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April Vacation


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What I did over April Vacation

Published in: Travel, Entertainment & Humor
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April Vacation

  1. 1. April Vacation Over April vacation I barely got any sleep, because of all the sleepovers I’ve gone to.
  2. 2. Saturday On Monday, I was biking all around town with two of my other friends, Mike and Ben. That night I slept over Mike’s house, and the next morning my friends and I went to Ben’s house.
  3. 3. Sunday I had another sleepover at my friend Ben’s house with another friend. We all pulled an all nighter, when you stay up the whole night and don’t get any sleep.
  4. 4. Monday I went to ANOTHER sleepover at my other friend’s house, where another friend, Adam, gave me a Chuck Norris DVD(as a joke). I didn’t get any sleep there, either.
  5. 5. Tuesday