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By: Quin...
rascal wraps himself within the folds of the national flag, so does the crooked businessman envelope himself in the
lofty ...
monitoring elections despite Kazakhstan’s poor human rights record. Apparently, the presence of luminary Clinton
was icing...
Spokesperson in 2011. In 2013 she was elevated to Assistant Secretary of State for Euroasian Affairs. Obama and
Hillary Cl...
Here is a biggie. It is against American law for foreigners to contribute directly to political campaigns. Americans do
However, in the world of high level finance and politics the people don’t count for much and it’s just money and boys
Nature has been unkind to Haiti as it is positioned unfavorably in the wake of powerfully destructive hurricanes. In
motion to rebuild shattered Haiti and then… All the fanfare subsided. The Clinton Foundation went on to new
ventures, reli...
Perhaps not, but the former President of the Haitian Senate, Bernard Sansaricq had something to say. At a recent
Donald Tr...
Foundation and crime factory start lawyering up, it speaks volumes about how close investigators are getting to the
We have only scratched the surface of the Clinton Foundation and already the smell and stink of corruption, double
Most rational people would shake their heads in disbelief over allegations that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State
and ...
documents that passed over her desk. Leaks also disclosed that she wanted Blumenthal’s name removed
from any reports she w...
The only conclusion appropriate for this is that the Clintons jointly sold out American interests, the power and prestige
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The clinton foundation a crime factory


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Research Report on the Clinton Foundation written by Quintus Dias, resident researcher for Mind Mix Radio and Manticore Group. Produced 10-20-2016. Presented on Mind Mix in the Evening by Cyrellys Geibhendach on 10-25-2016.

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The clinton foundation a crime factory

  1. 1. THE CLINTON FOUNDATION AND HILLARY CLINTON AS SECRETARY OF STATE CARPET BAGGING, CRONYISM AND DEMOCRACY WITH GUNS By: Quintus Dias PART I: THE CLINTON FOUNDATION AS A CRIME FACTORY OVERVIEW: This presentation reviews the mechanism and purpose of a philanthropic foundation in pursuing political and criminal objectives simultaneously by reviewing several critical aspects of the Clinton Foundation in global politics, personal ambitions and building future financial and political capital. Several glaring instances of the Clinton Foundations instances of pursuing personal gain through leveraging influence are presented for your consideration below. All of them involve instances of carpet bagging, disaster capitalism, mob boss political fixing and just plain thievery. In other words, there is credible evidence to implicate the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation as a crime family and crime factory front. 1. THE URANIUM ONE DEAL Oligarchs around the world LOVE foundations for they serve as mechanisms to display their magnanimity with the people. It’s a form of status symbol and subtle advertising to call attention to their noble and generous side. Moreover, foundations serve perfectly as a venue to plow back into fertile soil the seeds of new found wealth to sustain favorable public image with the masses. Oligarchs can proudly claim that their new philanthropy and love of man serves to build new schools, new hospitals, and even music centers where none existed before. That is progress and the elevation of the human spirit. What the public is not aware of is that in many instances foundations serve as a means to launder money obtained from criminal enterprises, to shield wealth from the tax man and to promote hidden political agendas. The politically astute can use foundations to become extraordinary wealthy. In these instances shady businessmen, political opportunists and just plain downright crooks use the foundation’s tax shield, image of nobility as a lever to gain influence with elites, as a means to peddle influence for a price, and as a legal way to divert money into personal pockets, usually covered as administration overhead. Hey, it takes a lot of cash to administer a globe spanning foundation with its many interests in building new towns for the disposed after a typhoon wiped out their city, for supplying entire colleges with the latest computers, and in funding new energy sources from rare minerals found only in the American West. Oil and railroad Baron, John D. Rockefeller showed the way. Why the old curmudgeon could take a tax break for stealing the oil from beneath your land. That idea turned into an extremely lucrative gravy train as now oilmen could claim tax breaks on resource depletion and then shield the lucre within the folds of a humanitarian-oriented foundation headquartered in some distant country beyond the reach of a suspicious auditor or criminal investigator. During the new age era of the 1990s, venture capital excursions into high technology fields such as communications, computation, materials and space technology triggered fantastic capital deals and wealth accumulation spliced from booming advances made from computers, global communications and derivative technology such as fiber optics and in materials technology. Guys like nerdy Bill Gates suddenly surfaced with his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation worth billions ready to give back. Savvy political animals like ex-president Bill Clinton spawned new global initiatives in human progress, and bragged about training the next cadre of world leaders all within the folds of the Clinton Foundation. The bottom line is that foundations are a perfect means to cover shady business and political deals that oligarchs all over the world find them essential as a means to divert public attention from their black deeds. If the true political 1
