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OGEN LED Presentation -R1 201606

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OGEN LED Presentation -R1 201606

  3. 3. is used for LIGHTING
  4. 4. 90% OVER
  5. 5. of that energy is WASTED!
  6. 6. With 1st generation LEDs, we can Save >50% of this consumption. This is a major positive impact on climate change Up to 19% of worldwide electricity is consumed by lighting. With OGEN LEDs, we can save up to Save >90%
  7. 7. 13.6 billion trees Saving
  8. 8. More than a billion barrels of oil Saving
  9. 9. The output of 255 power plants Saving
  10. 10. World’s 1st and Only 2nd generation LED Lighting One Stop Total Lighting Solution Provider  Our mission is no emission!  World’s most efficient LED lighting applications ( Indoor & Outdoor )  Founded in 2005 by 2 grandsons of Philips family  Warner Philips & Frans Otten  Started market entry in late 2006 with Indoor and Later into Outdoor and Greenhouse in 2007  Sold millions of units globally to date  More LED streetlights in Netherlands than Philips  Worldwide presences  Local for local business believe  Strong IP portfolio, award winning & unique technologies A joint effort to improve life!
  11. 11. Awards, Partners and Endorsers Dutch Postcode Lottery: Mass roll out WEF: Technology Pioneer 2009 Award World Bank: Lighting Africa 2009 Award (Solar LED) Clinton Climate Initiative: Preferred supplier Former President Bill Clinton, USA in 2007 U2 singer Bono and TNT CEO Peter Bakker in 2009 Former Prime Minister Tony Blair, UK in 2009 Fast Company 2010: Top 10 “most innovative consumer goods companies” London Exchange 2010: 2010 Most valuable clean- tech company” FIFA South Africa 2010 DEA and UNEP official Offset CO2 emission holder Sir Richard Branson
  12. 12. What makes us best? WORLD’S 1ST & ONLY 2ND GENERATION LED LIGHTING One Stop Total Lighting Solution Provider Better vision Superior color sensation Longest lifetime Lowest CO2 footprint More energy savings Really sustainable Strong LED history Best LED technology
  13. 13. 1879 Edison Light Bulb 1901 Flourescent Tube 1919 Sodium Vapor Lamp 1970 1st Red LED Calculators & Indicators ~1990 “High Brightness” Red, Orange, Yellow & Green LEDS 1995 “High Brightness” Blue, Green LEDs 2000 White LED Lamp demonstrates Incandescent Efficacy (17 Im/W) Brief History of Lighting 2005 White LED Lamp demonstrates Fluorescent Efficacy Current Lighting technology is over 120 years old LEDs began as just indicators, but are now poised to become the most efficient light source ever created 2014 RGB LED Lamp gives birth to mesopic lights which matches the sensitivity of human eyes.
  14. 14. Understanding and Harnessing Technology • Focus on better vision • Understand how human eyes work • Understand how light works
  15. 15. Functioning of the eye is different for Outdoor vs Indoor
  16. 16. The Anatomy • All eyes work the same around the world • Cones are for color and day light = 5,000,000 • Rods are for motion and night vision = 120,000,000 16
  17. 17. The eye needs colors, but the right colors: OGEN LED uses RED+GREEN to create white light In the center part of the retina the ‘sensors’ are the Cones and in the peripheries one uses the Rods. Cones are 96% RED+GREEN. The retina
  18. 18. RGB pixels in TV screens RGB cones in eye retina Creating WHITE LIGHT with LEDs : 2 methods (similar to fluorescent tubes/ bulbs technology)
  19. 19. 5 Reasons Why Our Products are Innovative 1. Higher Luminosity Level 2. Open Design a) Premium Precise Optical Lens System b) Very advanced chips c) Centrally focused light-beam radiance d) Leading to lumen levels twice as strong as the regular LED sets. 3. Modular Design a) Enables Individual Lamp Replacement rather than entire lamp section extraction b) Easier Installation and Maintenance a) Small and equidistant crevices b) Wind causes less pressure on the lamp set c) Better LED resistance over time and slimmer body 5. Longer Life Span 4. Anti-Glare System a) Look straight at the light without feeling dazzled a) Includes Individualized Heat Dissipation system b) Lights are tested from -40 to 45 degrees temperatures (Celsius) c) This simulation helps us make sure the lamp withstand extreme temperatures and lasts longer
  20. 20. Detailed Explanation 1. Higher Luminosity Level and Ground Reach We install a Premium Precise Optical Lens System in our LED Lamps. This special optical lens, with more advanced chips, allow our lumen levels to be twice as strong as the regular LED sets. On top of that, our R&D team developed a design that enhances a more centrally focused light-beam radiance. This not only allows for more efficient lumen distribution and lower consumption, but improves the Ground Lumen reach/coverage (which we call in-house the light traveling ability). All lights are available in 10, 25, 40, 60, 90 angles.
