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Mastitis: A Reaction of the Immune System- Ron Erskine


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This material was presented on November 11, 2010 as part of DAIReXNET's "Managing Somatic Cell Counts" webinar.

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  • This material was presented as part of DAIReXNET’s 'Managing Somatic Cell Counts' webinar on November 11, 2010. All of our recorded webinars are available at:
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Mastitis: A Reaction of the Immune System- Ron Erskine

  1. 1. Mastitis: A Reaction of the Immune System RJ Erskine Michigan State University
  2. 2. Mastitis
  3. 3. Intramammary Infections •Infectious microbes • Primarily bacteria –Mycotic, algae •Teat end exposure, invasion
  4. 4. Infection induces inflammation •Heat •Pain •Swelling •Edema •Leukocytosis Somatic Cell Counts
  5. 5. Inflammation: Cytokines
  6. 6. Phagocytes in the mammary gland • Low numbers (< 100 X of blood) • Target fat, protein • • Lactose …Not glucose (no energy) • Lower antibodies, opsonins Fat Protein S. aureus
  7. 7. Primary Mammary Immunity
  8. 8. Hyperkeratosis
  9. 9. Clean, Dry, Comfortable Cows
  10. 10. Never forget, this is about food