Danobat cpi mitre bandsawing solutions


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DANOBAT CPI DI model angular semi-automatic vertical band sawing machine with +45º/-60º mitre positioning.

This machine has been conceived to obtain the best performance of productivity and blade-life and every sub function has been carefully analyzed and solved in our Research Centre applying the most advanced technology as calculus by finite elements method for this end.

(Focused to cut materials which are difficult to machine), such as Inconel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Stainless Steel, etc., as well as any mild steel, taking into account the needs of solidity and hardness for the cut of this kind of materials.

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Danobat cpi mitre bandsawing solutions

  1. 1. CPI Mitre bandsaw machines
  2. 2. SAWHEAD / SAW DRIVING FASTENING CLAMPS Sawhead: It is built in one only piece, in electrowelded Made by both sides of and stabilised steel. blade. Sawhead is guided hydraulically on prismatic twin Automatic positioning of the columns and lineal bearings. clamps. Both columns are filled in with concrete polymer to The fix clamp is grooved and avoid vibrations. tempered to avoid wearings when feeding. Saw driving: High performance gearbox, specially sized for great loads at low revolutions. Motorized cleaning brush and air-oil mist spray allow getting a longer bladelife.AUT OMAT IC GUIDI NG / A U T O M AT I C M I T R EAUT OMAT IC TENSIO NING POSITIONING CNC Automatic mitre positioning CNC +45º, -60º Automatic guiding: Guiding is made with a combination of bearings and hard metal plates, allowing any readjust of blade’s position. Accurate ball bearing to avoid malformations. Mobile blade guiding arm is blocked hydraulically to avoid vibrations. It is made by a gearbox that activates a Automatic tensioning: An hydraulic cylinder keeps always the correct rack/pinion system specially designed. blade tensioning. Mitre positioning control by CNC.
  3. 3. OT H E R S AW I N G A N D D R I L L I N G S O LU T I O N SHorizontal cutting Vertical cutting Drilling units Plasma cutting Complete solutions Este documento no es contractual. DANOBAT se reserva el derecho de realizar los cambios que considere oportunos, sin previo aviso. El contenido gráfico de este catálogo es propiedad de Danobat. 09/2009 DANOBAT Tel.: + 34 943 74 81 50 / +34 943 74 80 44 Arriaga kalea, 21 - P.O. Box: 28 Fax: + 34 943 74 81 82 E-20870 ELGOIBAR (Gipuzkoa) Spain salessaws@danobat.com www.danobat.com