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  1. 1. DINAC’S LIGHTING SYSTEMS continuous lighting spotted lighting Stairs Floors Wall FLuSH MOuNTING SuRFACE MOuNTING FLuSH MOuNTING SuRFACE MOuNTING SuRFACE MOuNTING Flooring laid flush to stair Stair nosing profile laid Flooring laid flush to Profile laid on top of Profile laid on top of nosing profile edge. on top of flooring. profile edge. flooring. flooring. bAL 1 Diffusing clip + bAL 4b Diffusing clip + bAL 12 bAL 6b bAL 6 FLAT LIGHTING Diffusing clip Diffusing clip Diffusing clip anti slip clip bande ISBATEX ON STAIR bAL 3 bAL 21b 5 RANT GA IE Diffusing clip Diffusing clip + anti slip clip ANS bAL 2 Diffusing clip + bAL 4 Diffusing clip + bAL 30b Diffusing clip anti slip clip ISBATEX strip DIFFuSING CLIP ANTI SLIP XL 1 VERTICAL LIGHTING Light tube + 21 SYSTEMS 22 ON STEP RISE ISBATEX strip ANTI SLIP INSERTS XLT 1 RANT 5 Diffusing clip : Vision clip : ISbATEX anti slip insert is supplied loose. GA IE flat / vertical / tilted lighting tilted lighting optional equipment (L1 and LT1) : ISbA anti slip insert Light tube + ANS ISBATEX strip is made from brake lining material hot gluening down of insertion profile in factory. bAL 30b Diffusing clip END CAP Color chart ISBATEX End cap made from mat black rigid PVC adapted to each type of alu profile 3 (stair nosing, floor and wall lighting profiles ) bAL 7 bAL 7b end cap for esthetical finish; colours : black 44 TILTED LIGHTING Vision clip + Vision clip + 20 ISBATEX strip ISBATEX strip CLIPS Material : rigid PVC PROFILES FITTING bAL 8 Vision clip + bAL 8b Vision clip + Length : 3 m Fitting : to be clipped on profile All profiles are countersunk-drilled. They can be used on any 2 ISBATEX strip 2 ISBATEX strip support except floorings with floor heating. bAL 14 First hole : 75 mm Center : 190 mm Diffusing clip + 16 holes per length of 3 meters. ISBATEX strip