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2017 games expo application form


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2017 games expo application form

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2017 games expo application form

  1. 1. StG GAMES EXPO 2017 Thank you for applying for a stall at the 1st annual StG Games Expo! This gives some of the industry’s brightest new talent – that’s you! – the chance to raise awareness of your latest release and have it tested out by keen gamers … perhaps even find a buyer! To help us prepare a publicity brochure, we’d like to get a few details from you, so please fill in the table below – and we look forward to seeing what you’ve come up with at the 2017 Expo! GAME COMPANY NAME/MEMBERS: GAME TITLE Think carefully about the font/colour you use for your title – your brand!!! TARGET AUDIENCE What age range are you targeting? Both genders or mainly male/female? Can you say anything more about your target audience: what other interests are they likely to have, which technologies do they frequently use? How have you made your game suitable for and attractive to this audience? PEGI RATING See Have you checked their 8 categories of content warning? IF YOU LIKED… A helpful way to sell any media product is to compare it to an existing successful product: which game/s might players of this game like? TAGLINE SLOGAN Another useful sales technique is to have one or more catchy slogans, used in advertising, that sums up your game in a fun way. Destroy All Humans had the memorable tagline “One Giant Step on Mankind”; Left 4 Dead used “It’s the zombie Apocalypse. Bring friends” GAME DESCRIPTION If you were writing the blurb for the back of a PS4/Wii/360 game sleeve, or App Store description, how would you describe your game? Try to be brief but specific! TWITTER & Do you have Twitter/Facebook (or other social media) addresses/microsites?
  2. 2. FB WEBSITE? QR CODE? Is there a website URL (or perhaps a blog URL)? Remember, shorter URLs are better: Super Mario Brothers is reduced to by Wii! Used a QR code in an ad? BRANDED GIVEAWAYS? Branded (featuring screenshots, characters, game title, URLs etc) giveaways are a means of making fans advertise for you! Postcards, stickers, screensavers, mouse mats are just some common examples. Detail any you’ve produced. TIE-INS, SPIN-OFFS, MERCHANDISING Have you linked your game to any well-known companies (tie-ins), perhaps as a competition? Have you any spin-offs (eg board games) or merchandising (eg branded t- shirts, soft drinks)? FAN ART Fans can sometimes produce interesting images, from tattoos of your game to cakes and fancy dress costumes to post-it note displays – have you got any examples? ADS, SLEEVES VIDEOS Have you produced any print ads? TV ads? Sleeves for a game box (Wii, 360, PS3 etc)? Perhaps a music video or other viral style video? YOU’LL LOVE OUR GAME BECAUSE… Sum up – why will gamers want to spend time at your stall checking out your game – this is an important sales pitch, so think about persuasive language, and refer to any of the features you’ve mentioned above which help make your stall/game a must-see!