  2. 2. rascal wraps himself within the folds of the national flag, so does the crooked businessman envelope himself in the lofty goals of his progressive foundation. This brings us to the Clinton Foundation as a show case of national patriotic fervor, lofty human aspirations and just down right dirty politics and greed. Consider the American West with its vast spaces of incredibly rugged country, huge stands of evergreen timber, lofty snow-capped mountains back dropped by burning deserts and skies of wheeling vultures riding the day’s updrafts. It signifies loneliness, danger, freedom, and implies that vast wealth may be hidden underneath its incredible broken ground. Consider Russia’s able president, Vladimir Putin and his goal of finally building a new Russia free from the old Soviet bureaucrats with their rigid political nomenclature. The vast wealth of Russia and the Ukraine could generate new industries in timber, farming, and ranching, in mineral exploitation and lead the way in energy production. Russia could cement its new leads by doing what every smart businessman attempts to do, following the old Rockefeller adage of creating a monopoly out of something everybody needs like food, conveyances, water, shelter, heat and a pleasant atmosphere to exist in. Please remember something vitally important in fathoming foreign affairs and international relations. The acts of a state leader and the people do not necessarily coincide. In capacity as a leader, the leader has no friends’ only state interests to pursue. That is his job and the people expect him to do it as ably as possible because their survival depends on his statecraft. If this can be accomplished without the use of force and guns then so much the better. He or she will be long remembered as a wise and beneficial leader-a credit to humanity. Putin in ascertaining Russia’s global interests in energy could deftly claim that it would be in Russia’s interest to acquire a lead in the production of energy supplies, and control the market for critical strategic materials such as uranium for nuclear reactors and more critically for the production of nuclear weapons. Thus, Russia would benefit in driving customers to Russian firms engaged in extracting, refining and producing raw energy, the finished products and maintaining a grip on materials that could be used in making strategic weapons by potential enemies. Keep in mind that the world of international relations is defined by anarchy. No one power leads in world affairs despite the best efforts of American neocons in pursuing a unipolar role for the United States. In that regards nations have interests to pursue to insure their survival and friendship is only a secondary consideration. Not much attention was paid to the Russian energy agency Rosatom until it concluded a deal with the Canadian energy company called Uranium One involving a group of people, including Bill Clinton, his wife and presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton, Russia, and Vladimir Putin. The deal was breathtaking. It would give the Russians enormous advantage in securing, producing and supplying uranium to the global market. Behind the deal lurked the group that built, nurtured and produced Uranium One that was eventually sold off to Russia. At stake was control over about 20 percent of America’s uranium reserves. The Uranium One group included several Canadian mining officials, Frank Giustra a mining financier and Bill and Hillary Clinton. Uranium One had global stakes in mining uranium-from Kazakhstan to Harney County, Oregon. Giustra made a donation of some $31 million to the Clinton Foundation. The sale of Uranium One to Rosatom effectively gave the Russians control of 1/5 of all the uranium supplies in the United States. Uranium is a critically controlled resource. Sales of uranium resources have to be approved by various agencies of the US Government and ratified by Congress. In the extant case, Giustra and Russia need not worry some pesky bureaucrat would scotch the deal. The Secretary of State at the time was none other than Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton’s wife. Hillary Clinton signed off on the deal. Shortly thereafter, Bill Clinton received a $500,000 fee for a speech from a Russian investment bank with ties to promoting Uranium One’s stock. The Uranium One story begins in South Africa its corporate headquarters, and then moves to Australia, where it acquires energy mineral rights and moves to Kazakhstan with the arrival of Frank Giustra and Bill Clinton in 2005 to cut an energy deal with its dictatorial president, Nursultan Nazarbayev and frank Giufra’s Company ErAsia Ltd. Giufra obtained rights in three Kazakh uranium mines. Bill Clinton expressed support for Nazarbayev’s interest in 2
  3. 3. monitoring elections despite Kazakhstan’s poor human rights record. Apparently, the presence of luminary Clinton was icing on the cake used by Giufra to score a deal with Kazakh energy concerns. ErAsia then merged with the South African energy firm Uranium One. Impresario Frank Giustra and Chairman of the new company, Ian Tefler subsequently went global to become a major player in the world’s energy markets (Giustra later cashed out in 2007 realizing some $45Mn from the deal). Uranium One’s Chair, Ian Tefler subsequently made large financial contributions to the Clinton Foundation. These arrangements lead to conclusions that from the start the real purpose of the Clinton Foundation were to score payoffs in a pay to play scheme, using Bill Clinton’s statue as a former US President and his wife’s position as a serving US Senator as inducements to attract wealthy and influential donors to line the Clinton’s personal pockets. Ian Telfer was chairman of Uranium One-Credit Galit Rodan/Bloomberg, via Getty Images The Uranium one story then spreads to the United States rich uranium reserves in Oregon, Utah, Wyoming and Texas as Uranium One acquired energy assets in the United States. In 2007, the company bought a uranium mill in Utah and acquired exploratory rights in 38,000 acres in four Western states. Those deals were followed by the company buying Energy Metals Corporation with energy interests in Wyoming, Texas and Utah, thus underscoring Uranium One’s presence as a major player in the nuclear power industry on a global scale. 2. PAY TO PLAY IN MY BACKYARD. ENTER SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON-DEMOCRACY WITH GUNS Victoria Nunland Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs The American Secretary of State holds a vital cabinet post in presidential affairs as the main architect in construing and pursuing American foreign policy. Hillary Clinton in that role served as a war hawk advocating for the Arab Spring realignment and in using military force in getting rid of Libya’s Muhammad Gaddafi. Victoria Nuland a former staffer for Strobe Talbot, Deputy Undersecretary of State and who served as Vice President’s Cheney’s National Security Affairs ax grinder during the Clinton and Bush presidencies was brought in to be the State Department 3
