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Ride mag and terms


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Ride mag and terms

Published in: Education
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Ride mag and terms

  1. 1. For Assignment One you will complete TWO detailed deconstructions (you detail and analyse the media language used, and how this reflects a particular target audience), building up your levels of media terminology over time. This will then guide your own planning for a new magazine concept. You have options on how you present this, but the usual approach is to annotate (write/type notes around an image of the cover on A3 … like this!). START TO THINK ABOUT THE TWO MAGAZINE COVERS YOU WILL ANALYSE NOW!!! They must be full, conventional magazine covers with all the expected features. For this exercise, you need to locate and label (draw a line/arrow to) the following features AND discuss how/why you think they appeal to a certain audience (age range? gender?). KEY FEATURES: MASTHEAD SKYLINE SLOGAN ANCHORAGE TEXT STRAPLINE DATE/EDITION PRICE MAIN IMAGE SELL LINES BAR CODE LAYOUT COLOUR SCHEME DIRECT ADDRESS? WEBSITE URL