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Dublin presentation to UCEU Dublin 2014


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Dublin presentation to UCEU Dublin 2014

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Dublin presentation to UCEU Dublin 2014

  1. 1. Cities- where future of society will be written •Urban living –cities have the challenges that need to be addressed Challenges of sustainability, of integration, of inclusion, of economy, of R &D, of housing, of transport, of energy, of cohesion Europe – diverse and different •Europe – a common economy, shared continent, •common humanity The individual •How does the individual feel engaged in the city and in this common Europe
  2. 2. Urban Challenges City Government Citizen As Individual As stakeholder Europe Commission Institutions
  3. 3. Engaged at the CITY Hall ???? WHO ?? – Citizen as individual ; Citizen within Stakeholder Organisation (Education ; Business ; Community(NGO) • Your Dublin Your Voice – change to “mine” social media – Know and engage around real issues • CITY WATCH – City Wide Connect Platform – receive and send data • Create Fora for engagement especially around Projects/Actions • Participatory decision making – online game approach
  4. 4. Engage with Europe ? Cities can do it themselves : Power is ours Link our citizens and stakeholders : Tourism ; Education links ; Staff links ; Festivals of other cities ; Web and Social media platforms : language circles Commission/Parliament – Capital City Dialogue on Policy Open to public –online or in place Based on solutions suggested through citizen engagement
  5. 5. Technology is an inherent democratizer. Because of the evolution of hardware and software, you’re able to scale up almost anything. It means that in our lifetime everyone may have tools of equal power. SERGEY BRIN, lecture at UC Berkeley, Oct. 5, 2005