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Industry 4.0. and SMEs – S3 Platform for Industrial Modernization

Kick-off meeting of the Partnership "Industry 4.0. and SMEs" – S3 Platform for Industrial Modernization. All'interno di ToscanaTech 2017

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Industry 4.0. and SMEs – S3 Platform for Industrial Modernization

  1. 1. Kick-off meeting of the Partnership “Industry 4.0. and SMEs” – S3 Platform for industrial modernization 28 Febbraio 2017 Firenze Villa Vittoria
  2. 2. La Comunitat Valenciana Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  3. 3. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM La Comunitat Valenciana Agrofood and drinks Metal mechanics Chemicals-Plastic Transport equipment Ceramics-Tiles Paper- Graphic arts Footwear-Leather Textile-Fabrication Wood-Furniture Articles made of stone Construction materials Glass Games and toys Other manufactures C. Valenciana
  4. 4. Industry 4.0.: the strategy Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM ! • The objective of Agenda i4.0-CV is: ! ▪ THE EVOLUTION OF THE PRODUCTIVE SYSTEM OF THE VALENCIAN COMMUNITY TOWARDS THE CONCEPT OF A NEW, SUSTAINABLE, INTELLIGENT AND INTEGRATING INDUSTRY THROUGH THE DIGITIZATION AND THROUGH THE PERFORMED ACTUATION OF THE PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SECTOR INA CONTEXT OF GLOBAL ACTION. ! • KEY OBJECTIVES: ! ▪ Increasing business competitiveness through the digization of the regional industrial sector. ▪ The development and consolidation of the regional TEIC offer of digital solutions and advanced elctronics to the industry. ▪ The establishment of sustainable collaboration platforms between companies, interface agents and knowledge generators.
  6. 6. Industry 4.0.: Key Actors Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM ! • A high knowledge potential and great capabilities, but we must synergy efforts and complement each other. • Focusing in the industrial company, but with a proper segmentation of measures. • Specializing a TEIC sector. • Territorial dynamization to strengthen cooperation Manufactu ring and other Innovative interface entities TEIC digital enablers N etw ork of technologi IVACE and RIS3 CV strategy Scientific offer and rrhh Research, Technology Transfer and Demonstrators New sustainable industry, RIS3 CV European strategy Advanced Services, Enablers and TEICs HR, research and entrepreneurship Measures and basic infrastructures Diffusion, sensitization and connection 6
  7. 7. The main sectorial industry 4.0. plan: 
 the Action plan for Methal-mechanic sector Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM Action 2.1. – Metal Sector platform I-4.0. Action 2.2. – Collaborative website. IE-2 CREATE A COLLABORATIVE ENVIROMENT BETWEEN AGENTS Action 4.1. – Diagnosis of I-4.0 needs. Action 4.2. – Implementation of I-4.0 projects. Action 4.3. – Dissemination activities of I-4.0 Industry. ! IE-4 PROMOTE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Action 5.1.- Meetings with the regional goverment to include I-4.0 in academic education Action 5.2.- Development of I-4.0 curriculum program. Action 5.3.- I-4.0 training. IE-5 STABLISH I-4.0 CURRICULUM PROGRAM Action 6.1. – meetings with the Regional goverment to establish I-4.0 grants, Action 6.2. – Grants information service. IE-6 PROMOTE GRANTS FOR DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Action 3.1. – Promote R+D projects on I-4.0. Action 3.2. – Lead demonstration projects on I-4.0 collaboration along the value chain. IE-3 PROMOTE VALENCIAN OFFER ON DIGITAL SOLUTIONS Action 1.1. – Diagnosis I-4.0 Action 1.2. – Digital solutions vademecum. Action 1.3. – Observatory I-4.0. Action 1.4. – Cooperation with other platforms. ! IE-1 KNOW THE SITUATION OF THE SECTOR AND OUR COMPANIES ABOUT I-4.0