  4. 4. Spokesperson in 2011. In 2013 she was elevated to Assistant Secretary of State for Euroasian Affairs. Obama and Hillary Clinton approved of bringing her in as Assistant Secretary. The appointment raised eyebrows. Her husband, Robert Kagan is a neo con affiliated with the Project for the New American Century, essentially a fascist construct to project American power in a unipolar orbit. Knowledgeable observes comment that Nuland’s appointment as Assistant Secretary is a payoff to the very influential lobbyist powerhouse AIPAC; the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee that many believe has undue influence in American foreign and domestic politics. Nuland is Jewish as is her husband Robert Kagan. Thus, Nuland’s appointment may serve as a pipeline to Israel and the Mossad and as cover for Hillary Clinton in the future. As Assistant Secretary, Nuland has been an advocate for the Jewish Oligarch makeup of the new Kiev government in the wake of deposed President Yanukovych, toppled in the violence associated with the Maidan coup d’ etat. Let’s be clear about something before we proceed with Uranium One. Democracy is power shared by the people and for the people (but it is not a feature of Constitutional republicanism, but more an element of hard socialism). Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State added something new to the term democracy…guns. That is, we will have democracy with guns and regime change will be the new order of the day. Regime change? As a response to the revulsions caused by the bloody public spectacles from the massacre of ethnics in Rwanda back in the 1990s, the images of Taliban militants blowing the heads off of women with AK47s and other egregious instances of democide around the world, a new narrative appeared in academic circles seeking expression and legitimacy for use in civil governance…”the concept regime change.” Regime change was conceived as a two pronged measure by democratic states enabling the removal of any government deemed oppressive or brutal to its own people as a security prophylaxis. In other words, a brutal government was viewed as a security threat to all member states in civil governance. Therefore, the forcible removal of an oppressive government was justified and legitimized in one prong to prevent the spread of internal violence from spilling over borders and perhaps igniting a regional conflict, or worse another world war. Consequently, state sovereignty as a right of states began to erode under the neo con Bush and Obama presidencies. As an accompanying element to ‘Democracy with Guns’ we saw the insertion of NGOs as the second prong in the internal affairs of a state. Their job (NGOs) was political agitation of the masses to support toppling the regime at the opportune time to favor US interests in selecting a government more amendable to American considerations. We saw this at work with the insertion of George Soros’ Renaissance Foundation and Open Society Institute in the Ukraine leading to the so-called color revolutions, and around the Arab periphery in North Africa and in the Middle East that lead to the Arab Spring- a wave of social and political violence that erupted in the Muslim world that lead to the Syrian civil war and other conflict in the Middle East. Essentially Hillary’s Democracy with Guns is a rebranding of British and American Imperialism. Back to Uranium One. Thus, the sale of Uranium One to Russia, a potential hostile state, the peculiar financial transactions involving family foundations, the fee obtained by Bill Clinton, and the rise of Russia in the field of nuclear energy and potential nuclear bomb capability began to worry American analysts. It should have rung strident alarms in Congress, the Defense Department and in the Justice Department that skullduggery was at work. But not to worry, it was just business and the brokers in the Uranium One deal had contributed handsomely to the Clinton Foundation philanthropy-nothing wrong with that. However, here is the rub. The Uranium One Rosatom deal presents the perfect opportunity to hide corruption and fundamental conflicts of interest from public view. What is at stake is potential treason, political graft, laundering illegal money, and trading quid pro quo political favors that could alarm the electorate that former politicians, and current ones in high positions are selling out the public’s security and welfare interests to potential enemies-all for a price to benefit the foundations chief officers. Lucre obtained this way can be easily concealed inside of shell companies, diverted to mysterious private accounts held in offshore banks, and explained as a cost of doing foundation business. Thus, very expensive new homes, upscale new cars, trendy new clothes, new everything is just a cost of doing foundation business regardless of a paltry income a foundation principal may receive from a nominal salary. 4
  5. 5. Here is a biggie. It is against American law for foreigners to contribute directly to political campaigns. Americans do not want their politicians serving foreign interests. But that does not bar foreign persons or corporations from making contributions to American foundations. Therefore, should one want to influence an American official to consider a foreign proposal favorably you do not contribute to the official’s bank account. What you do is make a donation to his or her foundation instead. Perfect! Moreover, some under cabinet secretary could always serve as the fall guy or claim that the official never was influenced in a decision that could benefit a domestic or foreign donor. Finally, in many cases prosecutors have to prove intent to commit a crime and that can be extremely difficult to do, especially when dealing with vagaries of the mind like how external influences can contribute to making a decision. It is even more difficult, when the official has arranged for a private email server with a special access code, and then “disappears” streams of emails that may contain evidence supporting criminal intent. Prior to the Uranium One, Rosatom deal the Obama Administration was seeking to reestablish an even keel with Russia, especially after the long bitter winter of the Cold War and the tumultuous events that devastated the Russian economy and Russia with the Soviet collapse in 1991. Thus, a bright and cheery Secretary Clinton handed Sergei Lavrov the suave and profoundly competent Russian Foreign Affairs Envoy a toy button at a presser claiming that the United States sought to “reset” US and Russia relations off to a new start. While Putin pressed ahead with domestic affairs, getting rid of the corrupt Jewish oligarchs, rebuilding the Russian economy and prestige in the world, Secretary Clinton arguably was seeking to split off the enormously rich and strategically important Ukraine from the Russian orbit and absorb its geopolitical potential within the auspices of the EU and NATO that the United States ultimately leads and controls. The Clinton Global Initiative along with worthies like George Soros and Victoria Nuland identified a cadre of Ukrainians that could serve as European Union leaning Ukrainian officials that would ultimately allow the Ukraine to join NATO and acquire EU membership-right underneath the noses of the Russians asleep at the wheel and most likely toasting to each others success in putting one over on the Americans with the purchase of Uranium One in some Moscow night club. Then the disturbing thought struck home… What a minute, we traded the Ukraine for a stake in Uranium One? NYET! The deft Putin acted swiftly and moved troops into the Crimea and annexed it in a blink of an eye. Putin subsequently castigated the United States and its drive at ever seeking new unilateral political deals, new allies and in creating profound new problems with its unprofessional politics. Putin also drove another point home. The United States never considers the interests of its