme that embraced themedia platforms used by kids and teenagers Copenhagen
  11. 11. McDonald’s Coinoffers How it really worked Copenhagen
  12. 12. McDonald’s Coinoffers2 Cannes Lions (integrated mobile, integrated media) 2 Gold Creative Circles 2 Silver Creative Circles 2 Danish internet Awards Copenhagen
  13. 13. Krak – The Chase Business problem:Changing people’s search behaviour. Getting the product sampled. Copenhagen
  14. 14. Krak – The Chase Idea:Make it fun to search. Copenhagen
  15. 15. Krak – The Chase How it really worked Copenhagen
  16. 16. Krak – The Chase 2 Silver Creative Circles1 Danish internet Awards Copenhagen
  17. 17. Volkswagen – The Polo Principle Business problem:Building a sustainable branding platform for the Polo. Copenhagen
  18. 18. Volkswagen – The Polo Principle Idea: Find a way to demonstrate Volkswagen’s brand ethos. Copenhagen
  19. 19. Volkswagen – The Polo Principle The process and results Will be submitted in 2013. Copenhagen
  20. 20. How to sell good creative work.Prove that it’s a good strategy, not just a good idea. Be pro-active, write your own briefs. Copenhagen
  21. 21. How to sell good creative work. Invest hours in the projects you believe in,less in those you don’t. The 70-20-10 rule. Pick your battles and be persistent on the ideas you believe in. Copenhagen
  22. 22. Cannes Learnings / Boosting your case Present the basic idea in the first 10 seconds Have a clear concept line / campaign name Copenhagen
  23. 23. Cannes Learnings / Boosting your caseMake the strategy feel clever and relevant for the product ”The Big Idea” / Concept Copenhagen
  24. 24. Cannes Learnings / Boosting your case There are no limitations when it comes to category The case movie is a campaign in itself Copenhagen
  25. 25. Thinking beyond advertising Product development Copenhagen
  26. 26. Thinking beyond advertising Business development Copenhagen
  27. 27. Thinking beyond advertising Earning models Copenhagen
  28. 28. Thinking beyond advertising ”Goodvertising” Copenhagen
  29. 29. Do awards even matter? Copenhagen
  30. 30. Questions? Copenhagen
  31. 31. Thanks Copenhagen