  8. 8. Industry 4.0: Main initiatives of support Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  9. 9. • In collaboration between Regional Research Centres ! ! AMFAB II API4TOYS CEBRA OPTI2 OPTIMAN ROBINT SAIN4 SGRID TECEM i40 y BDA Proceso Producto Energía Big data Ámbitos !AMFAB II. Advanced manufacturing of manufactured products API4TOYS. Interactive elements based on the Internet CEBRA. Demostrador fábrica y producto inteligente OPTI2. Sensorización inteligente OPTIMAN. Producción flexible, mantenimiento ROBINT. Robotización inteligente SAIN4. Eficiencia productiva SGRID. Planificación producción energía TECEM. Gestión energética proceso productivo i40yBDA. Analítica Big Data Main projects with an impact on industry 4.0 Industry 4.0: Main research projects Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  10. 10. Industry 4.0: Some examples Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  11. 11. Industry 4.0: Some examples Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  12. 12. EU-inter-regional partnerships: ! ! ! Some European initiatives ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! Next steps: what we are going to do •To promote best practices, competence centres, solution suppliers, manufacturers and financial opportunities for i4.0. •To act as a network for filtering opportunities, instruments and services provided by different EU DG´s in relation with i4.0, and make them easily accessibles to regional companies. •To co-work in the definition of new and adapted inter regional cooperation instruments and services to support i. 40. •To serve as a collaboration platform to define and launch proposals to EU calls on i4.0. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM EFFECTIVE IVACE+3 H2020 FoF – PPP- CSA Factories of the future INCOMERA IVACE+ 19 ERANET Financing of projects based on KETs and new productive technologies. HUB4MANUVAL IVACE+3 (H2020 I4MS project HORSE mentoring activities: creation of a Regional Digital Innovation Hub to stimulate the uptake of Robotics and CPS/IoT by Valencian manufacturing SMEs and MidCaps. SAMT SUDOE IVACE+4 INTERREG SUDOE Projects to apply new KETs in productive sectors. Robotics, materials and plastics for advance manufacturing processes. TRIS IVACE+5 INTERREG EUROPE Circular economy and industrial symbiosis: recylcling, value chains, waste approach for new products generation. BEinCPPS ITI H2020-FoF (I4MS Phase 2): improve the adoption of CPPSs (Cyber Physical Production Systems) all over Europe by means of the creation, nurturing and flourishing of CPS-driven regional innovation ecosystems
  13. 13. • Thanks: ! - Júlia Company - General Director IVACE ! - Javier Minguez - Programme ManagerIVACE ! - Mª Gómez - Innovation expert IVACE ! - Alejandro Soliveres - Executive responsible FEMEVAL) Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  14. 14. Kick-off meeting of the Partnership “Industry 4.0. and SMEs” – S3 Platform for Industrial Modernization 28 Febbraio 2017 Firenze Villa Vittoria
  15. 15. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM ▪ Land: • 95,000 km2: one of the largest in Europe; larger than 16 MS. ▪ Local administration: • 9 provinces • 2249 municipalities. ▪ Population: • 2.5 million inhabitants • 27 inh/km2 –Spain: 89.3 inh/km2 ▪ GDP per capita: 2014: 23,500 € (95% ESP; 86% UE but strong intra-regional differences!) Castilla y León
  16. 16. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  17. 17. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  18. 18. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM Health Economy and Industry Education Tourism ENTREPRENEURSHIP, INNOVATION and SELF- EMPLOYMENT STRATEGY of CASTILLA y LEÓN
  20. 20. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM PUBLIC SECTOR OTHER FACILITATORS SCIENCE & INNOVATION COMPANIES FINANCIAL SHUTTLE WEB: ! • The Network seeks to generate a community open to entrepreneurship, talent and innovation through public-private partnerships, the strengthening of inter- sectoral relations, the interconnection of its partners to generate new value projects and the inclusion of innovation as a driver for any kind of entrepreneurship. • More than 100 members !
