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Zap the Gap


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An overview of the Ken Blanchard book on developing excellent customer service, entitled "Zap the Gaps"

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Zap the Gap

  1. 1. A short story….
  2. 2. about
  3. 3. targeting high performance in the workplace….
  4. 4. ….and achieving it!
  5. 5. Zap the Gaps! By Ken Blanchard; Dana  Jim Robinson
  6. 6. Presented by
  7. 7. Preamble In Zap the Gaps, Bill Ambers, the director of customer service in a high-tech firm, encounters a business problem: His call center is not making its numbers. With the help of Michael St. Vincent, gardener and legendary head of Saint’s Nurseries and Landscaping, he learns to systematically dig into the root of the problem, discovering along the way both the GAPS approach to performance improvement and a tool called the Gap Zapper.
  8. 8. The traditional approach to improvement