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Media NAS drive setup instructions


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Media NAS drive setup instructions

Published in: Education
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Media NAS drive setup instructions

  1. 1. CONNECTING TO THE MEDIASTUDIES DRIVE  Backup your work: Photoshop .psd files, Final Cut Libraries, SD card footage etc  Folders for every year group  Templates for all production work  Additional resources  Make your work accessible from every Mac in B122 1. Open FINDER; click on GO (menu at top of the screen) 2. Click CONNECT TO SERVER (bottom of dropdown list) 3. Enter server address: afp:// 4. Click the + sign 5. USERNAME apple PASSWORD StGeorges 6. Check the box ‘remember in Keychain’…otherwise you’ll have to do this again 7. CONNECT to MediaStudies folder 8. Add it to your Finder FAVOURITES sidebar 9. If you haven’t already, add MOVIES, PICTURES, MUSIC (GO: HOME and drag the folders from there)