Make your site web-worthy. Make it usable.


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The slides from the usability session I gave at Drupalcamp Ghent, 11 December 2009.

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Make your site web-worthy. Make it usable.

  1. 1. Make your site web-worthy. Make it usable! Pieter De Clercq @ Drupalcamp Ghent '09
  2. 2. Ahoy! Drupalist since 2006 Web applications enthusiast Happy to share some ideas with you
  3. 3. What is usability? Why should we care? Use cases with explanation.
  4. 4. What is usability? The elegance and clarity with which the interaction with a web site is designed.
  5. 5. What is usability? Simple but not easy to accomplish.
  6. 6. What is usability? Context sensitive.
  7. 7. Why should we care? More people will use your site!
  8. 8. Why should we care? A website that's easy to use means happy visitors means returning visitors means word of mouth advertising means ... all we want !
  9. 9. First use case Jeugdwerknet Youthwork IT Support Portal site Non-profit Flemish
  10. 10. First use case 5.000+ organizations 20.000+ site users 2.000+ offline games events, news, jobs, ...
  11. 11. First use case Free online registration Email address validation and group owner approval are required.
  12. 12. First use case Registration form problems: People call/mail for help. People fill in wrong form values.
  13. 13. First use case Let's find out why?
  14. 14. First use case We only have a fraction of a second to establish one's first impression.
  15. 16. How much longer? Lay-out mistake? So much text to read... pfft
  16. 18. This takes too long to read. I'll just skip it. Let's start! Scouting boys Ghent [email_address] Boy Scouts Do I really have to? What's the purpose?
  17. 19. First use case So, let's try to simplify.
  18. 21. Alright! One simple form. Or maybe a next step?
  19. 23. Alright. 3 steps Fill in personal details Link organization Confirm registration Chris De Lange [email_address] Next step
  20. 24. Scouting boys Ghent First step completed succesfully! One step left and then we're finished.
  21. 25. First use case Omit text no-one reads. Clarify the process.
  22. 26. Second use case Drupal help text
  23. 27. Second use case Drupal 6
  24. 28. Second use case Drupal 6 The only things I can scan for are the title and the hyperlinks. Which only gives me 'node' and 'content type'. Are those the same? And permissions.
  25. 29. Second use case How to write for the web?
  26. 30. Second use case Drupal 7 Use headings Shorten paragraphs Use bold or italic to emphasize something
  27. 31. Read more Google “web usability”... I follow and (dutch).
  28. 32. Now, go ahead and make your site web-worthy. Make it usable! Pieter De Clercq @ Drupalcamp Ghent '09