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  1. 1. FashionMerchandising Portfolio Dominique S. FrancisFashion Merchandising & Apparel Design B.S.
  2. 2. Fashion Promotion &Project Management
  3. 3. Junk 2 Funk Fashion Show Marketing PlanCompany Name: Keep Bulloch BeautifulWebsite: Audience: Promoting to the audience of students, faculty and staff on the campus of Georgia Southern University and the community of Statesboro, Georgia and its surrounding areas.Location: Russell Union Ballroom A & BDate and Time: 7:00 p.m.-8:00p.m.Mission Statement:The mission statement of Keep Bulloch Beautiful is to enhance the beauty of Bulloch County through education, public action and setting forth an example. This company focuses their efforts in three main areas: waste reduction/recycling, litter prevention and beautification. Keep Bulloch Beautiful partners with several organizations, businesses, schools, local governments and individuals to accomplish its mission.Situation AnalysisKBB and The Fashion Program at Georgia Southern University will be hosting the Eco-friendly Junk to Funk Recycled Fashion Show on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at 7:00 p.m. in the Russell Union Ballroom at Georgia Southern University. All designs for the show will be made from at least 50% recycled/re-purposed material and will be wearable. Submissions are welcome from all students of the University. Design submissions are due by October 27, 2011 at 3pm in the main office of the Hospitality and Tourism (HTFCS) building on GSU campus.
  4. 4. Event Coordinator
  5. 5. Fundraiser & Promotional Material Chair
  6. 6. Photo Shoot Director
  7. 7. Store Plan Layout
  8. 8. Store Design Concept: Innovator is a high end boutique for the younger generation of ―fashionistas‖ ranging from ages 18-23,desiring looks of innovative styles and great quality. The boutique features designs by young and upcoming designers who brings a fresh look into the fashion world and vintage garments and accessories from name designers.We focus on the horizontal-flow theory in which we look to our consumers ; the fashion innovator, and their style choices over what is being an exclusive trend. Innovator provides ―fashionistas‖ with merchandise that are edgy, eccentric, and eclectic. Innovator is influence by the concept of postmodernism; influencing the furniture and artwork of the boutique. Brand Statement:“Dare to assert your own individuality by being different…be a leader of fashion”
  9. 9. Product Design & SegmentKnown for its refined architecture in apparel, handbag and shoe designs, it no understatement what the design for ―Mist of the Moonlight‖ would not be influence by structure and its classic shape. The top notch of the bottle is shaped like a crescent moon while the bottom depict a body of water flowing away.Pricing Strategy Analysis:The price point is $100 per bottle which is a negotiable pricing point for the top-of-the-line luxury brand. The designers wanted to expand it market not only by new product market but a new target market. ― …everyone should embrace the mist‖, quotes senior designer; Hernandez.Place Strategy Analysis:―Mist in the Moonlight‖ will beexclusively distributed to the verticalintegration channel of manufacturer tothe retailers then consumers. ProenzaSchouler will controls who sells theirproducts and can specify how it shouldbe displayed in the shop. Thereforetheir fragrances would not be in awholesaler because they could notcontrol who purchased them. Theproduct will be located in selectivegeographical location.
  10. 10. Press Release Sample Proenza Schouler Mystical Perfume Launch Party By. Dominique FrancisNew York City– Moonlight sets in as guest arrived dress in their minimalistic cocktail attire for Proenza Schouler launch of their first perfume ―Mist in the Moonlight‖. Their new fragrance, Mist in the Moonlight, a sultry scent of absinthe ,amber, and ozonic . The New York Times follows the the product launching ceremony, which opened last weekend on Howard Street, in Manhattan, and where Proenza Schouler fans are paying a the usual upmarket designer price of $75. One thing is already certain: The Proenza Schouler perfume line (made in China to bring prices way down) is already a smash hit. Hernandez says that, when a few items were mistakenly put up on the companys Web site,, there were 4,000 hits — and the items were immediately posted (at higher prices) on eBay. Celebrities seen at the event were Kourtney Kardashian, Natalie Portman, Katherine Hepburn and Christian Sirano.
  11. 11. House Party 4
  12. 12. Night Out with the Girls
  13. 13. Spring 2012 Day Look
  14. 14. School Daze
  15. 15. Concert Look
  16. 16. WhoEstablishedDominance?Established Dominanceis a trendy specialtyboutique targeting thecareer women.Merchandising mixincludes; accessories,handbags and shoes. The brand name andlogo depict a whipsymbolizing adominatrix.Our target market 22-30 is a young ambitiouswoman just starting hercareer and on themission dominatingcorporate America.
  17. 17. Store Image
  18. 18. Dominique S. Francis Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising & Apparel Design Minor in Marketing Email: Twitter: d1s_francis Blog: fashioninfrancis.blogspot.comLinkedin: ominique-francis/30/48b/8bb