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Mulesoft Integration: a talk between SalesforceCat and SalesforceDog!, Julio Diego Barrado Fernández & Laura Diaz

This is the story of how Max the Mule helped long time enemies #SalesforceCat and #SalesforceDog organize the best party ever.
SalesforceCat and SalesforceDog where trying to organize a party but SalesforceDog could not understand all the meoooooows from SalesforceCat, therefore the party planning was a disaster.
Fortunately Max the Mule stepped in with its amazing integration skills to help them understand each other and get the best party ever up and runnig.
Managing Data Integration is commonly one of the most important aspects of a Salesforce implementation. Companies need to have a good data migration strategy when they move from their legacy systems to Salesforce or simply when they want all their systems to seamlessly communicate.
You’ll learn how to use the out-of-the-box connectors provided by the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform to build scalable data integrations and flows with minimal code. Integrating with any application, data source and device, whether they are cloud-based or on-premise systems."

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Mulesoft Integration: a talk between SalesforceCat and SalesforceDog!, Julio Diego Barrado Fernández & Laura Diaz

  1. 1. Mulesoft Integration: a talk between SalesforceCat and SalesforceDog! by Julio Fernandez & Laura Diaz
  2. 2. #CD19 Laura Diaz Practice Lead at Isobar @pelicanlaurich Julio Fernandez Senior Applications Developer at Desynit @julipool
  3. 3. #CD19 ● Why do we need Integrations? ● Salesforce Integrations ● MuleSoft Anypoint Platform ● A couple of Demo’s Intro and Overview
  4. 4. #CD19 Why do we need integration? • Data size predictions • Independent storage • Lake of unconnected systems • User experience IoT Devices Big Data Cloud Microservices SaaS
  5. 5. #CD19 Integration with Salesforce Platform
  6. 6. #CD19 Integrations leveraging Salesforce Platform Mixed IntegrationsNo- Code Integrations Code Integrations Salesforce Connect Heroku Connect External Services Wizard External Objects REST & SOAP API Bulk API Streaming API Apex REST Endpoints Apex HTTP Callouts Platform Events IOT Explorer
  7. 7. #CD19 Anypoint Platform Integrations with Mulesoft
  8. 8. #CD19 API-led connectivity MuleSoft Anypoint Platform • Connect any application, data source or device • Network of apps: • Easily build, and rapidly scale your network of apps, data and devices through integrations and APIs • Reusable components Connect Any App Implement any pattern Manage full API Lifecycle Run anywhere Anypoint Platform INTENTIONAL SELF-SERVICE SECURE BY DESIGN ACTIONABLE VISIBILITY SPEED OF DELIVERY FUTURE-PROOF ARCHITECTURE
  9. 9. #CD19 • Bundle of multiple components • Anypoint Design Center Connectors and Mule Applications Out-of-the-box Connectors Mule Applications
  10. 10. #CD19 MuleSoft’s very own Appexchange Anypoint Exchange MuleSoft has its very own Public and Private repository where you can get: • Connectors • Templates and Examples • REST and SOAP APIs • HTML APIs • RAML Fragments • Custom Apps
  11. 11. #CD19 Data Transformation: “process of converting data from one format to another” Operations Data Merge Data Aggregation Data Enrichment Data Summarization Data Filtering ETL and Data Transformation Operations ETL Extract Transform Load
  12. 12. #CD19 Demo Scheduled Data Load
  13. 13. #CD19 Demo Salesforce to Slack Integration
  14. 14. #CD19 Resources – Keep learning Source: Salesforce analysis based on Forrester TEI research (June 2018) Find a MuleSoft meetup Trailhead Data Integration Specialist Superbadge Salesforce Developers Blog Getting Started with MuleSoft: A Quick Start Guide for Salesforce Developers MuleSoft Anypoint Platform free trial Quick Starts in
  15. 15. Thank you!