  21. 21. Detailed Explanation 2. Modular Design We were the first company to introduce a modular design on LED sets. This design allows customers to replace each individual lamp rather than having to extract an entire lamp section. In short, it leads to easier installation and maintenance.
  22. 22. Detailed Explanation 3. Open Design Again, we were the first company to develop this concept in our R&D lab. We are producing outdoor LED sets which, even though consist of a single frame, are not a standard block. In fact, our new sets have small and equidistant crevices that enable the wind to blow through the frame without causing too much pressure on the LED light set. This has a great impact on the LED lamps’ resistance, over time. The open design also contributed to a more slim body and less weight structure, which is better for higher altitude installations.
  23. 23. Detailed Explanation 4. Anti-Glare System All our lights have a very developed anti-glare system, which means people can look straight at the light for a while without feeling dazzled. This contrasts with many competitors, who don’t include the anti-glare in all their lights. 1000W LED Lux
  24. 24. Detailed Explanation 5. Great Resistance and Longer Life Span All our lights are tested for 120 hours, in our ageing room, before being shipped. Inside the ageing room, which has its temperature set at 45 degrees, the lights are turned on, unceasingly, for 120 hours. They are also turned upside, which causes the heat to rise. That is the way we test our heat dissipation system. We also have lights that have been undergoing an extreme temperature cycle, everyday, for the last 2 years. They start by being submitted to a refrigerating chamber set at-40 degrees, for a period of2 hours. Immediately after getting out of the refrigerating chamber, they are put into water tanks for another2 hours. After, they go to the ageing room/heating room, while they keep being turned on for 16 hours. This cycle intends to simulate different weather conditions, such as freezing and humidity, rain and water leakage, and extreme dryness. We are sure that if the LED lights are passing these tests under radical and extreme situations, they would last much longer in normal environments.
  25. 25. Detailed Explanation 6. Heat Sink and Structure Materials Ventilation structure drives the heat off very fast, due to its upright positioning on the back of the lamp. A big portion of the heat is channeled to the heating sink, leading the chip and lamp’s front side to be much cooler than the rest of the LED lights in the industry. Materials being used to manufacture the light are the best available in the market for mass production (Aluminium, Stainless Steel, etc). Junction is sealed with top silicon, and not rubber. Power supply used is Meanwell driver. Lenses are polycarbonate, which are highly efficient for accurate light focus.