allies or other states, citing that this causes no end of turbulence in world affairs. The Ukrainian President at the time, Victor Yanukovych balked at joining the EU. Instead, he turned to cementing closer ties with Russia. Outraged Ukrainian oligarchs and American officials, including the American State Department, the CIA, and Nazi agent and Rothschild front man, George Soros busily orchestrated President Yanukovych's exit and deposed him a violent coup. Russia reacted quickly and annexed the strategically important Crimea and the Ukraine plunged into a horrific civil war with the potential of triggering world war III… all because of a deeply corrupt woman’s aspirations to become the next US President and a deeply dishonest former US president’s pursuit of lucre. Ultimately, the question involving the Clinton Foundation and Russia’s interest in controlling a significant American resource needs to be asked. Should Americans allow a potential hostile power to control uranium that figures importantly in controlling an essential resource like nuclear power and the making of nuclear weapons? Most rational actors would answer yes; Americans should be concerned about giving the Russians a 20 percent stake in this vital resource as it makes Americans dependent on them. 5
  6. 6. However, in the world of high level finance and politics the people don’t count for much and it’s just money and boys playing games with it. But those kinds of games can cause wars and the death of innocents, and misery to people unaware of the stakes, such as what happened to the Hammond family and to the death of rancher Lavoy Finicum shot dead by the FBI and Oregon State Police in 2016 in Harney County, Oregon. The imprisonment of the Hammond ranching family and the death of Finicum resulted in the wake of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge protest against the unjust seizure of ranching lands by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) by a coterie of aggrieved ranchers from all over the western states and their spokespersons, Aamon and Ryan Bundy. As it turned out, the Bundies and others were arrested and jailed for impeding federal officers. What is not being disclosed by officials and the media, is that uranium reserves are located in Harney County and Uranium One had an interest in those lands. Additionally, the Clinton Foundation was intricately involved in a spider’s web between Russia, their private ambitions, and in private gain by selling off American private and public lands to Russia. Pay to play, indeed. The huge question that needs to be asked is this. Did Hillary Clinton and her cabal of insiders pressure the BLM to secure mineral resource lands by driving ranchers and farmers off so they could later be acquired by foreign interests like Uranium One? A serious prosecutor in addressing this issue would then consider if the Hammonds were jailed, and Arizona rancher, Lavoy Finicum murdered by the FBI and Oregon State Police to keep them quiet about the real reason the BLM were driving certain ranchers like the Hammond’s and Bundy family off their lands? Rancher John Christensen on his Wyoming ranch with mining rights acquired by Uranium One and Rosatom. (Photo Credit MATTHEW STAVER/NYT) If the answer was yes, that would be nuclear fuel that could bring down the Clintons, the Obama Administration and secure the indictment of numerous government officials including the FBI director, the US Attorney General, the Governor of Oregon, the Director of the Oregon State Police, numerous Oregon county officials, such as Harney County’s Judge Grasty in one of the worst political scandals in American history. Experienced criminal investigators and investigative reporters know that if corruption and graft are discovered at one end of a political spectrum, then corruption exists at another. You cannot isolate corruption. In order for corruption to exist and to flourish, it has to spread to all levels of politics within a political jurisdiction. Each level takes a bite from the bagman’s gravy train. That is why the mob has its fixers and bagmen. They intend to corrupt all within a political spectrum so as to expose them to legal jeopardy and scandal to keep them in line. An honest person is simply gotten rid of by any means necessary. At high level politics it is beneficial for you to have your own fixer and bagmen. FBI Director Comey appears to have been selected to be Hilary Clinton’s personal fixer as we shall see, and various employees of the Clinton Foundation served as her and Bill Clinton’s bagmen. We should not overlook that Bill and Hillary Clinton are married and are a long-term political team. 3. HAITI COMES CALLING: BIG BUCKS, DISASTER CAPITALISM AND CRONYISM 6
  7. 7. Nature has been unkind to Haiti as it is positioned unfavorably in the wake of powerfully destructive hurricanes. In 2010, Haiti was struck and leveled by a powerful hurricane, but let’s digress for a moment. The Clintons brazenly claim that they are the heart and soul of Democratic politics, that they love the common man and are the best friends minorities, especially black folks ever had. They constantly champion black causes and make public relation feature show pieces in backing some worthy black cause or person. They real story behind the Clintons and their alignment with blacks and black causes is a deception, a cold political deception of the worst kind. What is behind the Clinton’s patronage of minorities is nothing more than self-interest and greed, but before we get into that let us take a look at disaster capitalism. Former U.S. President Bill Clinton (C) chats with staff members during a tour to Kreyol Essence, a Haitian women owned and operated company in Mirebalais February 23, 2015 © Andres Martinez Casares / Reuters Disaster capitalism is a fact of life. Earthquakes, floods, fires ravage human communities and destroy vast infrastructure supporting human endeavors critical to life. Disasters caused by man or nature wipe out thousands of lives each year. Banks and corporations exist to make money. Banks and corporations make a lot of money out of human misery resulting from disasters. Banks float loans to communities and to states ravaged by disasters. Rebuilding costs a lot of money to accomplish. If you are in the right position, with the right amount of influence and political leverage you can benefit enormously from the misery of others. Having access to players in the disaster and relief community and investors is one important aim, especially in obtaining and in dispensing quid pro quo favors. Having a foundation to pursue a worthy cause like raising funds for disaster victims is another key target. The third is having access to friends in key industries and in key political communities. Luminaries like Bill and Hillary Clinton have their special set of friends known as FOB and FOH…friends of Bill and friends of Hillary. When opportunity strikes, Bill and Hillary Clinton are known to activate their collectives of FOB and FOH to score