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Torta Barbie Ppt Presentazione


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A calligram on this file sharing website, to consider one of the most powerful mktg and cultural phenomena of our times.

Published in: Design
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Torta Barbie Ppt Presentazione

  1. 1.   ì ì ì ì ì @@@@@@@@@@ Happy50Happy50 @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ *Barbie*Barbie*Barbie * @@@@@@@@@@@@ hideous#sweet#adored#icon share this calligram-cake! http://
  2. 2. I would define this a divertissement and a calligramirony. This multi-storey cake with candles for Barbie doll's 50th birthday shows a sugary, creamy appearence and a blunt text. Pink is Barbie's signature colour, here used as a background for a decorative, profiterolic (Ok, neologism, but I'm a copywriter!), and yet grateful dedication to the "hideous#sweet#adored#icon"   fonts used: a mix of tahoma, French Script MT, Script MT bold in different dimensions