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DCTI Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. DCTIEstablishing Clean ValuesCorporate PresentationSeptember 2011 1
  2. 2. CleanTech | DCTI German CleanTech InstituteCleanTech literally means "clean technologies". The Deutsches CleanTech Institut (DCTI) assumesCleanTech to be the principle of achieving an increase in efficiency, performance and productivity incombination with the reduction of emissions and conservation of resources by implementing newprocesses, products and services. A change in the attitudes of both legislators and society is neededif the challenges of the 21st century are to be tackled successfully. Behavior | Organisation | Innovative TechnologyAs an independent, private-sector economic research institute, the DCTI has set its main focus onthe applied research of clean, sustainable technologies and integrates scientific knowledge intopractical concepts. Our comprehensive consulting and information services aim to accelerate thepromotion of clean technologies and the CleanTech diffusion process. 2
  3. 3. The Players in the CleanTech Diffusion Process • Positioning in a professional CleanTech environment, and thus in the growth Business market of the 21st century • Distinction from Green Washing and Trade fairs, Science End-of-Pipe-solutions Events & & Experts Conferences • Multiplier effects in the external perception of strategic media Deutsches CleanTech partnerships Institut • Expertise with a science-oriented background Associations Media & • External effects: image improvement, & Politicians PR distinction from competition, innovation leader Decision Makers • Internal effects: risk minimization, employee motivation, identification with the company 3
  4. 4. DCTIThe Institute. 4
  5. 5. DCTI PublicationsCleanTech Study Series• Analysis of the twenty CleanTech segments• Free know-how transferDCTI Specials and DCTI Branch Guides• Focus on current developments• Representation of individual technologies• Presentation of leading companies in the industryGerman CleanTech Annual• First German standard work of the CleanTech sector• Scientific analysis and business practice projectsTopics in 2011 include:• Geothermal Energy• PV Export Guide• Renovation for Energy Efficiency 5
  6. 6. Tenders| Current References“Analyzing the Potential for Electric Vehicles in Bremen”This feasibility study was commissioned by the WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH. The aimsof the study were to investigate the status quo and make projections for the future of electricmobility in Bremen up to 2020. Based on a comprehensive primary survey among representativesfrom industry, science and administration, the results are intended to provide strategic guidance.The report was edited in cooperation with EuPD Research.“Investment in the Manufacturing and Installation of Renewable Energy Systemsin Germany”The objective was a comprehensive analysis of investments in the German renewable energyindustry, in terms of production capacities, and in the status quo on the basis of Germany-wide fieldresearch. Several model scenarios were devised to illustrate the projected global development up to2030. The project was carried out with the Wuppertal Institute and EuPD Research on behalf of theAgency for Renewable Energies (Agentur für Erneuerbare Energien / Bundesverband ErneuerbareEnergien). 6
  7. 7. The Institute | Market ResearchThe Interview Center (in-house with HRCG)• 25 Interviewer Stations (can be expanded due to need)• 10 years experience in the B2B/B2C fields• 60 Interviewers (60% professional full-time interviewers, 40% part-time workers)• Payment system based on hours -- not on the number of interviews conductedQuality Control• 3 studios with 6 to 9 stations with supervision in each studio• Dialer• Monitoring• Optional recording of interviewsWordwide surveys are possible:• Interviewer is always a native speaker of the interviewee„s language• European-wide databank of contacts is available 7
  8. 8. DCTIConsulting. 8
