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Cfig Corporate Overview Presentation


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Cfig Corporate Overview Presentation

  1. 1. Client First Insurance Group’s Corporate Overview Presentation Via WebinarPresenter:Daniel E. Hermany Jr.Principal and CEOMSG/E-8 (R)
  2. 2. Who are we?What makes us different?What do we do?What is our responsibility to you?What do we expect from you?Are we successful at what we do?Why should I join a NEW Company?
  3. 3. Corporate OfficersDaniel E. Hermany Jr. Retired MSG/E8 (23 years Active Duty Military) New Car Sales Manager Saturn Built a 30 Agent Team with previous brokerage company (14 came along) 30 years experience as a trainer/instructor 25 years experience in various sales/sales management positions
  4. 4. Corporate OfficersLarry Penny Co-Founder CFIG VP of Personal Insurance Registered Advisor with World Group Securities, Inc. Over 5 years building teams and developing and mentoring leaders Extensive background in insurance, computers, and communication Active in many local affairs throughout Jacksonville, FL
  5. 5. Corporate OfficersJohn D. Black Co-Founder CFIG VP of Business Insurance American College Graduate 15 years as a Certified Insurance Instructor 28 years experience as a successful insurance agent
  6. 6. Just wanted to share this with those that are always asking:"How well are you or someone in your organization doing"?“Because there are no formulas to attain the truth of the road, each of usmust run the risk of his own steps. Only the ignorant seek to imitate thebehavior of others. Intelligent men waste no time with that, they develop theirpersonal abilities, they know there are no leaves alike in a forest of 100,000trees. No two journeys on the same road are alike.” — Sufi HafikJust does not matter! What is YOUR Drive? YOUR Determination?YOUR Motivation? YOUR Needs?Only YOU determine your level of success!
  7. 7. How can we expect to not only be successful,but grow in this economy?• 60% of foreclosures are due to death, disability and critical illnesses.• 50% of bankruptcies are due to critical illnesses - Of which, 79% had medical insurance - Around 65% of the total cost of cancer are “non-medically related” and are not covered by medical insurance.• Record number of homes on market -Takes two wage earners to qualify and keep household going Our mission: Ensure our client’s families always have a home to live in.
  8. 8. Direct Mail LeadsQualified Data LeadsFinal Expense Leads Internet LeadsTelemarketing Leads
  9. 9. Available Products• Life Insurance - Term, Universal Life (UL), and Indexed Universal Life (IUL) - Accidental Death• Final Expense Insurance• Disability Protection• Critical Illness Coverage• Waiver of Premium for Disability• Waiver of Premium for Unemployment• Return of Premium Rider• Annuities -Over 50% of our Clients are qualified candidates for an Annuity - Average Annuity is $50,000, average commission is $3,000• Long-Term Care - 40% of LTC patients are ages 18-64• Pre-Paid Legal Coverage• And MORE!
  10. 10. Need Help Marketing Yourself?• Committed to providing quality, qualifiedleads to our Insurance professionals. • An organization dedicated to Client First mentality to include our agents.• The ability to generate dozens of fresh • Earn a free custom website to assist inleads each week in nearly any county in the growing your •Approximately 78.2 million baby boomers.• Able to sell or recruit nationwide exceptNew York. • Consumers and our agents benefit from “A” rated or better carriers, an organization that• 100’s of requests already in inventory (0-30 cares, and quality training to ensure qualitydays old), and more coming in each day. sales.
  11. 11. Some of Our CarriersTuesday, January 10, 2012
  12. 12. Tuesday, January 10, 2012
  13. 13. $1,200,000 in Sales Protect over 1,000 FamiliesHire 100 AgentsNationally
  14. 14. Our Agents Mission Resolving all client requests for Life, Mortgage Protection, Annuities, and a Legal Program1) Receive the request 2) Set up a time to meet with the Client(s) 3) Select the right carrier and product 4) Build Rapport 5) Provide a Friendly, Professional, and Complete Presentation 6) Explain all options and answer their questions 7) Submit the application and get paid when approved To properly complete this mission, be aware of “The Three P’s” -Professionalism: learning products, remain a student of the business, and following ethical business practices - Protection: the clients have filled out a request and invited you into their home for a reason - Profitability: understanding you are in business and budgeting properly
  15. 15. Our side of the partnership • Immediate Income - Sales System - High Closing Ratios: 75 - 80% - Weekly Pay • Marketing & Lead Systems - Real-Time Direct Mail & Internet Requests - Qualified Data - Follow-up and referral training • CFIG Agent Training Materials - Training Manual - Online Conference Calls and Training Webinars - New Agent Boot Camps: NABC
  16. 16. Your side of the partnership• Commitment to a GOAL - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely: S.M.A.R.T.• Be Coachable - Once we have YOUR GOAL, follow OUR SYSTEM• Be Decisive - In your decisions - Help you client make a decision - We are looking for Agents that care about the client, an “Executive Consultant”• Professional & Ethical - 100% right OR 100% wrong - We do not believe there is a gray area!
  17. 17. Available Positions and how theCompensation Works
  18. 18. 60% Contract Level• Starting contract is 60% of the Annual Premium (AP)• $1,000 x 60% = $60075% First Year Commission• 75% of first year commissions are ADVANCED• $600 x 75% = $450$64,800 In First Year Commission• An average part-time agent with CFIG will run 5 appointments per week and complete 3 applications to protect clients.• 3 applications per week = $1,350 in commission or $5,400 per month or up to $64,800 per year PART TIME!
  19. 19. 60% Contract Level• Starting contract is 60% of the Annual Premium (AP)• $1,000 x 60% = $60075% First Year Commission• 75% of first year commissions are ADVANCED• $600 x 75% = $450$151,200 In First YearCommission• An average full-time agent with CFIG will run 12 appointments per week and complete 7 applications to protect clients.• 7 applications per week = $3,150 in commission or $12,600 per month or up to $151,200 per year, pre-tax!
  20. 20. Team A 60% contract $10K month Team B 60% contract $10K month Agency Manager 90% contract Team C $10K month 60% contract $10K month Team D 60%contract $10K month•Team producing $50,000/mo.• $10,000 personal production (90%) (75% advance) = $6,750• Four teams producing $40,000 (30% override) (75% advance) = $9,000•$6,750 + $9,000 + $1,000 builder bonus = $16,750/mo.• $201,000 Annual Income
  21. 21. • Send an email to the person who invited you - List 3 reasons why you would be a “fit” - What position do you feel is right for you - Time frame you are available to start - Best contact number• Prepare for the follow up interview tomorrow - Between 8:00AM-10:00AM your local time - Ask unanswered questions - Make informed decision
  22. 22. • Sign up with ExamFX if unlicensed• Complete your CFIG Appointment Form to receive: - Training Materials - Training CD’s - Carrier & product information• As Soon As Possible begin attending: • Training Webinars • Meetings • Calls
  23. 23. Daniel E. Hermany Jr.Principal and CEOMSG/E-8 (R)