  26. 26. Detailed Explanation 7. Resistance to Impact Our lights are solid and can withstand impact, due to an innovative WFC (Wire-Free Chips) technology, which improved their stability and thermal ability in 200%. Until very recently, the COB (Chips on Board) technology was the only one available. However, in COB, the chips and wire were simply glued against the board, in a very fragile arrangement, which led to higher maintenance rates when bumps occurred. With the new WFC technique, chips are directly soldered into the board with a metal paste (high conductor), while acting as bridges, making the LED light much stronger and more immune to impact. COB Structure WTF Structure
  27. 27. Advantage of colored LEDs LONGER LIFETIME Typical behaviour of LED material under equal conditions Lumen depreciation 5mm epoxy LEDs at 20 mA OGEN LED uses predominantly R & G >> Greatest reliability (lumen maintenance) over long time No IP issues Matches eye photoreceptors: mostly red & green cones (98% in total) for color vision >> >> OGEN LED Technology Insight - lifetime
  28. 28. SENSITIVITY TO BLUE LIGHT & AGE Human develop natural protection against excess blue light! The older you get, the more blue are filtered! Elderly people see less, specially of the blue light. Glare is therefore more applicable to elderly people and hence impacting road lighting. OGEN LED –LED peak WL OGEN LED Light
  29. 29. What Can You Expect To Gain ? 30 The cost of ownership of current conventional lighting system Initial Investment Maintenance Costs Energy Costs The cost ownership of new energy efficient lighting system Initial Investment Maintenance Costs Energy Costs Savings Gain
  30. 30. Worldwide Presence Countries • Turkey • Philippines • U.K. • Russia • France • Canada • Taiwan • United States • Colombia • Italy • Germany • Australia • UAE (Dubai) • Brazil • Malaysia • Spain • Netherlands • Switzerland • Panama • Sweden • Tunisia • Nigeria • Curacao Island • Poland • Belgium • South Africa • Saudi Arabia • Etc
  31. 31. Millions installed all over ASIA China SH Airport Japan Toyota Philippines Shell, Manila Malaysia Malacca Laos Factories Vietnam Hanoi Singapore Multiple Projects Malaysia Malacca Shanghai Hongqiao India Solar Guangzhou
  32. 32. Millions installed in Middle East & Africa UAE Saudi Arabia Iraq Kurdistan Jordan Coca-cola factory Morocco South Africa Cape town Ghana UAE Iraq 12m. Morocco S. Africa UAE RAK airport 16W
  33. 33. Americas • Los Angeles (best vision) • Denver • Mexico • CCT Security
  34. 34. Installed all over Europe Belgium Denmark Finland Russia Turkey UK Poland GermanyAustria
  35. 35. Netherlands Largest installed base of LED streetlights in the Netherlands.
  36. 36. OGEN LED HIGH S/P LIGHT FOR CLEAR VISION Wuxi Water Purifying Plant. China. Before replacement: 400W MH. 1st generation LED requires 220w to 240W lights. Replaced by OGEN LED 120W High Bay Light at 14 meters ceiling, with 70% Energy Savings. 400W MH Gives 32,000 Lumen. More lux on the lux meter. Still See Less ! 120W HB1 Gives 10,500 Lumen. Right Light Gives Much Better Vision!
  37. 37. Quantity v.s. Quality 2000W halogen 72W LED with S/P 3.4
  38. 38. Car Park with OGEN LED TL-LED tube – DOE Bangkok Conventional 36w FL T8 OGEN LED T8 18W “direct energy saving is 50%” “better light, safer, lower maintenance cost”
  39. 39. OGEN LED Asia High-bay Light in factory & warehouse 12 x 60w OGEN LED replaces 18 x 400w Sodium = 90% savings
  40. 40. Naza Kia Motors KL Malaysia Before (18 pcs of 44W (Total) Flourescent per bay After (9 pcs of OGEN LED 22W TL-1200 LED tube per bay ) 50% Reduction in number of lights & 50% Energy Savings - Better vision using less light
  41. 41. Morocco – Sale – safety 150w HPS OGEN LED 56w WhiteMoonlight HPS 150w 62% Energy Savings - Better visibility with less energy
  42. 42. OGEN LED meets High light quality demands
  43. 43. Turkey Airport Project
  44. 44. Southampton Airport U.K.
