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Causation v2


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Causation v2

Published in: Education
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Causation v2

  1. 1. CAUSATION Causation is why something happened 1) Think of as many reasons as you can that explains why something happened. 2) Decide on which reasons are the most important 3) Try to link reasons together in a logical order
  2. 2. Why did you come to St George’s school? 1) Think of three reasons. 2) Try to rank these reasons in order of importance. 3) Try to link reasons together in a logical order 1 45 30 15 0 click here to start timer
  3. 3. Personal Timeline • For the final piece of work in the ‘Skills’ section of the course you are going to create a Personal Timeline. • That means a chronological list of the key events in your life.
  4. 4. Personal Timeline • Write a list of 5 key events in your life • Homework: Put these 5 key events in chronological order. Remember to state when it happened – use the date!!
  5. 5. My Personal Timeline Date Event