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CLU Proposal for Regional Products 5 Mar 2013


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Proposal for Regional Products

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CLU Proposal for Regional Products 5 Mar 2013

  2. 2. Basic Assumptions andCaveats This is just the tip of the iceberg Cursory review of the needs of SingTel’s Regional Products Portfolio Will need further analysis once onboard
  3. 3. The Pitch for Regional Products Business Model Canvas for Regional Products Proposed 6-Month Plan Where to Synergize and Collaborate Detailed 3-Month Plan Key Take-Away and Conclusion
  4. 4. Business Model Canvas Agile and innovative Internal Customers : product development Reports, Updates Build sustainable Associates: Reports, ecosystem Synergy of Regional Forums, Co-creation products among associates Internal Customers :Regional associates Build Excellence External Customers: SingTel, Regional Center Communities AssociatesSuppliers Economies of Scale Collaboration Tools External Customers:Bridge Alliance + Agile Processes Nomadic subscribers Collaboration and Internal Customers: (Travellers, Businessmen) Knowledge Sharing Weekly (Critical) or Champions and monthly reportsSubscribers Evangelists Address Internal and Associates: Weekly External Customer pain updates from PMOKey Stakeholders Excellence Center External Customers: Niche(Executives, Champions, (Portal, etc.) points with innovative markets to be determinedEvangelists) products External customers: per product To be determined Financial (Budget) per product Cost versus Value- Infrastructure Driven Pricing to be Revenue Transfer price determined per product sharing Hardware + Software Economies of scale Tiered/Volume- based
  5. 5. The 6-Month Plan for RegionalProducts • Step back : Understand the internal and external customers • Define the “pain points” of internal and external customers • Define steps to address these pain points with a Product Roadmap • Assign Champions and Evangelists in each Regional Associate and 1st to 3rd Key Partners; get buy-in and budget • Launch an initial Minimum Viable Products (MVP) – Top 3 Initiatives Month • Iterate the MVPs until Critical Mass is reached • Mass Market or Customize MVPs based on Customer Feedback • Monitor Regional Associates and Key Partners • Update Regional Associates and Key Partners through regular reports 4th to 6th and forums • Set up Excellence Centre for Regional Initiatives Month
  6. 6. Where to Synergize in RegionalProductsThe whole isgreater thanthe sum of Content Software + Hardwareits parts.~ Aristotle Network/Infrastructure Knowledge Sharing Regional Products
  7. 7. The Three-Month Plan for RegionalProducts • Economies of Scale • Leveraging with Regional • Fixed-mobile convergence Associates to discuss with • Seamless user Content Providers experience • Innovative products using OTT (ie exclusive content) Content : Infrastructure Over-the-top : IMS Content Knowledge Software & Sharing: Hardware : OSS + BSS Excellence Center • OSS + BSS Knowledge • Reports and forums for Sharing and Best CXOs Practices • Champions and • Seamless user Evangelists experience
  8. 8. Key Take-Away: Build trust, Work together,SucceedIf you believe in what you are doing, then let nothing hold you up in yourwork. Much of the best work of the world has been done against seemingimpossibilities. The thing is to get the work done.~ Dale Carnegie