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  1. 1. Community AcademyPublic Charter School Presented by: Dianne Clifton EDTC 650 S
  2. 2. CAPCS “Ignite Your Childs Mind” www.capcs.orgMission:To create a caring learningcommunity where studentsacquire the knowledge, skills,and habits of mind to thinkcritically; to read, write, andlisten effectively; to reasonmathematically; to inquirescientifically; and to developthe social competence thatensures meeting thequalifications for acceptanceto a competitive high school.
  3. 3. The VisionS Providing children with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to achieve and to develop their own “Hopes, Dreams, and Opportunities rooted in Expectations of Excellence”S As a parent looking at this vision. I would feel that this school is dedicated to providing the foundational necessities needed for my child to live out their hopes and dreams. That they set high expectations in order for my child to have big dreams and to fulfill those dreams.
  4. 4. CAPCS Online How it Works!S For K-8 Students who live in Washington, D.C.S Tuition is freeS Students receive loaner computers/PrintersS Students receive Internet StipendsS There are some F2F meetingsS Material delivered to the home ( Books, CD’s etc.)
  5. 5. Courses OfferedS Language Arts/ English S HistoryS Math S World Language (5 different Languages)S ScienceS Music S Art
  6. 6. CAPCS Online Academy
  7. 7. The OnlineAcademy Has partnered with K-12 virtual schools Average class size is 52 Demographics  African-America (non-Hispanic)  Caucasian (non-Hispanic)  Hispanic  Asian/Pacific  Other
  8. 8. Highly QualifiedS Staff at CAPCS are highly qualifiedS EnergeticS Committed to the CAPCS online missionS Consistently updated with Professional Development
  9. 9. CAPCS Parent TestimonialsS "I love CAPCS Online for many S "I have really enjoyed my reasons! …Our teachers are so CAPCS Online experience! I helpful and supportive. They like that we can be flexible with really understand that every our schedule when need be. child is unique. I am so thankful The K¹² curriculum is wonderful, that my family has had the especially the fact that there is opportunity to do cyber constant reinforcement of main schooling at home. It has been points throughout each lesson. I such a blessing for us!" - can see both of my children CAPCS parent growing and actually enjoying learning." -CAPCS parent
  10. 10. Sample Lesson1 st Grade Language Arts
  11. 11. Interactive Activity
  12. 12. BenefitsS Synchronous Online Classes S Field TripsS Some F2F class option S Interactive ActivitiesS Technical Support S Good for home schoolingS Special Education services available CAPCS Online Academy is what you make it!
  13. 13. In ConclusionS CAPCS Online Academy has opened up my eyes. I feel that after exploring their online academy site and their CAPCS homepage, that this school would be a good option for a K-12 online learning experience. CAPCS goes by the highly accredited K-12 Advanced Ed Certified Curriculum. (
  14. 14. Works CitedS Community Academy Public Charter School Annual Report. , Retrieved October 12, 2011S www.capcs.orgS Parent Reviews: