Andhra Pradesh, India : Análisis de los proyectos PPP (marzo 2009)


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Andhra Pradesh, India : Análisis de los proyectos PPP proyectos publico-privado (marzo 2009)

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Andhra Pradesh, India : Análisis de los proyectos PPP (marzo 2009)

  1. 1. PPP Nodal Officers’ Workshop March 23, 2009 Presentation by PPP CELL Andhra Pradesh Venue: The Taj Mahal Hotel New Delhi 1
  2. 2. CONTENTS  PPP Policy  Capacity Improvement  Development of PPP Guidelines Manual  Pipeline Development  Management Systems  Project Lists  Case Studies  Other Initiatives and Ideas 2
  3. 3. PPP POLICY  Draft PPP Policy is under discussion  Draft PPP Policy is prepared taking inputs from PPP Policy of other states  Draft PPP Policy is going to be discussed in a PPP Policy workshop going to be held in April 2009  ISB Hyderabad is conducting the workshop with senior government officials, Developers and PPP experts  The final copy of the PPP Policy is expected to be ready by May 2009  Formation of PPP Cell as a Society  Draft Memorandum of Association (MOA) and draft Rules / Bylaws for formation of PPP Cell as a society is prepared  The draft copy is under discussion 3
  4. 4. Capacity Improvement  Workshop with the assistance of Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI)  The workshop was conducted in July 2008 for the PPP Nodal Officers of the State Administrative Departments  The topics broadly covered are Rationale for PPP, Financing Techniques, Legal Aspects and Case studies  Workshop with Transaction Advisors  IL&FS and SBI Caps made a presentation about the various types of PPP projects handled by them  Case studies were discussed 4
  5. 5. Capacity Improvement contd..2  Workshop with the assistance of Indian School of Business (ISB)  Planning to have a capacity building workshop for the Administrative Secretaries in May 2009  PPP Monthly News  It capture the Infrastructure Developments in the form a Monthly News Letter  It captures the News Items, Expression of Interests advertised for selection of the Consultants and Developers by various governments  The monthly news letter is circulated to the Administrative Secretaries, Heads of Departments and the Nodal Officers of the various Administrative Departments 5
  6. 6. Capacity Improvement contd..3 Assistance of PPP Cell was sought on the following PPP Projects  Major Bridge on River Godavari on PPP  Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS)  Krishnapatnam Port  Nellore – Gooty Road Project  Public Library at Vizag  IT based rural initiatives in Kadapa  Up gradation of Five Roads at Pulivendula  Setting up of Distilleries at Vishakhapatnam  Setting up of Working Women's Hostel, Nursing Schools 6
  7. 7. PPP Guidelines Manual  PPP Guidelines Manual contains..  AP Infrastructure Development Enabling Act 2001  V G F Guidelines  IIPDF Guidelines  Guidelines for usage of Transaction Advisors  PPPs: Creating an enabling environment for state projects  Model Request for Qualification  Model Request for Proposal  Summary of the list of PPP projects undertaken in AP  The copy of the manual is distributed to the PPP Nodal Officers of the State Administrative Departments 7
  8. 8. Pipeline Development  Urban Infrastructure like Foot Over bridge, Pay use Toilets, Parks: Its being developed on PPP. DEA has given in principal approval for under taking the project under IIPDF Scheme  Gandhi Hospital: Initial study is conducted to find out what areas can be taken up under PPP. KPMG had a initial discussion in this regard  Education Department: Establishment of rural residential schools on PPP. Presentations were made to the Prl Secretary in this regard by IFC 8
  9. 9. Pipeline Development Contd..2  Commissioner of Sugars: Setting up of Distillery units on PPP mode at various places in AP.  Transportation Department: Setting up of Vehicle Testing Centers, Driving Testing Centers and Automated Weighbridges on PPP mode  INCAP: Development of Growth Corridor from Vizag to Kakinada. Development of Faster Rail Link between Begumpet and Shamshabad Airport 9