  45. 45. Basketball Court France
  46. 46. Billboard Lighting Taiwan
  47. 47. Football Field Colombia
  48. 48. Garbage Truck Station Germany
  49. 49. Golf Course Dubai
  50. 50. Golf Course Malaysia
  51. 51. Gym Netherlands
  52. 52. Highway Phillipines
  53. 53. Highway Phillipines
  54. 54. Hockey Field Russia
  55. 55. Horse Jokey Stables Canada
  56. 56. Indoor Basketball Court U.S.
  57. 57. Indoor Tennis Court Italy
  58. 58. Mobile Lighting Tower Australia
  59. 59. Parking Lot Brazil
  60. 60. Parking Lot Spain
  61. 61. Parking Lot Switzerland
  62. 62. Port Lighting Panama
  63. 63. Ski Resort Sweden
  64. 64. Solar Projects Tunisia and Nigeria
  65. 65. Southampton Stadium U.K.
  66. 66. Street light in Willemstad, Curacao
  67. 67. Street light U.S.
  68. 68. Parking lot - South Africa
  69. 69. Long Billboard - Mexico
  70. 70. Construction Site - Saudi Arabia
  71. 71. Airport - Japan
  72. 72. Outdoor Basketball Court - Indonesia
  73. 73. Swimming Pool Belgium
  74. 74. 2x 58W tube 128W LED Tubes 42W Same camera , same setting Same camera , same setting
  75. 75. More attractive food High Quality light Low Quality light
  76. 76. OGEN LED TL-LED Tube for Hyper-market - Italy “Increase turnover from 7% to 9%”
  77. 77. Incandescent & Halogen OGEN LED A-Bulbs & MR16 Emirates Palace Hotel - Abu Dhabi
  78. 78. Genting Highlands - Malaysia OGEN LED 56w WhiteMoonlight HPS 250w 7 lux 20 lux
  79. 79. OGEN LED Moonlight with calculated CRI 24 *) pictures from former group company Lemnis Lighting BV
  80. 80. Nature Path Light Comparison. We replaced standard streetlights with our SL1 models. Just look at the difference! Our 6 streetlights of 36watt replaced 6 HPS streetlights of 80watt each. Standard LightingOGEN LED Lighting
  81. 81. 24W Moonlight Dutch National Airport
  82. 82. Morocco – Sale – safety / colour recognition High Pressured Sodium OGEN LED Moonlight-Blue
  83. 83. OGEN LED LIGHTING PARKS London, UK London, UK Amsterdam, Holland Amsterdam, Holland Queensland, Australia Singapore
  84. 84. Laurel Bank Park Toowoomba (Queensland) - Australia
  85. 85. Color vision at < 1 lux (moonlight intensity)
  86. 86. Nice look through A bright vision on light and the future
  87. 87.  Very good camera recognition of men and objects  Pictures taken from actual monitors HPS 70 Watt OGEN LED Moonlight 24 Watt OGEN LED and camera vision Schiphol Airport Amsterdam
  88. 88. 2nd generation LED Lightings
  89. 89. 1st Generation LED Lighting
  90. 90. OGEN LED &
  91. 91. OGEN LED to meet the Customer’s Need ● Complete Independent, award winning & technologically unique and IP Portfolio. ● State-of-the-art innovative product with better visibility using up to 90% less energy. ● Recipient of many international awards and endorsements. ● Revolutionary in energy and cost saving makes OGEN LED truly unique. ● Created after extensive study on how the eye and the light works to become the global market game changer. ● High S/P ratio for greater visibility. ● High CRI of up to more than 94 to bring out the vibrancies in colour. ● Extended Long life and product warranty.
  92. 92. OGEN LED to meet the Customer’s Need ● Superior degradation control. ● Reduces health hazards significantly compared to UV and Blue Lights. ● No emission and better vision using less light. ● Excellent ROI (Return on Investment) to ensure our customers enjoy a longer duration of savings. ● Uniform lighting ● One stop total lighting solutions provider. ● Environment friendly.
  93. 93. Our valued customers
  94. 94. We hope we have Opened Your Eyes! Thank you.