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4 a. evidence


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4 a. evidence

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4 a. evidence

  1. 1. Evidence 1- Opinion of an Army general "Caesar was a great leader, his authority over the troops was never challenged by the men. Rome gained power and prestige as a result of his fabulous leadership. Why would any soldier wish to have him dead? His loss is great, he will be sorely missed by all of Rome." Evidence 2- Opinion of an Army general "He treated his men with contempt, leading them into battles that were bound to end in misery for many of our troops. The glory of Rome? He doesn't know the meaning of a glorious victory! His men fight through fear of him, they'll be glad that he's gone: the armed forces of the Roman Empire have never responded to threats for long. I'd not be surprised if one of his own men had stabbed him in the back." Evidence 3- Opinion of an Army general "Julius Caesar was respected by the other generals. He was brave and courageous. Caesar led the army on expeditions that no other general would even dare to consider; and look at what we have gained from this! The new world over the ocean, bear skins, slaves and Tin are now plentiful in Rome thanks to his journey's into Britain and beyond. He feared nothing and has gained the world for Rome. What evil has taken him from us?" Evidence 4- Opinion of an Army general "His excellency showed that he was the greatest warrior of all time. He was undefeated in battle and an excellent diplomat. Our enemies shiver at the sound of his name. Most surrendered within minutes. The other generals are in awe of Julius, he was their leader, their idol and the one that they wanted to please." Evidence 5- Opinion of a Roman politician "Some Senators hated Caesar. They wanted to prevent him becoming a King." Evidence 6- Opinion of a Roman politician "Caesar had powerful enemies within the Senate. They had plotted against him several times before and were scared of him because he was so successful and popular. These senators would happily kill him to improve their chances of success."
  2. 2. Evidence 7- Opinion of a Roman politician “Julius Caesar had nothing to fear from the Senate. He won them wars and the people loved the Senate because of that.” Evidence 9 Eye witness reports state that Senators were present at the time. Brutus, a leading Senator has been implicated for the crime and has no alibi. Evidence 8 In 59BC Caesar was elected as a Consul, he quickly fell out with the other Consul Bibulus, because he wanted to make big changes to how Rome was governed. Caesar started a Civil War to get his own way; he won the war and was declared the ruler of Rome for life. The senators were angry that the power of the Senate and the Consuls had been reduced and were very angry that Caesar had special powers. Evidence 10- From a History textbook “After his murder, power was seized by his supporters, Marc Anthony, Lepidus and Octavian. They were very powerful army generals who took power by force and killed many of Caesar’s opponents…The empire was split in to two with Anthony and Octavian ruling half each (Lepidus retired)”. Evidence 11- Report written by Nicolaus of Damascus a few years after the murder after speaking to witnesses. "The conspirators never met openly, but they assembled a few at a time in each others' homes. There were many discussions and proposals, but the majority favoured killing him while he sat in the Senate, where he would be by himself, and where the many conspirators could hide their daggers beneath their togas. When Caesar entered the Senate the Senators rose in respect for his position when they saw him enter. Those who were to have part in the plot stood near him. All quickly unsheathed their daggers and rushed at him. Under the mass of wounds, he fell at the foot of Pompey's statue, where he lay there, until, wounded thirty-five times, he breathed his last. "
  3. 3. Source Suspect Reason for suspicion 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.