  10. 10. PPP Website of AP (  Development of PPP Website with the assistance of A P Technology Services Ltd (APTS): Comprehensive website has been developed to serve as the repository of all the information relating to PPP’s in the State for the purpose of information sharing and information dissemination. Major Content Coverage: Reference Documents (for Information sharing) Important Circulars, Orders, Guide lines, PPP best practices etc. Case Studies, MCA’s, DPRs, RFP’s, PPP related EOI’s, Tenders etc. Important news, media coverage pertaining to projects Details of PPP related important events Details of Departmental Nodal Officers, Consulting agencies, Developers PPP Project details and Up coming Projects Message Centre (close user group) Glossary, FAQs etc. Official launch of this website is expected shortly 10
  11. 11. PPP-MIS Application  Development of MIS Application with the assistance of Center for Good Governance (CGG): A web-enabled integrated system is proposed to be developed to facilitate proper record keeping and on line monitoring of the overall progress / status of all PPP projects of the state . The system is designed to capture the following details: Project Details General Information pertaining to project including the Project Benefits Project Timeline and Bidding Information Project costing/share etc. and Details of Funding Agencies and pattern Major Milestone during construction and operation period Major Risk factors Project accomplishment details Details of Project related approvals, orders, Relevant documents, Photos etc. Details of Issues/problems or suggestions Actual execution details pertaining to each stage of Project Planning 11
  12. 12. PPP-MIS Application Contd… Current Status  Comprehensive MIS Design Document completed (Covering all the phases of Project Life Cycle)  Obtained commercial proposal for development and implementation of MIS from Center for Good Governance (CGG)  Administrative approval on the proposal is being sought 12
  13. 13. PPP Project Lists Sector Number (and Value) of PPP Projects in various stages Total Identified Detailed RFP Bidding Construction/ Nos. App.Cost Project Implementation (Rs. Cr.) Report Road 11 6 1 3 37 58 12624 Railways - - - - 1 1 12000 Ports 1 - - - 3 4 14200 Airports 2 - - - 1 3 2978 Tourism 1 1 10 1 35 48 1386 IT - - - - 4 4 77 Others - - - 1 14 15 2021 Total 15 7 11 5 94 132 43537 13
  14. 14. Major PPP Projects in the State Major Bridge across River Godavari (Rs 593 crs) Krishnapatnam Port (Rs 10400 crs) Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) (Rs 12000 crs) Hyderabad Outer Ring Road (Rs 3000 crs) Hyderabad International Airport (Rs 1760 crs) Mind Space Project Convention Centre & Integrated Township Hyderabad Integrated Trade and Exposition Center 14
  15. 15. Major Bridge Across River Godavari Its near Rajahmundry Its on BOT with VGF from GOI In principal approval is given, waiting for final approval Project Cost is Rs 593 crores It’s a toll bridge Developer is Ms Gammon India Ltd Independent Engineer is Ms Scott Wilson Concession agreement is signed in Oct 2008 Project expected to be completed in 3 years 15
  16. 16. Krishnapatnam Port 16
  17. 17. Krishnapatnam Port Contd.. Developer is M/s Krishnapatnam Port Company Limited. Project cost of Phase – I Rs 1400 crs Project cost of Phase – II Rs 4000 crs Estimated cost of Phase – III Rs 5000 crs Built Operate Share and Transfer basis (BOST) Contract period is 30 years with further extention of 20 yrs Lease Rentals is 2% of the fair market value with yrly escalation Concession fee is 2.6% of the Gross Income for 30 yrs Government has provided four lane approach road to the Port, Power Supply, R&R. The total cost is Rs 159 crs 17
  18. 18. Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) - Hyderabad 18
