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Ppt 4 slavesresistance


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Ppt 4 slavesresistance

Published in: Education
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Ppt 4 slavesresistance

  1. 1. So you think you can beat me? You’ve just been looking at a slide. But how much did you really take in? Which one is missing from the next slide?
  2. 2. What links these?
  3. 3. Slave Resistance Learning objectives To identify and evaluate ways in which enslaved people resisted the institution of slavery.
  4. 4. Escape : Costs owner Poison their owner: Costs owner health or life! Working really slow: Less work, less profit Breaking tools: Wastes time, costs owner Learning to read and write: Knowledge is power! Pretending not to understand: Wastes time, costs owner Faking illness: Wastes time, costs owner Stealing goods: Costs owner Keeping traditions: Ensures group identity
  5. 5. A challenge! Each of these nine things stands for one method that enslaved people used to resist and fight against the system that made them slaves. How many do you think you will remember at the end of the lesson? Choose a target figure and put your name under that number on the board.
  6. 6. Famous Slave rebellions • Toussaint l’Ouverture - French Caribbean 1791 • Gabriel Prosser’s Rebellion 1799 • Amistad: Slave ship rebellion 1839 • John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry 1859 • Escape group 1850-1860s: underground railroad
  7. 7. So how many can you remember?
  8. 8. Diamond 9 It’s time to set a shining example! Your task is to create a human diamond nine. 1 4 5 6 9 2 3 87
  9. 9. Diamond 9 1) Rank these 9 means of resistance in order of HOW EFFECTIVE they are. 2) Then you must organise your group into a diamond shape like this. The person with the most effective way is at the top then work your way down to the least effective at the bottom! Can you do it? 1 4 5 6 9 2 3 87
  10. 10. Diamond 9 Now rank these 9 means of resistance in order of HOW BRAVE slaves would have to be to do it. 1 4 5 6 9 2 3 87
  11. 11. Diamond 9 And finally, rank these means of resistance in order of HOW DAMAGING they were to the wealth of the plantation owners. 1 4 5 6 9 2 3 87
  12. 12. Conclusion • Write a paragraph explaining which two methods of resistance are the most effective. Fully justify your answer.
  13. 13. Three is the magic number Get into groups of three. In these groups decide on the most important type of resistance that we have looked at today. Using your whiteboards write a PEE paragraph using one board for the Point, one for the Evidence and one for the Explanation.
  14. 14. And finally... Remember my challenge... How many forms of resistance can you remember? Write them down on your whiteboard and then hold them up so I can see! Look at the board. Were you right?