Illinois; Rainwater Harvesting Filter


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Illinois; Rainwater Harvesting Filter

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Illinois; Rainwater Harvesting Filter

  1. 1. RAINWATER HARVESTING FILTER INTRODUCTION: MIFAB continues its leadership role in rainwater solutions with the introduction of a rainwater harvesting filtration system. The ready availability of high quality water is something that we have taken for granted for a long time. Increased urbanization, changing weather patterns and both the environmental and financial cost of water provision now require us to look harder at how we utilize our natural resources.The large roof areas typically found in commercial construction provide an ideal opportunity to collectsignificant volumes of rainwater that are usually considered to be a waste product. By utilizing the MIFABRainwater Harvesting Filter in conjunction with traditional or siphonic roof drainage, much of this watercan be harvested, filtered and stored. The filter can be sited inside or outside of the building and may bepositioned at high level, low level or underground offering the most flexible system on the market. TheMIFAB system provides highly effective filtration across a wide range of flow rates removing all solids andparticulates above 400μm as well as providing a barrier to mosquitos and other insect life.The removal of solid and organic matter from the collected rainwater prevents deoxygenation during storage,ensuring that water remains fresh. The filter is designed to be self-cleaning requiring only minimal, simplemaintenance. The modular design simplifies the integration of water harvesting into bigger projects whilststainless steel construction provides robust, durable components ideally suited for the rigors of commercialand industrial environments. The naturally soft water collected is suitable for toilet flushing, laundries,vehicle wash, irrigation, fire protection and other non-potable uses. MIFAB, Inc. 1321 West 119th Street Chicago, IL 60643 Tel: (773) 341-3030 Fax: (773) 341-3047 Toll Free: 1-800-465-2736
  2. 2. How the system worksThe MIFAB Rainwater Harvesting Filteris designed to efficiently capture and Diffuser platefilter rainwater from the roofs of Rainwater inletcommercial buildings. For large roofareas, multiple filtration systems maybe installed in appropriate locationsor increased capacity systems may beused. Our modular design provides theopportunity to utilize longer or deeperfilters, depending on where it is intendedto install the system maximizing thevolume of water captured. All MIFABfilters are manufactured in the USAfrom the highest quality components.In view of the diverse climatic Filtrationconditions we face in the USA, MIFAB screenoffer the local architect, engineerand contractor the option of selectingstorage vessels from local providers.We will however provide direct access Debris andto our design and support team so all excesscomponents combine to provide an water tointegrated fully functioning system. Our stormwaterunrivalled installation options makes drainthis the perfect system to integratewith all roof drainage strategies and Cleaned watermaximizes the opportunities to supply to storageboth overground and undergroundstorage tanks. 1. Rainwater is evenly distributed across the diffuser and falls onto the filtration screen. Agitation of theMaintenance of the filtration system water when passing over the diffuser and throughis simple: several times each year the filter serves to aerate the water improving its(dependant on locations) the filtration storage quality.screen should be removed from thefilter housing and pressure washed to 2. Organic material and debris are washed across theremove any fine particles that may block surface of the filtration screen and are flushed intothe screen. A check for debris build-up the stormwater drainsin the housing should be made beforere-assembly of the filter components. 3. Clean water passes through the filtration screen and flows to storage tanks MIFAB, Inc. 1321 West 119th Street Chicago, IL 60643 Tel: (773) 341-3030 Fax: (773) 341-3047 Toll Free: 1-800-465-2736