  9. 9. Consulting | ReferencesThe DCTI provides an independent cross-industry consulting service in sustainability. Using theextensive expertise of DCTI, companies can optimize, document and externalize their results-oriented commitment to sustainability. Processes of sustainability facilitate cost saving in the shortterm and reduce the usage of resources such as energy and water in the long term.In addition, sustainability becomes an integral part of both corporate values (vision, mission) andstrategy. As the communication of sustainability requires professional services, the DCTI is alsohappy to offer its support in this important area.SCS Schneider GmbH from Kassel was lead by DCTI on strategic and operative levels on its way tobecoming a sustainable company. The results can be found at: www.ecojet.de. 9
  10. 10. DCTIService. 10
  11. 11. ServiceIncluded in our service is the CleanTech Driver Program, various partner programs and cooperationwith leading media, as well as events and trade fairs. The goal of these services is to increase thevisibility of innovative and future-oriented technologies.Cooperation Partners and Trade Fair Presence: 11
  12. 12. ServiceClients are offered, through the DCTI„s cooperationpartners, exclusive access to events with leading expertsin the fields of tax, law, policy and economics.Most recently our clients were invited to the law firmWhite & Case„s workshop at Intersolar 2011 on the topicof Bankability of Solar Projects held in Munich. 12
  13. 13. Mediadaten | DownloadsConsistently high download rates ensure visibility 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.Percentage distribution* depends on the release date of Media Presence 2010the publication: 1. Solar energy (de/en) 09/09 and special PV 05/10 Nearly 42.000 hits in 2010 from interested visitors to the DCTI-Website. Total downloads to date of our publications 2. Wind energy (de/en) 12/09 from our website along with cooperation partners: more than 52.000. 3. Bio energy 03/10 4. eMobility 10/10 *The publication CleanTech Investment and the Sustainability special are not included 13
  14. 14. Media Data | Media PresenceThe worldwide interest in “CleanTech” is demonstrated by the demand for informationen from the DCTI.The DCTI-Website registers consistent hits (unique visitors) from over 60 countries. “Sustainability: Germany‟s most sustainable companies”, 30.11.2010 “A Driving Force for our Society”, 15.09.2010 “Green Ideology meets Finance Reality”, 01.08.2010 100 to 1500 Hits / Month 1501 to 7500 Hits / Month “Photovoltaic System Source: DCTI, Februar 2011 Law”, April 2010 14
  15. 15. DCTIProduct Selection. 15
  16. 16. Institute | Business Climate Index (GKI)GoalThe goal of the investigation is to survey companies in the CleanTech sector to assess their current andfuture business expectations. The Index serves as an early indicator for the aggregate development inGermany (more countries are available upon request). The Business Climate Index will assess each ofthe individual CleanTech segments.The following positions serve as a basis: Evaluation of the currect business situation Outlook of the future business situation (half year outlook)Participants Minimum of 30 companies per segment (changes to the sample are possible)Interview techniques Standardized questions First interview by telephone Final interviews via online questionnaireProduct Description Expressive presentation complete with graphs and diagrams Commentary on the meaningful results 16
  17. 17. Institute | GKI | Results Presentation Example Business Situation Source: DCTI 2010 120 Energy Materials Water 110 Mobility CT Investment 100 90 80 1. Quarter 2010 2. Quarter 2010 3. Quarter 2010 4. Quarter 2010 Energy 100.0 110.0 108.0 115.0 Materialsn 100.0 105.0 98.0 110.0 Water 100.0 96.0 96.0 112.0 Mobility 100.0 94.0 95.0 98.0 CT Invest. 100.0 95.0 90.0 110.0 n = 678The current and forecast business expectations of the companies surveyed are expressed in with graphs,broken down into the individual CleanTech segments. 17
  18. 18. Institute | GKI | Results Presentation Example International Breakdown of Revenues 2009 2012 Asia 9.9% 9,9% 8.9% 8,9% USA 4.4% 4,4% 3.1% 3,1% UK 1.6% 1,6% 2.0% 2,0% FR 7.9% 7,9% 13.0% 13,0% DE 43.1% 43,1% 28.5% 28,5% GR 2.4% 2,4% 2.8% 2,8% IT 12.3% 12,3% 17.3% 17,3% ES 8.8% 8,8% 6.9% 6,9% TR 0.2% 0,2% 2.1% 2,1% PL 0.5% 0,5% 0.3% 0,3% PT 0.5% 0,5% 0.6% 0,6% DK 0.3% 0,3% 1.2% 1,2% CN 8.1% 8,1% 13.3% 13,3% Quelle: DCTI 2010The past years breakdown in terms of international revenues along with the forecasted results for 2012are expressed. 18
