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Desire2Learn Community webinar, hosted by Barry Dahl on June 3, 2014

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  • For the past two years, the Extensibility Lab has been the home base for developers, system administrators and technical decision makers while at FUSION

    This year it is bigger and better than ever! It even has its own track in the man FUSION schedule.

  • For the past two years, the Extensibility Lab has been the home base for developers, system administrators and technical decision makers while at FUSION
  • Include this slide in your presentation as it has all the necessary Desire2Learn trademark information that needs to be included in external materials.
  • Sneak Peek at FUSION 2014

    1. 1. Desire2Learn Community Webinars For More Information: #D2LFUSION Sneak Peek at FUSION 2014
    2. 2. Tue. June 3, 2014 •Sneak Peek at FUSION 2014 •Looking for co-presenters for webinars in Sept.-Dec. 2014 Barry Dahl, D2L Community Desire2Learn Community Webinars @D2LBarry
    3. 3. Desire2Learn Community Webinars •Tues. June 17 at 3:00 ET •Leaving the Limits of the Brick and Mortar for Digital Learning Environments: Moving Past Perceived Limits of the Integrated Learning Platform Barbra Thoeming, D2L Community @D2LBarbra
    4. 4. At Desire2Learn… We believe that the world is improved when people are able to reach their full potential through learning Our solutions represent a shift from the simple course management capabilities of the LMS to a highly pervasive, perceptive, and personal experience with an Integrated Learning
    5. 5. No room reservation? Better hurry! July 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 still available Omni Hotel Nashville
    6. 6. Nashville Map Music City Center Bridgestone Arena Ryman Auditorium
    7. 7. Unconference – Sunday Night
    8. 8. FUSION Newbie? Monday Morning Learning Opportunity Pre-Conference Product Seminars
    9. 9. Desire2Learn Capture is a lecture capture and webcasting solution that enables users to effortlessly capture rich media presentations with audio, video, and visual aids and broadcast them to online audiences live or on-demand to support a blended learning program. An introduction to fundamental concepts. Recommended for Novice and newcomers. Presenter: Dave Maurer, Desire2Learn Pre-conference seminar - Capture
    10. 10. Monday Opening Session Lunch at 11:20 John Baker at 12:00
    11. 11. Monday Special Guest Colonel Chris Hadfield @ 12:30 Through his 21-years as an astronaut and three spaceflights, Colonel Hadfield has become a worldwide sensation, harnessing the power of social media to make outer space accessible to millions and infusing a sense of wonder into our collective consciousness not felt since humanity first walked on the Moon.
    12. 12. 5:00 – 7:00 Welcome Reception • Solutions Central Hall • Network with peers • Meet D2L Product Experts • Connect with D2L Partners Monday Afternoon-Evening 4:20 – 5:00 Solution Spotlight On the Main Stage, we’ll turn the spotlight on some of the solutions that have been deployed to make Desire2Learn products more extensible and flexible.
    13. 13. Three Tracks for Sessions Technology in Practice Workshops and Training Leadership
    14. 14. Examples of Track Sessions Technology in Practice Workshops and Training Leadership
    15. 15. Monday @ 1:40 (TiP) Desire2Learn has changed deployment updates to support Continuous Delivery. A technical session with focus on how monthly updates are applied, monitored and verified, it will review automation and orchestration tools and discuss the monitoring process, verification steps, roll-back plans, and more. Technical admin staff will benefit from attending Continuous Delivery - Under the Hood
    16. 16. Tuesday @ 10:20 (TiP)
    17. 17. Tuesday@ 10:20 (TiP) Blended Learning, Learning Portfolios, and Portfolio Development
    18. 18. Extensibility Lab Your place for all things platform at FUSION.
    19. 19. • Connect with D2L extensibility experts. • Discuss current or proposed projects. • Talk to our customizations team about designing and building a unique solution. • Get away from the crowd and geek-out for a while! Not a Developer? No problem. Non-techies are encouraged and welcomed! • Wondering what an API is and why you should care? We’ll tell you (in plain English). • Interested in how your peers are solving unique challenges? Be inspired. • D2L clients are doing a lot of cool stuff with the platform – check it out! What is the Extensibility Lab?
