Introduction to Daden


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Daden Limited is a Virtual Worlds and artificial intelligence solution provider.
Our focus is on using virtual worlds, and virtual personalities to deliver more efficient and effective enterprise systems, saving our clients money, time and carbon, and delivering better understanding and collaboration.

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Introduction to Daden

  1. 1. Daden Limited Emerging Technology Seminars David Burden Daden Limited © 2010
  2. 2. Who Are We? © 2010  Virtual Worlds and Virtual Character solution provider  In Virtual Characters since mid 90s, and Virtual Worlds since late 1990s  World-class expertise and innovation in Integration, AI and virtual worlds  Member, Serious Games Institute  Based in Birmingham UK
  3. 3. Who We've Worked For © 2010
  4. 4. What We Do…. © 2010 Built Environment Visualisation Learning, Training and Education and Consultation Collaboration, Meetings Artificial Intelligence and Data Visualisation And Virtual Characters
  5. 5. Awards © 2010  2007: West Midlands Most Innovative ICT Company  2008: Finalist, British Computer Society Machine Intelligence Competition  2009: Winner, Times Higher Education Awards, Most Innovative ICT Project st nd  2010: 1 and 2 Place in US Federal Government's Federal Virtual World Challenge
  6. 6. What People Say About Us... © 2010 “Daden Limited have cooked up “I think that this campus looks "Every now and again work comes to your attention that makes you yet another potentially really innovative, interesting and think 'wow' - Daden Ltd have transformative application...... an inspiring for our students, well imported Google Maps into interface for accessing, navigating done to all involved in the build, it Second Life and it has just eaten in, and interacting with Google is a real achievement!!” up most of our morning." Maps....” (New World Notes) (fashio8ting on YouTube about (Digital Urban, UCL) Solent Life) Wow, you are just wow. I was sitting here watching your videos, “The metaverse is destined to “ It was a pleasure meeting you at going, "There is no way that it become the principle interface of the Federal Consortium on Virtual possible." But of course, it has to the future ... the more we see Worlds. Of all the innovations on be. I am very much impressed and tools like this being developed, display and be discussed, I felt joyed by your smartness” the more immediate such PIVOTE to be one of the most (Kageshen on YouTube) prospects seem. Daden's compelling. (John Low, Carney toolbox is rapidly becoming an Inc.)” essential feature set in this path toward augmentation." (Mal Burns, SL Edu-Blog) “In about three years, we will see the widespread availability of robust and easy to use authoring tools and “Checking into Pivote open source Pivote isn’t the first integrated environments, mostly with the project, looks very cool” (Justin training solution using virtual functionality described in the upcoming Gibbs, Immersive Story on Twitter worlds, but it’s certainly The Complete Guide to Simulations and progressed things considerably. Serious Games (and foreshadowed in (Metaverse Journal) PIVOTE)” (Brandon Hall Research)