Attorney marketing 101


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Best Marketing practices.

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Attorney marketing 101

  1. 1. Attorney Marketing 101 Courtesy Daniel Carney MARKETING CONSULTANT
  2. 2. Why are you Marketing ?To get more ClientsTo get more revenue Successful Marketing for a Successful Business. 4 Ground Rules 1. When you see a marketing idea that is phenomenally successful in a different industry than yours, open your eyes & ears. These can really pump-up your bottom line. 2. Only one reason to spend on marketing – REVENUE! 3. Expect immediate & positive results from your marketing. 4. Look at what your competitors are doing.
  3. 3. 5 Marketing Methods Grow BusinessReferral & StrategiesInternet StrategiesYellow PagesRadioTelevision
  4. 4. Track Your MarketingSo you know ROI return on investmentSo you set and maintain successful budgetsKnow where clients come fromTracking is a simple as a notebook & asking. Ask every phone call how got number Ask every email how got email Consider listing different number each advertisement
  5. 5. Referral StrategiesBusiness Cards Card 1 – Print Back of Card Ask for referral, list referring name & phone number. Card 2 – Never go anywhere without your cards. Card 3 – Never give just one card out, always give out 3 cards. Card 4 – When eat out leave nice tip & leave cards with simple Thank You!Referral Strategy 1 – Target a referral source with influence in your area. Strategy 2 – Partner with non-profit agencies Strategy 3 – Strategic AlliancesClients Engage your clients with incentives to promote your services.
  6. 6. InternetWeb design firms build web sites!You need SEO search engine optimization. SEO is technical in nature & combines: Programing Skills Business Knowledge Persuasion Sales Skill 2 parts to SEO On-Page Optimization Off-Page Optimization
  7. 7. Yellow PagesIs it Yellow pages our Your Ad & Market?Not every business needs yellow pages. Attorneys that should NOT use yellow pages. Practice areas that cater to wealthy. Practice area focus on personal injury clients. Practice areas focus on Businesses. Attorneys that should use yellow pages. Practice Areas whose clients are low middle income to low income.Your Ad must be completely different than competitors grab attention & relate benefits.
  8. 8. RadioMagic If Done correctly for right Practice Areas. DUI-DWI Divorce & Family Law Employee Rights & Immigration LawRadio Ads that work. 96% of radio ads used are done by AE not a professional copywriter. Write it yourself or hire a copywriter to target your ideal client. Use a Direct response targeted ad – “Single Call to Action” Most effective time is Mid-day drive from 10a to 3p. Choose station based o what ideal clients are listening to!
  9. 9. TelevisionA Smart Investment Personal Injury Bankruptcy Divorce & Family Law Social Security Disability & Workers Comp Business LawTruth is, it can be very inexpensive. Ideal time Daytime, late-night & overnight to air spots. Builds Image like no other medium.
  10. 10. Return on InvestmentWhat Should you really Expect? More the 98% of market advertise exact same way as competitors.Track your marketing & If it’s making money Leave it alone! If it put back at least $2 for every $1 you spend keep it.Learn your Budget & AllocationEffective Marketing will ROI $10-$20 for every $1 you spend.WILL have a HUGE impact on your bottom Line.TRACK FIRST, DETERMINE BUDGET, ALLOCATE SMARTLY