    20. 20. • Need some help with a project? • Bring your questions and code! We’re here to help. • Looking to understand how the D2L platform and related resources can help your campus? • Attend a client sessions and hear how your peers are overcoming challenges with unique solutions. • Want to understand more about Valence? • Visit us during an open Q&A and we’ll walk you through the resources and get you started. • Want to see D2L extensibility in action? • Join us for an open house featuring demos by clients putting D2L APIs and LTI to work • Interesting in learning more about the D2L platform now and in the future? • Attend the D2L Executive Platform Panel on Wednesday morning: • John Baker – CEO • Nick Oddson – VP Product Development • Ken Chapman – VP Market Strategy • Mike Gruber – Sr. Director, Global Alliances & Business Development Why visit the Extensibility Lab?
    21. 21. • Extensibility Demos – TUESDAY 1-4 pm • D2L Platform Panel – WEDNESDAY 8 am Check the online schedule for dates and times of all other Extensibility Lab demos! Extensibility Lab Highlights
    22. 22. Extensibility Lab Info Online FUSION Website Valence Blog Contacts Sarah-Beth Bianchi Valence Community Manager Laura Brick Sr. Partner Marketing Manager
    23. 23. Tuesday Night Social Event 7:30 – 10:30 Vintage Country Décor and Catering Name that Tune, Celebrity Impersonators, Photo Opps Lights, Legends, and Lyrics
    24. 24. Examples of Track Sessions Technology in Practice Workshops and Training Leadership
    25. 25. • Beginner Level • Basic Lighting and Sound Techniques • Extra Equipment to Purchase • App Recommendations • Hands-On Session Filming an Interview Creating Course Videos With an iPad® Device Monday @ 3:00 (WaT) Presenter: Dale Hargis
    26. 26. Examples of Track Sessions Technology in Practice Workshops and Training Leadership
    27. 27. Wednesday @ 8:00 & 9:20 (L) Getting teachers onboard with new technology can be a challenge. In this two part session, you will hear from both veteran and newer D2L clients who will cover strategies and key lessons learned for successful district implementation and adoption of classroom technology. Adoption and Implementation Strategies for K-12 Districts
    28. 28. Wednesday @ 8:00 & 9:20 (L) • Lise Galuga, CFORP • Susan Rizzo, Park Hill School District • Barbra Thoeming, Desire2Learn • Kirk Villanueva, Calgary Catholic School District Adoption and Implementation Strategies for K-12 Districts
    29. 29. Leadership Summit Tuesday, July 15 Disruptive Technology: How Analytics is Reshaping Education Guest Speaker - Elliott Masie Guest Speaker - Tristan Denley $
    30. 30. Tuesday 11:20 to 1:30 – Main Stage Area Lunch
    31. 31. Tuesday 1:30 to 4:00 – Quadruple Play Extensibility Lab Demos
    32. 32. Wednesday Special Guest LeVar Burton @ 1:30 As a literacy advocate and education speaker, LeVar Burton is well-known for his long-running PBS show, Reading Rainbow.
    33. 33. Thursday AM & PM Friday AM & PM Post-conference Workshops In-depth, hands-on training sessions $
    34. 34. Both Days - 9:00 to noon This session will cover best practices for creating and organizing content, general course design, and good communication based on recognized standards for quality in eLearning courses. The recommendations will provide specific use case scenarios, appropriate settings, and practical suggestions. The session is designed for trainers and instructors. Post-Conference Session: Best Practices for Content, Course Delivery, and Communication Marsha Conley, Desire2Learn
    35. 35. Thursday - 1:00 to 4:00 Today's learners are accessing online material in a wide variety of ways. "Bring-your-own-device" has become prevalent in both the classroom and the workplace. This session will offer solutions to the challenges found when developing content that is responsive to all browsers and devices. Post-Conference Session: Responsive Content: Design and Development Nathan Gardi, Desire2Learn
    36. 36. Q & A
    37. 37. Desire2Learn, Campus Life, CaptureCast, Desire2Learn Binder, myDesire2Learn, Insert Stuff, Insert Stuff Framework, Instructional Design Wizard, Desire2Learn Insights, Desire2Learn Analytics Essentials, Desire2Learn Degree Compass, and the molecule logo are trademarks of Desire2Learn Incorporated. The Desire2Learn family of companies includes Desire2Learn Incorporated, D2L Ltd., Desire2Learn Australia Pty Ltd, Desire2Learn UK Ltd, Desire2Learn Singapore Pte. Ltd. and D2L Brasil Soluções de Tecnologia para Educação Ltda. Let’s transform teaching and learning, together.