lucre, and such was the case in the huge hurricane that wiped out scores of lives and destroyed much of Haiti in 2010. Once the disaster’s impact was known and assessed the international relief agency community went into high gear. There were millions of needy people in the wake of the disaster. They needed food, shelter, and water, and sanitation, to start the recovery process and more importantly, encouragement and hope to rebuild their lives. That is where philanthropic foundations worthy of their name come in. The can play a very significant role in stabilizing the situation by providing immediate relief to victims and over the long term address issues that most governments have difficulty coping with-providing the means to start anew with grants to needy people without a lot of red tape. The Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton appeared on the scene of the disaster with a lot of fanfare. They issued lofty pronouncements to raise billions to relieve and rebuild Haiti in the wake of the hurricane. FOBs were enlisted by the scores to assist Haiti. The Clinton Foundation issued statements to the world about what was needed and where to donate funds on social media and Clinton Foundation websites. Tons of money from around the world poured in. The Clinton Foundation announced that much progress was being made and that new construction projects were in 7
  8. 8. motion to rebuild shattered Haiti and then… All the fanfare subsided. The Clinton Foundation went on to new ventures, relief agencies closed up shop and life in Haiti went on as before, grim and dreadful. But what happened to all the money the Clintons rose to aid the victims? According to several knowledgeable investigators, about 90 percent of it was diverted into the pockets of Bill and Hillary Clinton. According to an insider the real story about Haiti, concealed by the press, by the Clinton State Department and by the Justice Department is that the Clinton Foundation’s incompetence may have killed thousands of Haitians, and that the Foundation looted the funds raised to rebuild Haiti. Specifically, the UN brought in Cholera through the negligence of its health care workers, the Nepalese soldiers to keep the peace had no idea what to do, and that employees of the Foundation, the State Department and other officials were at cross purposes compounding the effects of the disaster. The upshot is that another humanitarian disaster resulted in tens of thousands of needless deaths caused by incompetent relief agency workers. In fact, Chelsea Clinton called out the UN and her parent’s foundation as contributing to the mess on the ground in Haiti. In a letter to her parents, she wrote the following. “If we do not quickly change the organization, management, accountability and delivery paradigm on the ground, we could quite conceivably confront tens of thousands of children’s deaths by diarrhea, dysentery, typhoid and other water-related diseases in the near future.” Moreover, emails obtained from Wiki Leak document dumps show that Hillary Clinton’s State Department helped FOH and FOB associated with the Clinton Foundation get contracts to support Haitian relief efforts. Documents obtained by ABC news showed that FOBs were given special treatment in getting contracts by Hillary Clinton’s State Department, while others furnishing aid were directed to government websites. As an exemplar of FOBs getting special treatment the following email revealed by ABC news is relevant. The Clinton Administration was heavily involved in apportioning stakes in the government dot com and digital communications industry back in the 1990s. Communication industry Billionaire and Clinton Foundation donor Denis O’Brien and his Jamaica-based telecom firm Digicel after the disaster struck sought to fly supplies into Port-au-Prince and to get his employees out of Haiti. Amitabh Desai, the director of foreign policy for the Clinton Foundation, remarked in a request that O’Brian and Digicel were “Close friends of Clintons” and referred to Bill Clinton by his initials WJC. Email contents then showed that the request from O’Brien was kicked upstairs by State Department officials. Moving on, apparently a large industrial park (Caracol Industrial Park) was built with Clinton Foundation money. The Caracol Park based many businesses that donated to the Clinton Foundation. Among them were the clothiers GAP, and SAE-A a South Korean garment maker. Haiti supplies cheap labor to multinationals engaged in the garment business. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the park’s opening ceremony praised Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills for her accomplishments in ramrodding the industrial park project to fruition. However, curiously enough, Mills later left the State Department. She surfaced representing the Black Ivy Group, a firm engaged in commerce in Africa that builds and leverages commercial networks across the public, private and government domains. Woong-ki Kim the chair of SAE-A the clothier in Haiti was one of the initial investors in the Black Ivy Group. Mills position at State and later with the Black Ivory Group shows the importance of having key players in the right sectors associated with investments, disaster relief and philanthropy is in advancing personal interests. Usually the term for this is crony capitalism, and that is another fact of life. You scratch my back, I will yours and the deal is to make money with a close set of friends-no others need apply. Subsequently, as the activities of the Clinton Foundation became better known through whistleblowers and internal leaks, the State Department, the Clinton Foundation and the Black Ivory Group denied any wrongdoing associated with the Caracol Industrial Park and its tenants. 8
  9. 9. Perhaps not, but the former President of the Haitian Senate, Bernard Sansaricq had something to say. At a recent Donald Trump for President Event he said that Bill Clinton had tried to bribe him and that the Clinton Foundation ran off from Haiti with millions in loot earmarked for Haitian relief. Sansaricq related that Bill Clinton, when he was President in 1994 wanted to invade Haiti to get rid of the regime in Haiti. Clinton sent the highly corrupt former governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson as an emissary. Sansaricq reasoned with Richardson not to invade Haiti. He said that the American embassy in Haiti then sent a messenger, informing him that if he sided with Bill Clinton’s invasion that he would become “the richest man in Haiti.” Sansaricq declined the offer only to have his US visa revoked. Sansaricq later called for an audit of the Clinton’s Foundation’s finances and donor contributions that amounted to over $30Mn. Apparently, some of the relief money went to the building of several luxury hotels benefitting the elite and had little to do with the man out in the street living precariously like a dog on scraps. Haitian activist Dahoud Andre said in a recent interview with World News Daily that “The real corruption is at the Clinton Foundation.” He added that The Trump Foundation might have a few thousand dollars missing, but the Clinton Foundation has stolen billions from Haiti since 2003, and especially after the UN designated Bill Clinton as its special envoy to Haiti. Andre said that the Clintons stole money from Haitian Relief funds, from the Clinton Foundation and from other relief agency funds, and that the Obama Administration is protecting the Clinton Foundation from public exposure and criminal liability. Finally, in a telling finale, activists cited that Hillary Clinton gave her brother, Tony Rodham a 25 year contract for a gold mine in Haiti. Haitian human rights activist Ezili Danto in a recent World News Daily (WND) interview supported Andre’s charges. He said that Hillary Clinton in 2010 came to Haiti dressed as a savior, but betrayed the trust of the Haitian and American people who donated millions to impoverished Haitians. Danto related that the 2010 disaster prompted State Department skullduggery in favoring the 2010 presidential campaign of Michel Martelly and the issue of convicted fraudster, Claudio Osorio who was given a 10Mn contract by the US government to build 10,000 housing units for disaster victims facilitated by the Clinton Foundation. These revelations underscore what demonstrators were saying at a small but vocal protest recently held outside New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman’s office. Protestors at the rally denounced Schneiderman’s decision to prosecute the Trump Foundation, but to ignore the Clinton Foundation that failed to file years of tax returns with the New York Charity Office Bureau. Schneiderman issued a cease and desist order to the Trump Foundation because it was in violation of Charities Bureau requirements to furnish annual reports and audit statements. Yet, Schneiderman said no similar order had been issued against the Clinton Foundation that also operates in New York. Schneiderman a Democratic partisan explained that the Clinton Foundations failure to file was a simple clerical error. The Haitian imbroglio adds another strident inquiry as to why haven’t government regulators, criminal investigators and auditors despite all the evidence from whistleblowers and leakers alleging criminal wrongdoing at the Foundation and clearly criminal conduct by Hillary and Bill Clinton conducted a forensic audit of the Foundation and why haven’t government investigators initiated an investigation of Hillary Clinton’s tenure at the State Department. Ah, but they did, and this is where the role of the fixer comes in handy. We will look at FBI Director Comey, who is connected to the Clinton Foundation through his directorship in the Swiss HSBC bank later. For now Comey’s sad sack investigation of Hillary in the disappearing email and server case has outraged some in Congress, the American people, and more importantly it has infuriated street-level FBI agents, who now have a bone in their teeth, and who will undoubtedly leak incriminating information about their boss as payback. Comey is an arrogant jerk, who misunderstands his own importance in the real world of hard-nosed cops. If you make them look bad, they are going to get you back. Expect FBI agents to start leaking like sieves about Comey “The Cardinal.”. That will bring Comey down and start to unravel the Clinton crime machine, especially if the Podesta nexus is properly addressed by investigators. Nobody knows Hillary Clinton better and where the bones are buried than her campaign manager, John Podesta… might be smart for him to lawyer up. In fact, if the players in the Clinton 9
  10. 10. Foundation and crime factory start lawyering up, it speaks volumes about how close investigators are getting to the truth, which should encourage them to dig all the harder. 4. THE VICTOR PINCHUK FOUNDATION AFFAIR On April 22, 2015 an article appeared in the little known Washington Free Beacon. According to the story, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, facilitated Ukrainian oligarch, Victor Pinchuk sale oil and gas pipelines to Iran, who was on the American sanctions blacklist. How was this possible? Clinton knew that Iran was blacklisted. Nonetheless the pipes were shipped to Iran by Interpipe, Pinchuk’s business’s concern. Newsweek confirmed essentials of the story and the story soon fizzled out. Then investigators soon discovered that Victor Pinchuk, the oligarch was no ordinary guy as he dominated much of the political scene in the Ukraine. Moreover, there was the question of $10 million he contributed to the Clinton Foundation from 2009 to 2013, making him one of the Foundation’s major donors. Pinchuk was a strong advocate of seeking EU membership for the Ukraine, one of Hillary Clinton’s top projects. Apparently, Pinchuk pledged to donate $29 million to the Clinton Global Initiative, a subset of the Foundation that is engaged in funding charitable projects, and training future world leaders. The story does not stop there. The Ukraine is a major flashpoint for a regional European or global war. Additionally, tracing the Foundation’s activities in the Ukraine it appears that Kiev gave away citizenships to foreigners who then occupied some top government posts. Among them were: Natalie Jaresko an American who runs the equity fund, Horizon Capital as Finance Minister; Lithuanian banker Aivaras Abromavicius, as Economics Minister and the shady Georgian, Alexander Kvitashvili as Health Minister. All have ties to Hillary Clinton. What does this mean to the casual observer? It signifies that Clinton and the US along with its EU partners run the Ukraine as a puppet government for Western interests, and the Clinton Foundation is a major factor in securing a grip on the Ukraine’s prime geopolitical position and fabulous wealth. 5. THE ISIS NEXUS, SAUDI BUSINESSMEN AND DIRTY DEALS More revelations from whistleblowers and an examination of the Foundations donor list revealed that many countries that donated to the Foundation have direct ties to ISIS. Thus, the Foundation and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State took their money knowing full well that Saudi Arabia, and Qatar have strong links to the ISIS terrorist organization. ISIS is perhaps the most brutal terrorist gang on the world stage-featuring thousands of gruesome atrocities, including the decapitation of young boys and the eating of body organs by ISIS monsters. What does this signify to the man in the street? Could it be that the Clinton Foundation is a covert instrument of war and terror… that it facilitates Muslim terror operations and makes money off terror groups? Didn’t the State Department’s own intelligence agency have the spine to notify Mrs. Clinton that she was taking in money from international gangsters and terrorists? What about the FBI, and the CIA? Apparently they ignored the transactions or were asleep at the wheel. One of the Foundations biggest donors is the Saudi government that has direct ties to the war in Syria and in funding ISIS. Further research established that despite Bill and Hillary Clinton’s insistence that the Foundation would not accept donations from foreign governments while she was Secretary of State, there were no limits placed on monies contributed by foreign individuals or corporations. Thus, this neatly makes the agreement worthless as any corporation fronting for organized crime, or for international terror groups, or for a country on the American sanctions list could make donations to Hillary Clinton’ foundation. More than a dozen foreigners and their companies and FUNDATIONS were Clinton Foundation donors during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State donating some $34Mn to $68 Mn. Some of these donors provided funding for foundation charity valued at some $60 Mn. The question for the man in the street is where does charity begin and terrorism end? 10
