South Carolina Ignite - Preparing Students for Online Learning and Desire2Learn


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Presented Oct. 25, 2013 at Desire2Learn Ignite South Carolina by Debbie Ketterer and Jenny Szupka, both of Central Carolina Technical College.

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South Carolina Ignite - Preparing Students for Online Learning and Desire2Learn

  1. 1. Preparing Students for Online Learning and Desire2Learn Debbie Ketterer, Faculty Jenny Szupka, Distance Education Coordinator Central Carolina Technical College South Carolina Ignite Regional User Forum October 25, 2013
  2. 2. Introduction • • • • Challenges Collaboration Online Course Orientation Outcomes / Retention
  3. 3. Challenges / Student Barriers • Limited choices • Perception of online • Technology
  4. 4. Challenges / Student Barriers • Limited choices • Perception of online • Technology
  5. 5. Collaboration • • • • User Support Services Student Learning Center COL 103 (College Skills) Faculty using D2L in F2F courses, including Developmental RDG & ENG • Online Course Orientation
  6. 6. COL 103 (College Skills) • • • • • D2L shell for every COL 103 course Student Learning Center (SLC) presentation D2L handouts provided by SLC Navigation practice Contact Diane Fulcher, Student Learning Center Coordinator, for more information –
  7. 7. Developmental RDG & ENG • Begin the use of Distance Learning in developmental classes • Provide an environment for review and reinforcement of class work • Increase understanding of online classes for the future • Increase student confidence • Encourage ‘solo flight’ learning!
  8. 8. Developmental RDG & ENG Face-to-Face Augmented with D2L D2L provides the developmental student the opportunity to • Build skills through practice and review of class PowerPoints • Review relevant materials outside of the classroom • Experience success • Have the “light turned on”
  9. 9. Developmental Reading – Flipped Classroom…video and activities independently completed and discussed in class….provides more teaching time!
  10. 10. Vocabulary activities created through Study Mate can be added….again, guided independent work , which provides confidence and independence, can be practiced and reviewed by the students.
  11. 11. Developmental ENGLISH 100 ONLINE Course Online student D2L orientation  Has decreased the adjustment time for totally online developmental courses  Has increased focus on subject content by reducing time spent learning D2L environment  Has reduced the number of “late bunnies” who spent time searching and learning basic skills to navigate the site
  12. 12. Provide Links to Vital Course Site Provide Instructor information all semester Reinforcement = confidence = independence = success
  13. 13. Developmental ENG Composition 100 Discussion: Serves as a great community area for ‘sharing of tips, questions, and comments for the class!
  14. 14. Online Course Orientation • Orientation letters sent to new online students every semester • Students receive CEUs upon completion • Offered Face-to-face or fully online • To register, students must be admitted to the college (have the student role in SIS) • Grade entered into Banner / displays on CE transcript • Highly encouraged, but not required
  15. 15. Online Course Orientation Face-to-Face Sessions Fully Online Session • Registered into Banner as they arrive • Real-time Banner integration pushes registration to D2L • Students access orientation by clicking the course link in school portal (Luminis) • Grade of S-Satisfactory entered into Banner displays on CE transcript • Email communication sent during first semester • Students self-register in D2L using instructions provided • Students access orientation course through link in portal taking them to D2L Home Page • Distance staff registers students in SIS • Grade of S-Satisfactory entered into SIS displays on CE transcript • Email communication sent during first semester
  16. 16. Online Orientation Growth Online Course Orientation Headcount 400 337 350 300 250 200 182 168 Orientation Headcount 150 107 97 100 111 50 0 Fall 2012 Fall 2013 Spring 2012 Spring 2013 Summer 2012 Summer 2013
  17. 17. Online Version of Orientation - Content
  18. 18. Online Orientation – Student Satisfaction
  19. 19. Online Orientation – Student Comments • “I learned how to successfully navigate the D2L system. I will feel much more comfortable on the first day of class.” • “I now feel more comfortable taking a distance learning class.” • “I learned how to properly post and reply to the discussion board and how to submit assignments through the Dropbox tab.” • “The information contained in module topics, videos, & practice exercises will be very useful for me to finish this course with an excellent grade.”
  20. 20. Online Orientation – Student Outcomes
  21. 21. Distance Education Data Collection and Reporting • Students who successfully complete the Online Course Orientation will demonstrate the ability to do the following: – Navigate the learning management system and locate information – Utilize course communication tools to dialogue with instructor/other students – Identify available resources to resolve technical problems or issues • Retention / success tracking of students who have completed Online Course Orientation
  22. 22. Student Orientation Walk-thru
  23. 23. Questions?
  24. 24. Thank you for attending! Feel free to contact us with questions or comments. Diane Fulcher, Student Learning Center – Debbie Ketterer, Faculty – Jenny Szupka , Distance Coordinator –