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Zika virus and mosquito control


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Due to recent outbreaks of the Zika virus in the U.S., DA Exterminating is proud to present this basic information about the Zika virus, mosquitoes and actions homeowners can take to prevent mosquitoes in and around their homes. DA Exterminating is a professional pest control company in the New Orleans, LA area.

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Zika virus and mosquito control

  1. 1. ZIKA M o s q u i t o e s a n d T h e v i r u s
  2. 2. The Zika Virus can spread from mother to fetus during pregnancy if she has been bitten by an infected mosquito, resulting in birth defects. ZIKA Fact:
  3. 3. The Zika virus is transmitted mostlyby bites from infected Aedes mosquitoes. ZIKA Fact: There is evidence that the Zika virus can also be transmitted sexually.
  4. 4. There is no vaccine or medicine for the zika virus. ZIKA Fact:
  5. 5. Zika virus has been found in manyu.s. states. ZIKA Fact:
  6. 6. Zika virus symptoms. ZIKA Fact: 4 out of 5 infected people don’t have symptoms.
  7. 7. Mosquitoes are the #1 disease- carrying insect. Mosquito Fact:
  8. 8. Mosquitoes BREED IN STANDINGWATER Mosquito Fact: Pet Water Bowl Clogged Gutters Standing Water Bird Baths Old tires or toys
  9. 9. Eliminate breeding areas. Mosquito prevention: Pet Water Bowl Clogged Gutters Standing Water Old tires or toys Bird Baths
  10. 10. Wear protective clothingduring outdoor activities. Mosquito prevention:
  11. 11. Apply mosquito repellent Mosquito prevention: “Using an insect repellent is one of the best ways you can protect yourself from Zika and other diseases transmitted by mosquitoes." Harry Savage, chief of ecology and entomology activity at the CDC's Division of Vector-Borne Diseases
  12. 12. Call da exterminating about our mosquito controlprogram in the new orleans area. Mosquito control: 800-650-PEST HTTP://