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Business opportunities to invest in nigeria


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Nigeria is a land of opportunities , presentation documents that

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Business opportunities to invest in nigeria

  1. 1. Business opportunities to invest in Nigeria By Angela Ihunweze(Mrs) Business plan /entrepreneurship consultant 08033280453
  2. 2. Contents  What are business opportunities  Facts about Nigeria that needs urgent attention  The effect of unemployment to our polity  What can be done?  Opportunities that can drive that change  The mutiplier effect.
  3. 3. What are business opportunities? Business connotes: In breaking down the words for easy understanding is the exchange of goods and services for money.  Opportunity connotes: circumstances which will be conducive to do something In a nutshell; business opportunities are circumstances which makes it conducive to trade or engage in commerce which will result to money making
  4. 4. continues Business is about meeting needs with the available resources at your disposal. Identifying connotes: the ability, the enablement to recognize. In doing so the following should be taken into consideration:-  The environment in question.  The decision of the individual whether to meet needs or wants  Motive for doing so.
  5. 5.  Population estimated to be above 170million  The most populous black Nation  Greatest percentage of the unemployed are women and youths  Has a consumable market of 120million
  6. 6. The effect of unemployment to our polity  High mortality rate due to poor living standards as well as poverty  Increase rate of human trafficking  Increase in the rate of intelligently executed crimes against the society which affects all  Unrest in the polity whereby unscrupulous power hungry individuals insight this individuals to cause unrest for their selfish needs to mention a few
  7. 7. What can be done?  Creation of jobs jobs through the private sector which can create a value chain whereby it will lead to the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities for both the women and youths (Literate and Iliterate ones)  Set up causes that are social enterprises to address this issues especially human trafficking through a dignity in labour initiative , likewise addressing the intelligent crimes in our society.
  8. 8. Opportunities that can drive that change  As an organisation the setting up of some enterprises which can create a value chain is necessary .  As a firm we have identified the following  Agro-allied sector, this sector has huge potentials in terms of creating wealth as well as creating value chains which can lead to the setting up of several entrepreneurial activities to reduce unemployment. e.g the setting up of a farm for crop production as well as animal husbandry especially in fishery and poultry . This can lead to creation of several businesses from processing of this livestock into frozen
  9. 9.  Manufacturing especially in the production of table water, it is estimated that with an estimation of 170 million people we donot have enough to meet the demand. In addition Industries in agro and agro-allied sub-sectors including fruit and vegetable processors, cereal milling, feed mills and vegetable oil processing. • Industries which support food production programmes through local manufacture of chemicals, equipment and light commercial vehicles in particular, and chemical as well as petrochemical based manufacturing industries
  10. 10.  Education system is at its lowest, research shows that our present educational system is not ideal and further training on present day skills will be ideal.The setting up of ICT skills acquisation centers and skills acquisition will be appropriate. This will further create jobs as well create a value chain in addition Educational establishments; the growing population has created gaps which can be turned into business. Apart from the usual opportunities such as crèches, nursery, primary, secondary schools and the liberation of tertiary institutions. There opportunities in skill acquisition and vocational schools, tutorials that guarantee results for examination students  Creation of adult education centers  Production of books and stationeries  After school centers for children to wait for their parents
  11. 11.  Services such as the following. The use of one’s talents and experience to start a business:-  Singing  Cooking  Organisation  Counselling  Driving.e.t.c
  12. 12.  Tourism and leisure; The provision of incentives in the 1990 National Tourism Policy were also to enhance private sector participation.  Heritage/Cultural Tourism Resources Development of slave trade relics  Establishment of museums and preservation of monuments  Wildlife Tourism Resources  Development of hiking trails and Jeep tracks in the national parks  Development of picnic and camping sites at strategic locations within the trail circuit system in the national parks  Building of tourist lodges  Building of reception centers at Natural/Physical Attractions  Children fun centers
  13. 13. FYI For more information on each opportunity do get in touch with us . Angela Itambo . 08033280453