Full Engagement


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Full Engagement

  1. 1. In an article I wrote a few years ago called Do It Now, I expl management techniques that allowed me to finish college m usual. What I probably didnt make clear in the article w overwhelm myself like a workaholic to pull it off. I had a gre time every week, including taking at least one full day off e time for doing extra homework mainly from the inefficienci not from my personal time. Some classes require concentra duration, but at least 80% of them dont. How much cumulatypical one-hour class are you fully engaged in listening, writkind of mental or physical activity? For me it was probably ab per hour on average. The other 45 minutes would be spenprofessor to show up, waiting for the teacher to finish the op pointless administrative and announcement talk that co eliminated with a handout, hearing further examples and e concept I had already grasped, hearing students ask quest
  2. 2. See any similarities to corporate meetings? What percentagare you truly 100% engaged? My guess would be 15-20% on exact number doesnt matter.
  3. 3. But lets generalize this a bit more. What percentage of your 100% engaged in whatever it is youre doing? (I borrow t engaged" from the book The Power of Full Engagement.) Asfully utilizing all my available personal resources right now?" and body together as a factory where your goal is to maxim free to define output however you wish). So you want to kerunning as efficiently as possible. If you have machines sitting put to good use, youre operating below capac
  4. 4. Now the goal isnt to push yourself until the veins are burs forehead. By all means enjoy your downtime. But if youre kind of work, then it seems logical to work at full capacity. really work. The work time will pass anyway whether yourcapacity or 95%. But youll experience a huge increase in out engage yourself.
  5. 5. Children are a great model for seeing full engagement in act my 4-year old daughter Emily, shes always fully 100% engadoing. When shes playing, shes 100% playing. When shes e playing. When shes napping, shes 100% play
  6. 6. Sometimes being fully engaged means focusing on one tastuning out everything else. If youre giving a presentation at room for multitasking. But if youre preparing a meal or drcleaning up your office, you can also be listening to audio b time.
  7. 7. If you work at full capacity for a while and get tired, then ta100% break. Literally shut your brain off for a while, such as meditating, or just close your eyes at your desk and breath minutes. Many of the greatest achievers of all time were naThomas Edison. Acknowledge that youre switching from ful taking a break. Dont remain stuck in that haze of not quite quite resting, such as by doing web surfing for a while and twork at 20% capacity. If you feel mentally tired and cant wo 100%, dont grind yourself into the ground. Stop for a while mental factory, do the required maintenance, and then get
  8. 8. Finding blocks of time where you arent fully engaged and upof this time to fully engage yourself is a great way to squeeze out of your life without becoming overloaded. When you w fully engaged? Not even close. Even while watching TV, you up, exercising, or giving your significant other a foot massa nothing wrong with just relaxing either, but often youll find energy to be more fully engaged in tasks if you push yours home gym where I do weight training, and I need to rest brie My muscles need these breaks, but my brain doesnt. So I o from magazines or newsletters during these minutes. Or Ill book during the whole session. So I turn a sporadically enga fully engaged one.
  9. 9. Now you might think that taking all your 20% engaged perio upgrading them to near 100% will have the effect of exhau quickly. But most likely youll experience the opposite effec engage yourself, you gain an obvious short-term boost in outhe effect of boosting your energy and self-esteem as well. W on your day and know you only worked at around 20% of ca feel lousy about it. You know you could have done better an of time, and years of this behavior tend to be very draining a But when you fully engage yourself, you tend to feel reallyperformance. Youll still make mistakes, but they wont be du When you go to bed, youll be thinking, "Wow, I really did couldnt have done it better."
  10. 10. Being fully engaged isnt just about doing. Its also about bein you been off somewhere else mentally? Yesterday I went f through various casinos along the Las Vegas Strip (Treasure ICaesars Palace, Ballys, and Paris). It was crowded due to the and I saw a lot of people with vacuous expressions who cle engaged. People were sitting at the blackjack tables lookingoccasionally Id see someone having the time of their life, regthey were winning or losing. Now it could have been the freevery least, these people were fully engaged in what they wertotally present and enjoying themselves. Those who werent clearly wandering mentally... thinking about work or other zoning out completely. Such a sad way to spend a v
  11. 11. Fully engage yourself in the present moment. When you w completely into work mode. When you play, forget about yourself. Squeeze the maximum productivity out of your wofun out of your play, the maximum connection out of your cocant seem to focus, take 15 minutes to put your complete at about whatever is distracting you, and then let it go. If you f give yourself some 100% dedicated worry time, during whic worrying out of the way.
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  13. 13. Have a fully engaged day!
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