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Se podcast journey dont stop believin


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Se podcast journey dont stop believin

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Se podcast journey dont stop believin

  1. 1. thethe JOURNEY:JOURNEY: don’t stop believin’don’t stop believin’** Special editionSpecial edition podcastpodcast *If it’s good enough for The Sopranos finale it’s good enough for a spot of Media intertextuality… By now you should be polishing up final cuts and focusing on Evaluation Qs. AS will start with Eval Q2b (Distribution) and A2 Q3b (Distribution), which can be tackled prior to final cut completion. One of the key assessment criteria is your detail on decisions and revisions as part of the process, showing a clear journey of the production. The finished product shows clear evidence of being the outcome of this process (AO3:60) With that in mind you are going to record a longer-than-usual podcast today, editing the recorded material with substantial (audio-)visual illustration afterwards (and you can later expand this to complete the record). To help you along, you will have a guest interviewer today, who will pose the following questions and any follow-up Qs she might have… You should illustrate answers as you go by bringing up blog posts or other relevant (eg social) media. 1: Can you introduce yourself and outline the brief you are following? 2: What practice exercises have you undertaken prior to your full initial rough cut? What steps have you taken to learn to use audio-visual hardware? 3: Talk to me a little about your use of blogger and Final Cut Pro X, and what you’ve learned to do with these. 4: Have you used any other software for your coursework? 5: Is this your first podcast? 6: What role have vodcasts played in your pre-production? 7: Would you say that along the way you’ve become expert on conventions, audience and institution (industry) through your own research? What do you think you still need to do the most work on? 8: What are the strengths of your blog? 9: Being pithy (brief) BUT clear, what is your production concept, and what audience/s is it targeted at? Briefly describe the evolution of this, including any narrative/working title/track changes. 10: What stage is your production now at, and, being specific please, what is your schedule for completing this? 11: Looking back, what do you think has been your biggest mistake in this process? 12: What have you found most difficult? 13: What have you found most rewarding? 14: To finish up, what do you think will most impress outside observers about your Media work?