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Andhra Pradesh, India : Antecedentes de los proyectos PPP (enero 2008)


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Andhra Pradesh, India : Antecedentes de los proyectos PPP (enero 2008) participacion publico-privado.

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Andhra Pradesh, India : Antecedentes de los proyectos PPP (enero 2008)

  1. 1. PPP Nodal Officers’ Meeting Presentation by Sri Naresh Penumaka, I.R.S., Additional Secretary, Finance Govt. of Andhra Pradesh
  2. 2. PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP CELL (PPP CELL) Statutory basis for the formation of PPP Cell w G.O.Ms.No.4, Finance (PMU) Dept., dated: 28.04.2007 (Creation of PPP Cell) w MOU signed with GOI under ADB TA Programme Number.4890 (IND) w G.O.Ms.No.302, Finance (SMPC) Dept., dated:04.12.2007 (Creation of Posts) 2
  3. 3. PPP Cell: Scope of Activities w Nodal agency for processing all PPP projects in the State; w Serve as the repository of all information relating to PPPs in the State, including on best practices, guidelines, schemes, PPP pipelines, etc., w The relevant Departments / Ministries of the State will coordinate with the PPP Cell at all stages of project development w Advise the relevant Departments / Ministries in project preparation based on the policy framework to be developed under the TA Project, and in coordination with the PPP Cell in DEA w All proposals forwarded to GOI for any assistance from the TA Project will be routed through the PPP Cell. w The PPP Cell in the State Government will interact with PPP Cell in DEA in identifying bankable projects. 3
  4. 4. PPP Cell: Role and Functions ü Create a shelf of projects and recommend approval of suitable projects for implementation on PPP route ü Assist in preparing the pre-feasibility reports ü Help in appointing / selecting consultants to develop the projects ü Ensures transparent tendering processes ü Ensures through legal or regulatory means, the Government minimizes financial obligations through prudent use of guarantees. Contd… 4
  5. 5. PPP Cell: Role and Functions ü Develop internal evaluation guidelines in consultation with respective Departments to evaluate and assess the projects ü Acts as nodal agency to conduct / recommend exposure visits and trainings ü Through training and technical support increase/ maximise the positive impact of PPPs ü Ensure dissemination to consumers, investors on the benefits and procedures for PPP ü Inspect, visit, review any PPP project under implementation 5
  6. 6. Support to PPP Cell w State Government – Project Development Fund created under IDEA – Staff Support being provided under the TA with ADB • One Chartered Financial Analyst to provide Financial Analysis of proposals • One Superintendent Engineer / Executive Engineer to provide Technical Analysis of proposals • One Joint Director / Dy. Director and one Accounts Officer to provide Administrative support. w Central Government – Viability Gap Funding – Proposed Scheme for India Infrastructure Project Development Fund (IIPDF) – One PPP expert and one MIS expert to be provided under ADB TA Programme w Other sources / tie-ups, if any 6 – Nil
  7. 7. Terms of Reference to PPP Expert ü Project Appraisal & Structuring the project activities for properly carrying out of PPP Projects ü Coordination of PPP Projects on implementation (including with DEA PPP Cell) ü Systems Development ü Awareness Building & Training for relevant State Government Officials ü System Development through providing inputs in Developing a database for PPP Projects 7
  8. 8. Terms of Reference to MIS Expert ü Develop a methodology for collecting and tracking data on PPP Projects ü Developing benchmark/ standards to help applying them to PPP Projects ü Analyse data for decision support systems at the State PPP Cell ü Training to staff on use of the information system and on database search to aid in their work. 8
  9. 9. Organizational Structure FINANCE DEPARTMENT (Governing Body / Dept.) Special Chief Secretary, (Finance Dept.) (Nodal Officer / Head of PPP Unit) Prl. Finance Secretary (IF) (Dy. Nodal Officer) Dy. Financial Advisor (Fin.(PMU) Dept.) (Asst. Nodal Officer) Administrative Staff Professional Staff (Nos) Chartered Financial One Supt.Engineer / 1 Data Processing Officer 1 Joint Director / 1 Accounts 2 Office Analyst Ex. Engineer & 1 Data Entry Operator Dy. Director Officer Subordinates Type of Staff In-house Outsourced Total Professionals 1 3 4 Administrative Support 2 2 4 Total 3 5 8 9
  10. 10. PPP Projects in Andhra Pradesh (as on 28.12.2007) Sl. Name of the Sector Number Projects Costs Current Status No of (Rs. in Crores) Initiation/ DPR RFP Bidding Pending for Im ple - Cons eptual- clearance / m entation Projects is ation perm ission 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 1 INFRASTRUCTURE a) Ports 1 10000.00 - - - 1 - - 2728.00 2 - - - - 1 b) Airports 3 c) Roads 27 6695.04 2 11 8 1 - 5 d) Rail 1 8482.00 - - - 1 - - e) Others 2 1000.05 2 - - - - - Sub Total 34 28905.09 6 11 8 3 6 - - - - - 3 2 SOCIAL SECTOR 3 273.48 Information - 6 3 6 469.50 Technology - 3 8 - - 29 4 TOURISM 40 1097.38 Forest 6 1 5 7 335.55 (ECO-Tourism) Grand Total 90 31081.00 6 14 16 3 6 45 10
  11. 11. Present Status ü Issued orders for creation of posts in PPP Cell vide G.O.Ms.No.302, Finance (PMU) Dept., dt.04-12.2007. ü Requested Ministry of Finance, Govt. of India to spare the services of Mrs. Nikhila Menon, IES., (2004) to be appointed as Dy. Director to provide Administrative Support. ü Selection of S.E. / E.E., Accounts Officer and supporting staff are under process. ü Steps are being taken to identify and fill the post of Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) from open market. ü The PPP expert and MIS experts are yet to start their work 11
  12. 12. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport – Artist’s Impression
  13. 13. Passenger Terminal Building
  14. 14. Hyderabad-Karimnagar-Ramagundam Road proposed to be upgraded to 4-lane road under PPP
  15. 15. Gangavaram Port-Iron Ore Birth
  16. 16. Krishnapatnam Port
  18. 18. THANK YOU 19