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Geleyn Meijer plenary


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open innovation 2.0

Published in: Technology, Business
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Geleyn Meijer plenary

  1. 1. SOCIO-ECONOMIC IMPACT OF OPENINNOVATION – OUTLOOK 2013Dr. Geleyn Meijer & Dr. Gohar SargsyanAmsterdam University of Applied Science & CGI
  2. 2. No. 2EU Study on openInnovation(Logica, IBM, Nokia, Intel,IVI, Novay)supported by
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  6. 6.  Adopt a policy to stimulate Social Innovation Sciences in the recognition that wealthgeneration is driven by the rights balance between citizens, clients, employees andshareholders’ interest. Push a new service mindset versus a new product mindset. Involve users to participate in the innovation process and creation of new services bystudying their motivations. Stimulate heterogeneous cluster forming and create financial and fiscal constructs tohelp them. Initiate an EU-wide creative council where employers, unions, public agencies,politics and SME’s are represented. Promote Creative Thinking as foundation foropen services innovation. Build a single market for services in Europe with active participation of users. Recognize ICT as the key driver to ‘the individual corporate’RECOMMENDATIONSNo. 6
  7. 7. Outlook3 Explosive cocktails
  9. 9. Doc Searls: The intention EconomyWhile marketers look for more ways to get personalwith customers, including new tricks with “bigdata,” customers are about to get personal in theirown ways, with their own tools. Soon consumerswill be able to:• Control the flow and use of personal data• Build their own loyalty programs• Dictate their own terms of service• Tell whole markets what they want, how theywant it, where and when they should be able toget it, and how much it should cost
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  13. 13. GAMING• Credits• Levels• Queste• Neutral characters• Your own story-telling
  14. 14. Social Benefit Storytelling
  15. 15. es and governmental authorities so that the05)ctlyerswn,Oneco-d in
  16. 16. Made by MeTechShop: Paradise for Tinkerersfacility runs about 17,000 square feet and has all manner of apparatus, from IndustrialAge staples such as sewing machines, metal lathes, and mills to $200,000 computer-controlled contraptions that can cut precise patterns out of slabs of metal. For about$100 a month, you can become a TechShop member and use all this equipment. For afew bucks more, you can attend classes that vary from Welding 101 to drawing 3Dmodels on a computer.
  17. 17. Creating value – social&economic• Explosive cocktail 1:Big data and Apps• Explosive cocktail 2:Giving and Gaming• Explosive cocktail 3:Local Design and Making
  18. 18. Thank you