  21. 21. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM Project Implementation (SECTORS) I. Strategy and Implementation Program for each sector II. Awareness raising and Training Plan (sectoral) III. Ad-hoc Training plans (Areas of improvement) IV. Innovation audits and Individual 4.0 plans (Co-financing) V. Support for the initial implementation of individual 4.0 plans (Co-financing 1st phase) POST-PROJECT PHASE Assessment of Project results for the sector Co-financing individual 4.0 plans (next phases) (ADE, Spanish Ministry of Industry, etc.) VI. Regional ICT supply in Industry 4.0 S3 PLATF ORM INDUS TRIAL MODE RNISA TION P 4.0 EU RA DAIndustry 4.0 in Castilla y León
  22. 22. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM ! • Mapping of regional specialisations, synergies, matchmaking... • Learning from others: “DO’s” and “DON’TS” • Mobilising financial support for joint Industry 4.0 projects: cascading grants, eranets, etc. • New professional profiles: identification, training pilots, etc. • European value chains: real specialisation of participating regions, increased investments of companies,… • … ! ! Expected outcomes
  23. 23. RE-CONFIRM Initiative Florence, 28th of February 2017 Andreas Pauer (Ecorys), Andrea di Anselmo (Meta)
  24. 24. Outline 1. Our consortium 2. Approach of RE-CONFIRM • Philosophy of our approach and positioning • Project approach • Timeline & key features • Format of our support 3. Next steps
  25. 25. Our Consortium ! Experts in EU projects, regional projects, business support, events organisation that are based across Europe with wide network to regions, businesses and people along the value chains ! ! ! creates synergies to push regional and industrial development to a new level
  26. 26. Philosophy of the Initiative Objectives: • Establish and support concrete co-operation networks • Pool regional efforts and bring about cooperation • Identify investment needs • Support regions ! The outcome of the activities of RE-CONFIRM are successful protocols. ! Well structured matchmaking is central to address obstacles, connect right actors, involve right mix of regions
  27. 27. RE-CONFIRM positioned within a number of related initiatives RE-CONFIRM is ‘action based’ = targets concrete actions (matchmaking, development of protocols) and does not act as a purely passive platform. ! Ensuring synergies of: 1) Monitoring and provision of updated background information and data; 2) Action-based activities targeted at businesses and industrial stakeholders, and; 3) Platform-based activities providing networking, communication and exchanges of relevant stakeholders.
  28. 28. ➢3 Work Packages Operationalisation of our approach WP 1 • Monitoring • Analysis • Identification of domains • RIM+ update WP 2 • Action based • Assess gaps • Create matches • Support development of 10 protocols WP 3 • Horizontal • Communication • Develop community • Create synergies
  29. 29. Protocols 1.1 Inventory of S3 policies 1.3 Updating RIM+ 1.2 Methodology for selecting & mapping industry partnerships 2.1 Prepare collaboration support & analyses of gaps and opportunities 2.3 Prepare the protocols 3.2 Ensuring synergies with all other initiatives 2.2 Create matches / complement (existing) partnerships 3.1 Effective promotional and communication strategy Operationalisation of our approach
  30. 30. • Project just started (KO: January): 2 (+2) years • Background analysis + regular update of RIM+ • 2 launch events (one/year) + 12 matchmaking events => 10 protocols • Integrated in Thematic Smart Specialisation Platform (Industrial Modernisation) Timeline & key features
  31. 31. • Expert support in developing projects and protocols • Organisation of events • Gap analysis and identification of matches • Background research • Creation of a community Format of our support
  32. 32. Next steps Key components Timing RIM+ handover on-going Specification of methodology for selecting industries March – April Inventory of S3 policies March – May Prepare collaboration support & analyses of gaps and opportunities March – June Define and implement communication strategy March – April
  33. 33. Thank you for your attention!
  34. 34. Andreas Pauer Project coordinator Tel: +32 2 743 85 60 Andrea Di Anselmo
 Work Package 2 leader
 T. +39 07 44 24 82 20 
 Contact details
  35. 35. Kick-off meeting of the Partnership “Industry 4.0. and SMEs” – S3 Platform for industrial modernization 28 Febbraio 2017 Firenze Villa Vittoria
  36. 36. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  37. 37. Smart Factory is one of the priority in Tuscany RIS 3 Strategy! !!The first step: Mapping Industry 4.0 in Tuscany Map leading research institutions and experts Plan actions Map companies and SMEs Explore emerging subfields and topics of Industry 4.0. Mobilise experts and partners Support TT and R&I networks Implement and monitor S3 specialisation Prioritise and monitor funding Benchmark competitors Place making and regional marketing Applications Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  38. 38. Who are they? How are they connected? News: analysis how they talk? Wordcloud Industry 4.0 in Tuscany The outputs: 552 companies identified through web data Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  39. 39. • > 12.000 Tuscan research publications classified as connected to Industry 4.0 skills • 20 topics representative of Industry 4.0 skills automatically identified (topic modelling) • 2.000 researchers identified and characterised • 31 institutions (7 universities and 24 research institutes) characterised by their specialisation and contribution to the topics • 20 topics mapped against 55 Industry 4.0 skills identified by the National Plan on Industry 4.0 • Development of an interactive web-based tool to explore the findings The outputs: Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  40. 40. • What we expected from EU partnership ! - Build up a network of opportunities/tools/services offered at European level usefull for SMES ! - Open network for innovation - Digital cloud service (market analysis, production optimization) ! - Joint Economic promotion events (awareness seminar, matching events useful to promote: interaction among emerging and traditional clusters, innovation cooperative processes etc.) ! -Cross-sectorial platforms of digital enablers and traditional industries to connect supply chains and to facilitate traditional factories to get in touch with these players ! - Demonstrators/Pilot project 
 Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  41. 41. Kick-off meeting of the Partnership “Industry 4.0. and SMEs” – S3 Platform for Industrial Modernization 28 Febbraio 2017 Firenze Villa Vittoria
  42. 42. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  43. 43. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM Common objectives in Modernising and Digitising Industry: ❖ Tuscany: ICT Photonics, Smart Factory, Chemicals and Nanotechnologies, Platform Industry 4.0 and Advanced Manufacturing ❖ Valencia: Quality of Life, Innovative products and customized environments, and Advanced manufacturing and new industrial systems ❖ Castilla y León: Advanced Materials, ICT, Biotechnology, Advanced processes and manufacturing ❖ Hungary: Advanced technologies in the vehicle and other machine industries, ICT and information services ❖ Catalonia: Transversal Technology Facilitators Industrial Ring 4.0, Stimuli project and Platform Industry 4.0
  44. 44. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM Digital transformation is one of the most important business trends: ! ▪ Not single companies, but the whole value chain ▪ SMEs are the key economic players in our regions ▪ Three strategic axes: ➢ Awareness: opportunities from Industry 4.0 and added value from cross-border cooperation ➢ Platform: creation of digital ecosystems based on an Open Source Platform, accelerating time-to-market, speed up innovation and minimise risks. SaaS facilitates SMEs’ access to innovative digital services without having to invest on expensive infrastructures or licences ➢ Projects: promoting tools and approaches that can be effectively integrated within the SME production ▪ Common projects on an open source platform and reinforce Cooperation: surveying both the demand and supply side and providing demonstrational and development services in order to accelerate and catalyse the process of matchmaking within the European Value Chain.
  45. 45. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM Support by businesses, academia and civil society: ! ❖ Tuscany: sector-specialised Technological District and Cross-sector District on Advanced Manufacturing – Industry 4.0 (ppp) ❖ Valencia: network of Technological Institutes and Business Centres together with other agents of the regional innovation system, in the support and deployment of the policies for R&D&I and execution of the regional agenda for industry 4.0. (ppp) ❖ Castilla y León: Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network (ppp, more than 100 entities), a community open to entrepreneurship, talent and innovation through public-private partnerships, the strengthening of inter-sectoral relations, the interconnection of its partners to generate new value projects ❖ Hungary: manufacturing-driven and RTDI-driven EU co-funded large Industry 4.0 adoption projects in Hungary, there has been the opportunity to assess both public and business & academia interest in the matter ❖ Catalonia: Anella Industrial community, the Automotive Cluster and Equipment Manufacturing Cluster among others
  46. 46. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM Activities included in our proposal: ! ▪ Step 1: Mapping and analysis, using innovative methods and research tools (open data, semantic analysis of webs,…). Feasibility of regional Digital Innovation Hubs (DHI) and cross-border cooperation. To identify weaknesses and constraints, to select proper instruments and approaches in the region involved. New data sets could improve empirical information used to support policy making. Exchange of practices and experiences. ▪ Step 2: Joint strategy and road map through seminars, foresight workshop with relevant European clusters and other stakeholders. ▪ Step 3: Platform - architecture and solution description, possible pilots identification, validation and verification.
  47. 47. Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM Activities included in our proposal: ! ▪ Step 4: Pilot projects design and implementation: partners will identify concrete projects to be implemented, as well as it will activate resources to define cross-sectorial platforms and guidance to other EU policy makers for the implementation of policies towards the concept of industries 4.0. Scaling up and extension to other sectors, regions, etc. ▪ Step 5: Communication - this is an ongoing support activity of the project implementation. It covers compulsory elements, the recruitment of SMEs participating, demonstrational events and development planning. Communication plays an integral role along with the professional activities in addressing and reaching the target group. ▪ Step 6: Project Management - Standard support activity for project implementation, including organizational tasks, administration, financing, procurement management, HR and related activities.
