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Inspiring Leadership Overview


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Inspiring Leadership Overview

  1. 1. INSPIRINGLEADERSHIP “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader” John Quincy Adams
  2. 2. Whether your trying to…..• Improve your profitability with your personnel• Reduce your risk• Make your staff more competitive in the marketplace• Make your life easierThe Inspiring Leadership Certificate Program can becustomized to fit your employees and their needs.
  3. 3. The Inspiring Leadership Program is designed for:■ New supervisors, managers, coordinators, or team leaders whohave had little or no leadership education or training.■ Experienced supervisors, managers, coordinators, or teamleaders who want to solidify their understanding of leadershipconcepts.■ Promising employees who may someday be tapped forleadership roles. Anyone who aspires to assume a leadership role in anorganization, whether a for-profit, non-profit, or even a volunteerorganization.
  4. 4. Leadership Certificate• The Professional Development Institute’s (PDI)Inspiring Leadership Program requires you to completefour Core Workshops plus ANY eight of the Pillar ElectiveWorkshops to earn a certificate, totaling 48 hours ofcoursework.• Participants have 18 months to complete the Core andPillar Elective workshops. Those completing the entireInspiring Leadership certificate will receive 4.8 CEU’s, acertificate of completion and a special recognition award• Workshops can also be taken individually for thoseparticipants who want to solidify their understanding ofparticular leadership concepts.
  5. 5. Framework of Leadership• We divided the course work into four main leadership areas: – Dream More….The Foundations of Leadership – Learn More…..The Personal Development Side of Leadership – Do More…………The Employee Development Side of Leadership – Become More….The Emergence of Leadership
  6. 6. The Foundations of Leadership• CORE WORKSHOP (4 HOURS)• Business Fundamentals for Leaders•• PILLAR ELECTIVES (4 HOURS EACH)• Leadership Communication Skills• Business Ethics• Leadership Administration• Managing Your Priorities
  7. 7. The Personal Development Side of Leadership• CORE WORKSHOP (4 HOURS)• Adaptive Leadership•• PILLAR ELECTIVES (4 HOURS EACH):• Emotional Intelligence• Writing for Results• Problem Solving/Decision Making• Facilitators Clinic: Effective Presentations andMeetings• 360° Feedback
  8. 8. The Employee Development Side of Leadership• CORE WORKSHOP (4 HOURS)• Developing Successful Work Teams• PILLAR ELECTIVES (4 HOURS EACH):• Effective Delegation• Resolving Conflict• Coaching and Mentoring Team Members• Engaging Employees
  9. 9. The Emergence of Leadership• CORE WORKSHOP (4 HOURS)• Change Management•• PILLAR ELECTIVES (4 HOURS EACH):• R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Encouraging Diversity• Introduction to Project Management• Performance Planning• Succession Planning
  10. 10. • TO REGISTER •• • For more information contact: • Dale Anderson • Business Effectiveness Consultant • • Phone 309.690.6913