  19. 19. Mass Rapid Transit System (MRTS) - Hyderabad  Length of the corridor is 69 Kms with elevated structure  Project Cost Rs 12000 crs approx.  PHPDT is 40000 passengers approx with 3 min headway  Passengers expected to travel by 2011 is 1.6 mil per day and by 2021 is 2.3 million per day  Travel time from Miyapur to LB Nagar is 43 min covering a distance of 26 km against Bus Peak hour time of 1 hr 44 min Concession period is 35 years with a construction period of 5 yrs 19
  20. 20. Outer Ring Road - Hyderabad SPV is incorporated as “Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited” Total Length – 158 Kms Estimated cost – Rs 3000 crs Part of the project which is of 62.3 km is on PPP Annuity basis Provides orbital linkage to radial arterial roads Creates options for development of the further satellite townships Provides linkage to the proposed MRTS and Bus System 20
  21. 21. Rajeev Gandhi International Airport 21
  22. 22. Rajeev Gandhi International Airport Contd… 22
  23. 23. Rajeev Gandhi International Airport Contd… Total Project Cost is Rs 2478 crs Project area is about 5495 acres Project Partners: GMR Group (63%), MAHB (11%), Govt of India (13%), Govt of Andhra Pradesh: 13% BOOT Format – Build Own Operate Transfer Concession period is 30 yrs Concession fee is 4% of Gross Revenue Annually Commenced operation from Mar 2008 42 aircraft parking stands - 12 boarding bridges Modular Cargo Terminal initial capacity - 100,000 MT/year 146 Check-in counters including 16 self check-in kiosks Modern Air Traffic Control tower 75m high 23
  24. 24. Rajeev Gandhi International Airport Contd… Phased Development Airport is to be developed in phases based on the air traffic forecast. Design Capacity (mppa) Construction-Start/Finish Phase 1 12 March 2008 Phase 2 20 As per traffic trigger Phase 3 & 4 40 As per traffic trigger 24
  25. 25. Mind Space Project A Special Project for IT & IT enabled services Project area 110 acres at Madhapur APIIC Ltd & K.Raheja Corpn. P Ltd have jointly promoted the project Total investment is around Rs.600 crs with employment generation of about 30000 persons Equity Partners: Govt of AP-11%, Private partner 89%. The revenue to AP Govt on dividend declared on equity Built up space of 5 million sft completed Secured approval for IT/ITES SEZ 25
  26. 26. Convention Centre & Integrated Township An integrated township, 18 – hole international golf course, a convention centre with 6000 seating capacity and a business hotel  APIIC Ltd and EMAAR Properties, Dubai jointly promoted the project with 3 SPVs with equity of 26% and 74% respectively Hyderabad International Convention Centre was built on an extent of 15 acres. The Golf Course is developed on an extent of 235 acres. The assets of Convention Centre and Golf Course will revert back to Govt. of A P after 66 years of lease without any encumbrances. Besides equity, APIIC Ltd shall receive 2 and 3% Gross Annual Revenue as lease rentals from both assets 26
  27. 27. Roads and Bridges  There are 58 Road projects in the state at various stages of development apart from Outer Ring Road The total project cost is Rs 12624 crs The projects are taken under BOT / Annuity mode Out of 58 road projects 18 are under implementation stage 27
  28. 28. Tourism Projects There are 48 tourism projects on PPP mode The total project cost is Rs 1386 crs Beach Resort at Rishikonda, Vizag Status of the projects Implementation Stage - 21 Projects Various stages of bidding Stage - 27 Major Tourism Projects: IMAX Theatre at Hyderabad Beach Resort at Rishikonda, Vizag Snow World at Hyderabad Food Courts at Lower Tank Bund, Hyderabad 28
  29. 29. Other Initiatives and Ideas  Infrastructure Vision Document 2030: The document brings out Infrastructure Requirements, Infrastructure Gaps, Resources required and how to take it forward  Setting up of a State Project Development Fund (PDF): This assistance will encourage more and more departments to take up Infrastructure Projects on PPP  Setting up of a State Viability Gap Funding Scheme (VGF): This fund will help in attracting developers toward projects which are economically viable but not financially  Empanelling Transaction Advisors for the State who have local presence 29
  30. 30. 30