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  • Company Overview 45000 employees globally 13500 Engineers globally £919M gross R&D spend in 2012
  • A Proud History of Innovation Photos: Top left to right – Charles Rolls and Henry Royce, R-R Silver Ghost 1926, Spitfire & Merlin 1940, STOVL Flying Bedstead (predecessor to harrier) 1954 Key facts: Henry Royce filed held almost 200 patents. From 1937 to 1946 the Merlin engine power had been doubled (1030hp to 2060hp). By 1955 over 150,000 Merlin engines had been produced. The LiftSystem clutch and driveshaft deliver 29,000hp from the engine to the lift fan in 2.5 seconds. The LiftFan produces 20,000lbf thrust. The PM Thruster allows a 25% power increase for the same size propeller.
  • The Most Complex Challenges Engineering Statistics: Fan blade tips travel at supersonic speeds. The energy to be contained when a fan blade is released is the equivalent to a double decker bus crashing at 60mph. The fan swallows more than a metric ton of air per second. The equivalent of a squash court of air. The turbine blade operates at 200 degrees Celsius above its metal melting temperature. The equivalent is to put an ice cube in an oven, turn it up to max temperature and prevent the ice cube from melting. Each turbine blade provides more power than a formula 1 car. An EJ200 engine on the Eurofighter typhoon produces more power than the entire strating grid of formula 1 cars. Submarine is fuelled for 25 years
  • Innovation in the Global Supply Chain Openness is about partnership
  • Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre Network Shows the strong support to the development of several Advanced Manufacturing Centres. These are initiatives funded through Government and a series of tiered partners. They pull manufacturing technology innovations through the “valley of death” from academic or blue sky ideas into industry representative environments, pushing innovations up the TRL/MCRL scales. We are currently engaged with seven centres– 5 in the UK and 2 overseas. The first centre, the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre or AMRC, is located in Rotherham and is operated by the University of Sheffield. It was opened in 2004 with £30m of support from Local Government. The AMRC specialises in machining and measurement. Since opening the centre has gone from strength to strength – the Factory of the Future opened in 2010 and a nuclear facility has been constructed on the same site.
  • Services Innovation
  • Global Civil Aerospace Growth Forecast (based on ICAO International Civil Aviation Organisation)
  • However – Balancing Innovation and being Trusted to Deliver Excellence A Rolls-Royce powered aircraft takes-off or lands every 2.5 seconds. A Trent engine can fly 13500 hours before major services. That’s like going to the moon and back 14 times.
  • Paul stein plenary 2 presentation

    1. 1. © 2013 Rolls-Royce plcThe information in this document is the property of Rolls-Royce plc and may not be copied or communicated to a third party, or used for anypurpose other than that for which it is supplied without the express written consent of Rolls-Royce plc.This information is given in good faith based upon the latest information available to Rolls-Royce plc, no warranty or representation is givenconcerning such information, which must not be taken as establishing any contractual or other commitment binding upon Rolls-Royce plc orany of its subsidiary or associated companies.Open Innovation 2.0The story behind ‘Power by the Hour’Paul SteinChief Scientific Officer – Rolls-Royce plc
    2. 2. Rolls-Royce proprietary information“Strive for perfection ineverything you do. Take thebest that exists and make itbetter. When it does notexist, design it.”Sir Henry Royce 1863 - 1933
    3. 3. Rolls-Royce proprietary information
    4. 4. Rolls-Royce proprietary information3 Shaft GasTurbinePermanent MagnetThrusterRolls-RoyceLiftSystem®1904 1926 1940 1954
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    6. 6. Rolls-Royce proprietary information We manage a global supply chain of 8000+ suppliers >70% of the value of our gas turbines flows through our supply chain Unlocking innovation in the supply chain is key to reducing costs andincreasing competitive advantage 28 University Technology and Research Centres around the world Open Innovation
    7. 7. Nuclear AdvancedManufacturing ResearchCentre (NAMRC) Sheffield2011Network ofAdvanced ManufacturingResearch CentresAxRCsManufacturing TechnologyResearch Centre Singapore2011Commonwealth Centre forAdvanced Manufacture(CCAM) Virginia 2012Advanced ManufacturingResearchCentre (AMRC) Sheffield 2008Advanced FormingResearch Centre (AFRC) –Glasgow 2010Manufacturing TechnologyCentre(MTC) Coventry 2011National Composites Centre(NCC) Bristol 2011Advanced Remanufacturing &Technology Centre (ARTC)Singapore 2013Rolls-Royce proprietary information
    8. 8. Rolls-Royce proprietary informationServicesInnovationIntroduction ofPower by the Hourand TotalCare®52% of underlyingrevenue now comesfrom servicing OEMproducts
    9. 9. Global Growth ForecastRolls-Royce proprietary information
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