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Luxembourg city report


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Luxembourg city report

Published in: Education
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Luxembourg city report

  1. 1. Luxembourg City Site & Situation Report This REPORT (a mix of detailed written analysis and documentary evidence: paintings, googlemaps, diagrams, quotations, note of sources etc.) has TWO main sections, and requires INDEPENDENT research and analysis, applying learning on maps, sites and situations: SECTION A: THE SITE What category of site is Luxembourg City (e.g. a wet point site, bridging point, valley site…)? What evidence is there to back up your answer? SECTION B: THE SITUATION What is the situation of Luxembourg City? That means analysing the strategic elements, including resources, in and around the area. Remember, you are focussing on the situation as it was centuries ago when small populations settled here and built up their settlement over time. EXTENSION: MODERN GROWTH What elements of the site’s situation have allowed Luxembourg City to continue growing over recent decades? Are there any limiting factors in the situation, suggesting an end to growth? PRESENTATION: Write or type several paragraphs on both Section A and B. Provide maps, photos, diagrams as evidence for both sections. Try to include some short quotes from useful academic sources, always noting your source. If typing, highlight key words to describe the source, CTRL+K and paste in the hyperlink, eg ‘BBC profile’ (the full URL is DEADLINE: December Knowledge Written work contains accurate factual material about the site and Situation of Luxembourg City. This material links to specific places in the city and its history. Analysis/Evaluation Recognise the physical and human processes that have shaped Luxembourg City in the past and how this affects the present day development of the city. Written communication You report will be clearly presented using geographical terminology and in a style suitable for the intended audience. You use paragraphs and sub-headings effectively. Paintingof fortress, 1649[Wiki]Lux. City map,1581 [Wiki] ‘Thecapitaloffersastriking contrastbetweenthe modernquarter,perchedona rockyplateauwith a sheerdrop, andthe three olderareas of Grund,Clausenand Pfaffenthal.’ [Grand Duchy(officialgovernment)site] Part ofyour challenge is to think up logical online search terms, eg ‘settlement history luxembourg city’, providing results such as the useful Britannica page.
  2. 2. Research Skills Contains relevant information from books, websites and other sources. This must be appropriate to the report and from identified sources. Geographical Skills Good use of suitable images and annotated maps