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4 b. legal characters


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4 b. legal characters

Published in: Education
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4 b. legal characters

  1. 1. Legal Characters CHAIRMAN Keeping Order You run the trial. You make sure that everybody is treated fairly and that everything happens in the correct order. You will ensure lawyers act properly, speak clearly, stick to the relevant points and ask sensible questions. In this capacity a judge is like a sporting referee. You can ask people to speak up or make them repeat a question if they think it is appropriate. Summing Up At the end of the trial the judge must deliver a short speech to the jury. In the speech you should point out the strengths and weaknesses of the defence and the prosecution’s case. Ask the jury to think about whether there is enough evidence to find the defendant guilty. You must remind the jury that they can only find the defendant guilty if they are absolutely sure there is enough evidence. You must never give your personal opinion. Sentencing If the jury submit a verdict of guilty then it is up to the judge to decide what punishment the defendant receives. The sentencing options are ‘C’ - Condemo (Death) or ‘A’ – Absolvo (release) Preparation Prepare a summing up speech. Decide an appropriate punishment if the defendant is found guilty.