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Dc introduction(2)

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Dc introduction(2)

  1. 1. Directive Communication Psychology Applications and Benefits of The New Cutting Edge Psychology for Continuous Workforce Performance Enhancement
  2. 2. Foundations of Directive Communication Founded by Arthur F Carmazzi – Awarded as the 10th most influential Leadership guru in the world Used by Multi-nationals like – Citibank, Nestle, Emirates, MTV, P&G, Conoco, and Sumitomo…
  3. 3. What is Directive Communication Directive Communication (DC) is a training and organizational development psychology developed by Arthur F. Carmazzi that affects how people act and react in teams and how that affects individual performance. The Directive Communication methodology incorporates the latest breakthroughs in motivational and genetic psychology, and applies them in improving personal peak performance through cultivating a superior team environment.
  4. 4. Affects of Directive Communication Increase Training Effectiveness Participants of Directive Communication based courses are 42% more likely to apply what they learned Measurable Results in Performance Peer assessments have indicated improvements in Communication, Cooperation, and Leadership as much as 59% Corporate Culture Enhancement Overall interactions and perceptions of departments and the organisation are affected
  5. 5. Directive Communication Methodology DC 360⁰ Training System Effective Organisational Development Planning with Time and Cost Efficiencies Multi faceted training to suit Time and Budget 2 Day DC workshops Modular Training System Integrated Leadership Training On Line Training Bali Boot Camps
  6. 6. Directive Communication Methodology Tools That Reinforce Learning - DC workshop Tools and Exercises are designed to reinforce learning and awareness from each previous exercise. Replication is part of our System – Effective results in require an environment to support and grow learned skills Results are Inspired to Action – The DC psychology imbeds an inspired competence and instills the desire and ability to make changes in behavior Programs are designed for all brain types People learn differently DC psychology caters to all brain types to maximize learning and the awareness needed for change and behavior modification
  7. 7. Directive Communication Consultants Internationally Reputable Experts – Directive Communication certified consultants are internationally recognized for their specialized applications with Multi-Lingual Capabilities Accredited by the AIOBP – Each DC certified expert is also accredited by the American Institute of Business Psychology
  8. 8. Directive Communication Enhancement Tools The Fun in Psychological Assent ion – Each exercise builds on the previous learning to reinforce awareness and behavior modification
  9. 9. Directive Communication Recognition International Acclaim – Directive Communication’s media coverage through its effective approach and results
  10. 10. Directive Communication Awards
  11. 11. Creating More Effective work Places and Attitudes around the world? Noticeable Improvement with Lasting Results Improve Leadership Improve trustworthiness Improve Loyalty Increase ROI
  12. 12. Directive Communication Reach Us Bali Headquarters Phone : +62 361 977 536 Email : Website : India Partner: Peak Performance Trainings F-24, Diamond District, Old Airport Road, Bangalore –560 017, India Tarun Ahuja +91.97421.38593 Email : Website :