Securescape Introduction


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Using Securescape you can provide 360 and 720 degree security for your key installations, sites, premises and locations. For more information:-

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Securescape Introduction

  1. 1. A Virtual World for Your Security © 2012
  2. 2. About Daden Immersive learning and visualisation specialists Founded 2004, with immersive technology experience since 1990s Times Higher Education Winner 2009 US Federal Virtual Worlds Challenge winner 2010 Member of BAE Systems Investment in Innovation Programme Based in Birmingham UK
  3. 3. The traditional way to manage site security withCCTV and other systems is with 2D site plansWhich show 2D versions of 3D camera fields of view,and building roofs invisible to staff on the ground
  4. 4. And banks of CCTV screensWhich provide no context and give the operator avery isolated and blinkered view of the environment
  5. 5. But what if you could view your site as a 3Dmodel… enabling operators to better understand thecontext of what they are seeing
  6. 6. You could not only show CCTV coverage in 3dimensions… making it easier to appreciate dead-zones
  7. 7. But also see the live CCTV footage overlayed withinthe model
  8. 8. And what if your operators could even step out intothe model...To see it from the point of view of the officer of theground, and build up a visceral knowledge of the site
  9. 9. Securescape gives you all this and more...
  10. 10. Designed to supplement your existing PhysicalSecurity Information Management systemsSecurescape provides an immersive, multi-user 3Denvironment in which to manage live incidents
  11. 11. The underlying 3D model can be as simple or asdetailed as budget and time allow.. can include interiors as well as exteriors, and bedeveloped from plans, models, survey or open-source
  12. 12. Securescapelets youposition yourCCTVcameras,define theircoverage andintegrate theirvideo feeds
  13. 13. You can alsobring in othersensors, suchas ANPR andFaceReccameras, IR andvideo fencesand accesscontrol systemsand have themalert within themodel
  14. 14. You can bringin overlaysshowingadditional 2Dinformation,such assterile and no-loiter zones orutility assetoverlays
  15. 15. And haveGPS feedsfrom mobileofficersupdate theirlocation onthe model –and evencombine thatwith mobileCCTV feeds
  16. 16. But why stop at traditional information sources?
  17. 17. Securescapecan also bringin socialmedia feedssuch asTwitter, so youcan see whatthe public isdoing on oraround yoursite
  18. 18. And withphotographyfeeds such asFlickr you caneven seewhatphotographsthey aretaking, alldisplayed in avertical time-line
  19. 19. So when anincident hits younot only have allthis information atyour fingertips ...… but youroperators canhave a visceralunderstanding ofthe site, even ifthey are basedmany miles away
  20. 20. So they can give officers on the ground meaningfuldirections based on a 3D model not a 2D plan And even ride cyber-shotgun for them checking out routes ahead!
  21. 21. You can also use the 3D model of your site to supportmulti-user planning and training sessionsSo staff are better able to respond when you dohave an incident, saving money and reducing risk.
  22. 22. Securescape works with your existing security sensors,infrastructure and Physical Security Information Management(PSIM) tools Existing PSIM System Interfaces Alerts Feeds Existing PSIM Future API CCTV Securescape Feeds Server Hub Alerts Interface Appliance GPS CCTV InterfaceTracking GPS Interface Social Media Securescape Feeds Terminals
  23. 23. Deploying Securescape is a 4 step process....1. Model 2. Define 3. Integrate 4. TestCreate the 3D Define all CCTV, Integrate CCTV, Test within thesite model to sensors and other alerts and other livethe required feeds and place closed and open environmentlevel of detail objects in-world source feeds
  24. 24. Typical Project Costs ● Site licence, includes initial 3D model build at Level 1 build quality: ● Small site (c. 250m x 250m) - £25k ● Medium site (c. 1km x 1km) - £50k ● Large site (c. 4km x 4km) - £100k ● Site license includes: ● 10 managed devices (CCTV/alerts) ● Initial training course for up to 10 staff ● Additional 10 managed devices - £25k ● Support and maintenance - 17.5% of initial license cost ● Optional extras: ● Higher build qualities, inc interiors ● Custom avatars (eg corporate uniforms) ● Custom user interface ● Custom functionality ● All plus VAT where applicable
  25. 25. Key Benefits ● Operators can: ● See CCTV and other alert data within context ● Better understand CCTV dead zones ● Build up a more visceral knowledge of the site ● See related social media improving situational awareness and providing potential early warnings ● Update the model dynamically from real-time CCTV and other information ● Give security staff on the ground more useful directions based on 3D reference points ● Organisations and site owners can: ● Reduce the risk of centralised ops rooms through improved remote operator site knowledge ● Reduce the cost and risk of security operations ● Use the same model for security and operational planning and training – improving service and further reducing costs
  26. 26. For more information (0)121 250 5678 © 2012