  11. 11. We have only scratched the surface of the Clinton Foundation and already the smell and stink of corruption, double dealing, double dipping, obfuscation and selling out American interests to the highest international bidders and facilitating the operations of major criminals and terrorist organizations all seem wrapped up in charitable projects associated with the Clinton Foundation, Hillary and Bill Clinton. Is that a stretch? Take a look at the following cold hard facts. Saudi London-based Victor Dahdaleh’s foundation contributed up to $5Mn to the Clintons was the intermediary agent between Alcoa World Alumina and the Aluminum Bahrain Company. Dahdaaleh was charged with bribery and Alcoa USA recently pleaded guilty to corruption charges in a US court. 6. CHINESE LINKS Rilin Enterprises is a privately held Chinese port management and infrastructure company run by one Wang Weilang. Weilang pledged $2Mn to the Clinton Foundation. Weilang’s company controls a port that has direct trade affiliations with North Korea and he is a delegate to the Chinese People’s Congress, so he represents the Chinese government. One of his firms is the contractor for the new Chinese Embassy in WA DC. Let us not forget that Bill Clinton, Mrs. Clinton and a coterie of Clinton political appointees were all heavily involved in the so-called Chinagate Scandal that involved charges of major corruption and subversion of American officials and the sale of highly restricted US technology and weapons secrets to China, including the details of the W88 nuclear warhead used on American Ohio Class submarines. Up to now, the Chinagate scandal deeply involving Hillary and Bill Clinton was the most serious scandal ever in American history. Suffice to say that the Clintons, the Democratic National Committee back in the 1990s re-election cycle were caught red-handed in trading American technology secrets for Red Chinese money for their re-election prospects! Thus, nailing hard to the floor the fact that the Clintons and the DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE are no strangers in taking foreign money and facilitating potential enemies in acquiring not only political leverage on American policy makers, but technology to gain parity with American power (see: for a list of the characters, and Chinese organized crime figures involved with the Clintons). Back in the 1990s, many Americans came to the conclusion that the Clintons were part of the global organized crime cabal and were a crime family. Moving on another Hillary Clinton spectacular, we’ll devote some attention to LeFarge and ISIS, and Libya and how she set into motion a train of events that ensnared Syria in a most violent civil war involving ISIS head choppers. 7. ISIS HEAD CHOPPERS & TERRORIST SUPPORTERS Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal, right, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Khaled Al-Hamad Al-Sabah chat at the U.S.-Gulf Cooperation Council forum in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in March 2012. (AP) 11
  12. 12. Most rational people would shake their heads in disbelief over allegations that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and her Foundation could conceivably have ties to the infamous and extraordinarily brutal ISIS terrorist organization or to states financing ISIS. However, there is credible and supporting evidence to show that Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation knowingly established connections with ISIS, but helped finance and arm them. An examination of Wiki Leaks documents revealed the frightening specter that Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation were directly tied to Qatar and the government of Saudi Arabia. The Clinton foundation despite claims of avoiding government contributions accepted some $25Mn from Saudi Arabia and up to $5Mn from Qatar. Both governments are widely known to finance and to support ISIS and to wage a covert war using ISIS and other Jihadist groups to topple the Syrian government. Moreover, Clinton’s Saudi ties, the donations and an apparent sale of highly advanced American fighter jets to Saudi Arabia appear to be another pay to play scamola. However, in an email to John Podesta, her presidential campaign manager was this little nugget, admitting that Saudi Arabia and Qatar were financing ISIS and providing logistical support to terrorist group…"While this military/para- military operation is moving forward, we need to use our diplomatic and more traditional intelligence assets to bring pressure on the governments of Qatar and Saudi Arabia, which are providing clandestine financial and logistic support to ISIL and other radical Sunni groups in the region." The only explanation for this admission is that Clinton knew about the Saudi and Qatari ties to ISIS and approved of it, otherwise she would have severed diplomatic relations with our enemies and sanctioned these states. Moreover, it implies something more sinister afoot. George Soros brags that he and Hillary Clinton were responsible for the Arab Spring and that his foundations were financially and logistically supporting the huge waves of Muslims, many of them of military age with terrorist experience into the heart of Europe and into the United States. The illegal Muslim refugee waves have brought Europe to the brink of economic and social chaos and near civil war. The United States experience rests with Obama and Clinton clamoring for millions of Muslim refugees to be admitted into the US already suffering social blow back over the presence of considerable Muslim refugees refusing to assimilate, milking welfare opportunities, while clamoring for the imposition of Sharia Law to be the law of the land. The Chinese called this for what it is-IMMIGRATION WARFARE and consider it to be a legitimate domain of war. Cloward and Pivens, two academics from Columbia University admit that the perfect way to bankrupt a state internally is to plunge it into deep socioeconomic chaos by overloading the social welfare system and thus, setting loose violent revolutionary forces that can be exploited to overturn an established