  19. 19. Institute | Customized Studies | Commissioned WorkCustomized Studies Ihre Foreword, USPs Company Introduction & Current Branch Interview Content 2011Commissioned Work Umfang Content • Telephone Interviews • Market Analysis • Face to Face • Situation Analysis Your Market Research Needs • Desk Research • Competition Analysis • Research • Image Analysis • Mailing Service • Cluster Analysis 19
  20. 20. Consulting | Cleaner Production & ServiceThe Management Standards “Cleaner Production & Service” pursue the goal ofestablishing a systematic path forward with the definition of environmentallyrelevant goals and the necessary structure to reach these goals. Concrete measures and Change in awareness on an environmentally Successful Management a individual and aware corporate culture of environmentally corporate level. as strategic success and relevant themes. implementation factors.The Management-Standards “Certified Cleaner Production & Service” test therelevant processes in the supply chain and the supporting areas such asManagement over the entire supply chain within the Organisation. 20
  21. 21. Consulting | Cleaner Production & Service INCREASE EFFICIENCY COST REDUCTION Management Standard Cleaner ProductionWhat is the waste etc. How is the waste etc. in in the supply chain? the supply chain avoided, Reduce, Recycle and minimized & recycled? Minimize Resource Use Reuse Waste Integrated into all resource processes (preventative) Reduce, Recycle and Reduce, Recycle and Where is there waste Reuse Waste Reuse Waste Water Why is there waste etc.etc. in the supply chain? in the supply chain? Continous Strategy USE AS COMPETITIVE MINIMIZE RISKS ADVANTAGE 21
  22. 22. Consulting | Renewable Energy Project AnalysisDCTI applies its competentce in the application oftechnical software tools including software toolsdeveloped in-house. These tools evaluate energyprojects based on energy production and savings,investment costs, reduction in emmissions, economicfeasibility and risks for various types of renewableenergy and energy efficiency technologies. In-house Software by DCTI SAM | Project Evaluation Software RETScreen | Renewable Energy Software Matlab/Simulink | Simulation Software 22
  23. 23. Consulting | Comparing Renewable Energy ProjectsThe analysis identifies the idealinvestments based on return oninvestment and payback period,based on location, technology andfinancing structure.In this way, the best projects from thewide array of opportunities areidentified in terms of best investment.Basis for the comparison:• LCOE (Levelised Cost of Electricity)• IRR (Internal Rate of Return)• Payback Period• Resource needs (land & water) 23
  24. 24. Service | Current Campaign with WirtschaftsWocheWirtschaftsWoche is the largest financialmagazine in Germany.Weekly contributions on issues relevant to theeconomy are presented in an informative andclear way for decision makers and leaders.Over 100 Experts analyze global trends and themost important developments with the help ofworldwide correspondents and a network ofpartners. 24
  25. 25. Service | CleanTech Driver ProgramCompanies that operate in one of the five segments of energy, materials, water, mobility andCleanTech services have the opportunity to be certified as a CleanTech Driver and thus becomepart of the CleanTech diffusion process.As a CleanTech Driver, firms present themselves in one of the issue-specific publications to adistinguished audience from business, finance and potential customers.Companies can showcase their understanding and commitment to CleanTech witha corporate profile and a detailed CEO interview in a scientific and independentenvironment.Selection of CleanTech Drivers since 2009: 25
  26. 26. ContactDeutsches CleanTech Institut GmbH Büro Berlin | c/o CTP | CleanTech Partner BerlinAdenauerallee 134 Knesebeckstr. 3353113 Bonn 10623 BerlinTelefon +49 (0) 228-92654-0 Telefon +49 (0) 30 89408-421Fax +49 (0) 228-92654-11 Fax +49 (0) 30 89408-444CEO Press/MediaPhilipp Wolff Daniel Pohlp.wolff@DCTI.de d.pohl@DCTI.deContact Consulting Contact InstituteDaniel Norton Linda KleinschmidtConsulting InstitutePhone: +49 (0) 228-92654-66 Phone: +49 (0) 228-92654-73d.norton@DCTI.de l.kleinschmidt@DCTI.de www.dcti.de 26