  48. 48. If you wish to participate in this partnership please do not hesitate to contact us! ! Contact details: ! ✓ Tuscany: Silvia Burzagli, e-mail: ✓ Castilla y León: Wim Martens, e-mail: ✓ Valencia: Javier Minguez, e-mail: ✓ Hungary: Dr. Krisztina Bárdos, e-mail: ✓ Catalonia: Silvia Castellví, e-mail: Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” - KoM
  49. 49. Sabina Asanova WATIFY 28.02.2017 Kick-off meeting of the Partnership “Industry 4.0 and SMEs” S3 Platform for industrial modernization
  50. 50. 2 ! • Boosting European SMEs’ technological transformation ! • Supporting Europe’s regions to translate their smart specialisation strategies in the areas of digitisation and KETs into concrete projects. ! ! ! ! A forward-looking 
 vision Watify is 
 an awareness-raising campaign funded 
 by the European Commission to support the EU efforts to stimulate the modernisation of Europe’s industry by:
  51. 51. How? • boost and facilitate technological transformation in SMEs and between regions and cities through business and regional intermediaries. • connect SMEs and stakeholders by facilitating the sharing of best practices, lessons learnt and new transformation ideas for advancement and by encouraging collaboration on joint projects. • inspire SMEs and local stakeholders to transform and work together to take full advantage of digitisation and Key Enabling Technologies (KETs). 3
  52. 52. 4 100 
 SUCCESS STORIES of technological transformation 40 
 MATCHMAKING EVENTS for smart cooperation and investment 240 
 AWARENESS EVENTS in regions and cities all across Europe boost and facilitate connect inspire
  53. 53. Boost and facilitate 240 AWARENESS EVENTS in regions and cities all around Europe in the forms of: 5 • WATIFY information sessions • Group presentations by WATIFY ambassadors, digital icons and thematic experts • Short workshops with digitisation and KETs experts • Presentation of success stories and best practices • Technology tours to present digitisation and KETs services • Technology hands-on demonstration sessions • Online training events • Twitter chats
  54. 54. Connect 40 Matchmaking Events 
 with the objectives of: 6 • Fostering the development of cross- regional cooperation projects or joint initiatives. • Facilitating the cooperation between SMEs, regions, cities and business intermediaries willing to work together on projects which demonstrate potential for cross-regional cooperation in KETs and digital transformation. • Optimising the involvement of all actors towards the formulation of concrete projects which demonstrate potential for cross-regional cooperation.
  55. 55. Inspire More than 
 100 SUCCESS STORIES of: 7 • SMEs that have successfully transformed their business or created new products / services applying digital technologies and/or KETs. ! • Regions that are leaders in technological transformation policies and projects
  56. 56. 8 Who? • Local and regional policy makers • SMEs • Intermediary organisations – Regional development agencies (RDAs) – industry associations, chambers, clusters, technology & competence centres, etc. – Large companies
  57. 57. 9 Industrial sectors • Manufacturing • Healthcare • Finance • Creative Industries • Mechanical Engineering • Construction • Tourism • Retail • Agro-food
  58. 58. Advantages Regions • Regions will be stimulated to: ✓ work together with local businesses ✓ launch/implement joint projects with other regions on tech transformation and uptake of new technologies 10 SMEs • SMEs will raise awareness of: ✓ t h e p o t e n t i a l o f d i g i t a l transformation ✓ added value of digital technologies, business process and business models ! • SME will gain confidence in the application of the new technologies ! !
  59. 59. Methodology for matchmaking events • Focus on regions and their businesses • Cooperating with and beyond S3-IM • One specific technology/theme for each matchmaking event • Approach based on three phases: - Explore & Connect phase - Launch phase - Demonstration phase 11
  60. 60. Protocols WATIFY boost Awareness events 1.1 Inventory of S3 policies 1.3 Updating RIM+ 1.2 Methodology for selecting & mapping industry partnerships 2.3 Prepare the protocols 3.2 Ensuring synergies with all other initiatives WATIFY connect Matchmaking events 2.2 Create matches / complement (existing) partnerships WATIFY inspire Website, Social media, Success stories 3.1 Effective promotional and communicatio n strategy 2.1 Prepare collaboration support & analyses of gaps and opportunities Watify &Re-Confirm Complementarity
  61. 61. WATIFY comes to you ! 13 ! Do you want to raise awareness about technological transformation? ! We can help you with integrating a WATIFY session in your event . • Technological transformation information panels • Workshops with experts on digitisation and advanced technologies (KETs) • Presentations of success stories and best practices • Technology tours • Interactive technology demonstrations(Technology compass) • Training and coaching sessions
  62. 62. WATIFY comes to you ! 14 Do you want to foster cooperation between businesses and regions and develop joint projects in technological transformation? ! WATIFY can help you by co-organizing cross-regional matchmaking events in your region or sector. ! • Speed networking to find potential partners • Presentation and Q&A session to evaluate projects & initiatives • Launch events of projects & initiatives • Demonstration events
  63. 63. Let’s get social! Follow WATIFY on: 15 Visit Contact: