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Reporting Hidden Secrets: What you should know!, Paul Ginsberg

Attendees came out knowing when certain report types automatically exist, and when they needed to go and create custom report types themselves, along with the many advantages and disadvantages. They also learned about Cross Filters (which is included with Reporting in Enterprise Edition and above, on Sales and Service Clouds)... how you can't see cross filtered information, but you can see the influence of additional object: whether that is Accounts without Opportunities, or Contacts without recent Tasks, or just for deduplication. Last but not least, they also learned about the importance of empowering end-users to create and run their own reports, allowing them to make their own insights on their data, unlocking decision making.

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Reporting Hidden Secrets: What you should know!, Paul Ginsberg

  1. 1. Reporting Hidden Secrets What you should know! by Paul Ginsberg
  2. 2. #CD19 Amsterdam User Group Co-Leader Email: Twitter: NaturallyPaul LinkedIn: Yes  Paul Ginsberg Independent Salesforce Consultant ● Secretary ● Office Administrator ● Office Manager ● IT & Office Manager ● IT Helpdesk Officer
  3. 3. #CD19 Gain your own insights Allows people to test hypothesis Visual representation (which works well for lots of people) Empowerment Can’t break anything! Why are reports important?
  4. 4. #CD19 When you have your report requirement, by each piece of information, write down: • The field you need • The object where that field is found in Pro Tip and then WHY!
  5. 5. #CD19 The Question Question Managing Director: who is logging customer service requests online? Which Objects… Who (Contacts) requests online (Cases) And the Reason? She wants to see the effectiveness of a recent mailing More Objects! …mailing (Campaigns!)
  6. 6. #CD19 Normal Report Types Single Object Parent Object Child Object
  7. 7. #CD19 But can they do this? Another Related Object Parent Object Child Object Explanation: you can have data displayed from the parent and/or child object influenced by related criteria from the other object – on the Venn diagram above that would be the various intersections (but you can’t display data that is just on the other child object)
  8. 8. #CD19 The Demo
  9. 9. #CD19 For lookups (not Master-Child) Manually add/remove new fields Rename fields Add/rename sections Add fields from related Lookups Mental health tip: Don't create too many! Custom Report Types
  10. 10. #CD19 Deduplicating contact lists (e.g. you want to send to everyone that have an open opportunity, but some of those people may have had multiple opportunities) Accounts without Contacts (data cleansing) Contacts without recent Activities Accounts with Contacts in a certain region, cross filtered by open Opportunities; great for organising client visits Forthcoming events cross filtered with people that has been in touch with the CEO (Contacts with Campaign Members, sub-filtered by Type: Event and Start Date: Next 6 months, cross filtered by Contacts with Tasks sub-filtered by Due Date: Last 6 months and Assigned to CEO’s Secretary) More Cross Filter Examples
  11. 11. #CD19 Enterprise, Performance, Unlimited, and Developer Editions (not Professional) Maximum 3 cross filters per report Can’t show you fields from the cross filtered objects Filter logic (1 OR 2 etc) can be used within the report …but not for the actual cross filtering Cross Filter Limitations
  12. 12. #CD19 The differences between Lightning and Classic (skip to “Reports” section): Custom Report Types Blog: Video: Cross Filters (trailhead: Fab Blog: Amazing Video: reporting-cross-video Power of One: (trailhead: This whole deck: Thank you – extra resources
  13. 13. Thank you!