government. Therefore, Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, her boss Obama, and the Clinton Foundation knew that both Qatar and Saudi Arabia were financing terrorists. This was to have disastrous consequences for the United States downstream. • The Sidney Blumental Connection. Who is Sidney Blumental AKA “Sid Vicious.” Blumenthal is a long term friend of Hillary Clinton and served as an adviser during the Clinton Presidency, where his chief duties were dreaming up sludge to tar Clinton enemies with. Moreover Sid Vicious as he is known to Washington insiders war advising Clinton on foreign policy recommending that she overthrow Mohammad Gaddafi. Blumenthal it turns out was seeking to establish links to the Libyan opposition, so when they took power he would be in a position to get health care contracts from the new Libyan government. Cronyism and revolution seem to go hand in hand with American elites and international oligarchs. Apparently, Blumenthal knew that Clinton was a strong advocate for US Democracy and Guns regime change for Libya and used this knowledge to personally profit by it. Blumenthal subsequently was an employee of the Clinton Foundation making $120,000 a year. Finally, it appears that Clinton was sharing intelligence information contrary to prudent intelligence practices with Blumenthal. She also redacted his name from internal 12
  13. 13. documents that passed over her desk. Leaks also disclosed that she wanted Blumenthal’s name removed from any reports she was forwarding to the White House. Clinton’s Guns and Democracy regime change in Libya resulted in Gaddafi’s death over which she delighted about in a coffee klatch with some of her fellow female colleagues… “We came, we saw and he died!” She said with a smug smile. As a result, Libya the most progressive and modern state in the Muslim world was destroyed, thousands were killed and today the country is in the grip of Jihadi terrorists. Moreover, Clinton’s ambassador, Chris Stevens and three other Americans were killed when Jihadi terrorists attacked his residence in Benghazi. • Clinton laughing over Gaddafi’s death-see the link below q=we+came+we+saw+he+died+clinton&view=detail&mid=7345215B2EC1CF2E9ADA7345215B2EC1CF2E 9ADA&FORM=VIRE • Christopher Stevens. The US Ambassador to Libya apparently was involved in a covert gun running scheme to Syrian rebels and to ISIS fighters. The rat line allegedly imported ground to air missiles, automatic weapons, and explosives through CIA and MI6 backdoors to Jihadis fighting against Syrian President Assad. Stevens is dead. No investigation was really ever conducted into the circumstances leading to his death or to his links to ISIS that implicate Hillary Clinton. In related developments associated with Clinton, the Clinton Foundation and the Saudis, Assistant Secretary of State Andrew Shapiro said the sale of $60 billion in F-15 fighter jets, helicopters and other lethal equipment to the Saudis was a State Department "top priority.” Clinton’s support for the deal did not go unrewarded. Subsequently, Saudi Arabia and jet plane maker Boeing-part of the Saudi deal made handsome donations to the Clinton Foundation. The foreign policy results of the Clinton-Saudi deal had lethal results for Yemen. The brutal Saudi Yemen war has been led by those same F15s bought with Clinton assistance in the campaign against Yemen. That nasty little conflict has destroyed significant infrastructure, has killed some 3,000 people, and has killed ambulance drivers, journalists and many innocent civilians. Clinton definitely rang up another notch on her belt of scalps with the Saudi arms deal. Already UN observers have cited Saudi war crimes in Yemen as issues of major concern. • 1934187 Meanwhile, International Business Times, in an analysis of data related to the Clinton Foundation and the State Department found that from 2010 to 2012, the State Department approved $165 billion worth of commercial arms sales to 20 nations whose governments have given money to the Clinton Foundation." That is called a home run score in any man’s business language as those same countries paid some $141Mn into the Clinton’s foundation as well as untold amounts directly to the Clintons in speaking fees and other honorarium. 13
  14. 14. The only conclusion appropriate for this is that the Clintons jointly sold out American interests, the power and prestige of the American nation up for sale in furthering their own greed. And this woman wants to be president of the United States? No wonder V. Putin was heard to remark that if Clinton becomes the next US President there will be war. Clinton’s State Department formally approved American arms deals to brutal regimes in Algeria, Kuwait, The UAE, Oman, Morocco, and Qatar who have collectively violated even her own State Department’s sentiments on human rights, corruption and political tyranny. The American in the street must wonder why we have gone from being one of the most admired nations in the world with scores of immigration hopefuls seeking American citizenship to being the most hated and vilified nation on earth. Now you know why. American’s wonderfully appealing sense of ideals, the very hard work of her people, her innate goodness and positive force, her innovation, sense of justice; egalitarian notions of helping others have all gone down the toilet flushed by criminal politicians’ who sold her out to line their own pockets. Hillary Clinton, husband Bill, possibly the entire Clinton family are nothing more that a Chicago branch of the Mafia run amok on the entire world. They and their many supporters who are complicit in their many wrongdoings, including elements of the American press who have covered up many of their black deeds belong in jail. Perhaps we had better get to work and do it before angry Russians and countless others do it for us. Ultimately, how do we as a people explain this to the world? How do we atone for it if it is even possible? I do not know the answers to those questions. But we had better start seeking answers. Our totally corrupt government leaders have stolen billions form the American people and billions more from the disposed around the world suffering from catastrophes, both natural and American made that were imposed on them by American weapons and deliberate policy decisions resulting in wars, famine, death and destruction of infrastructure. Again, consider that Hillary Clinton, arguably one of the most psychopathic personalities in American history wants to be our president. Not on my watch. Quintus Dias, September 20, 2016 Next we will examine Secretary of State John Kerry’s role in self-enrichment and Hillary Clinton’s accomplishment’s and role in wrecking dozens of states including setting the stage for World War III and igniting a horrible civil war in Syria and in the Ukraine and how Hillary’s fixer FBI Director Comey fixed her criminal liability. LINKS russians/ spokesperson.html company.html connection/ 14
  15. 15. closer-ties-to-eu-revealed/ friend 15