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P&W Services Ribbon Cutting - 17 Jul 09


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P&W Services offers affordable, non-insurance health and dental benefits for individuals and small businesses. This briefing was presented to small business owners, insurance brokers, and non-profit organizations at our ribbon cutting ceremony on 17 Jul 09. For more information, go to

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P&W Services Ribbon Cutting - 17 Jul 09

  1. 1. How Your Company Can Offer Affordable Health Programs to Your Employees Presented By: P & W Services, LLC Tim Pishdad and Cynthia Watkins
  2. 2. Employer Advantages NO Contribution Requirements NO Participation Requirements Flexibility Ease of Administration FREE to Owner/Company
  3. 3. Employer Advantages continued…  Employee Retention – 2nd highest reason employees move to another company is for benefits  No Mandatory Participation – Unlike insurance, there is no required percentage of employee participation  No Mandatory Contribution – Unlike insurance, there are NO contribution requirements placed on employer. Employer may choose to pay all, part or NONE of monthly fee. Employer may decide which employees/full-timers/part-timers or independent contractors to contribute to or not contribute to. OWNER Controls Don’t worry about high turnover staff…It’s FREE to You!!!
  4. 4. Employer Advantages continued...  Payroll Deduction at Employer’s discretion  One List Bill Sent to Company (w/ 5+ participants)  Auto Draft (w/ less than 5 participants)  Ease of Administration (easy adds and drops)  Qualifies for Section 125 – Pre-Tax Dollars  No Mandatory Open Enrollment; at Employer Discretion  NO COBRA Administration  Employee Education by Independent Representative  ID Cards mailed directly to employees’ homes OWNER can now offer benefits to EVERYONE, including Part-timers, Seasonal, during wait periods, until open enrollment!
  5. 5. Employee Advantages Affordability Freedom of Choice Everyone in House Gets Benefits No Waiting Periods No Medical Qualifying Pre-Tax Dollars Portability Low Cost: $3.42/week - $13.85/week
  6. 6. Employee Advantages continued…  Drastically lowers cost of Healthcare (SAVE MONEY!!)  Five (5) Low cost plans to choose from  Payroll Deduction Available at $3.42/week - $13.85/week depending on plan selected  No Deductibles to meet  Instant Savings  Up to 80% Savings or More 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed !!
  7. 7. Employee Advantages continued…  May choose and change provider within network without prior approval or notification  May refer and recommend personal dentist or physician if not a participating provider in network  No Limits of Services or Visits  Never Pay Retail for Health Services  No Age Limits  Household Fees include anyone living at residence, regardless of relationship or age Everyone in the Home can start saving money TODAY!!
  8. 8. Employee Advantages continued…  No Exclusions of pre-existing or ongoing conditions  No Paperwork or Reimbursement Worries  Orthodontics & Cosmetic Dentistry included with Dental Plan  Hearing, Podiatry and Diabetic Supplies Program, LASIK Surgery Sign UP Today…..Use it Tomorrow!!!!
  9. 9. Five (5) Plans to Choose From PLAN I (DENTAL) PLAN II (BASIC HE ALTH)  Dental with  Medical with  Vision  Doctor Visits  Prescription  Laboratory  Chiropractic  Ancillary (MRI, etc.)  Hospital Advocacy Individual:  24 Hour Nurseline $14.95/mo or $3.42/week Household: Household: $19.95/mo or $4.61/week $29.95/mo or $6.92/week
  10. 10. Five (5) Plans to Choose From continued… PLAN III (TOTAL HEALTH) PLAN IV (TOTAL HEALTH +)  Dental with Medical  Dental with Medical as in  Including:  Plan III details;  Vision, Prescrip., Chiro,  Including also:  Doctors Visits  Auto Club (Sign & Drive)  Ancillary  Discounted Legal Services  Hospital Advocacy  Identity Theft Protection  Nurseline Household: Household: $59.95/mo or $13.85/week $39.95/mo or $9.23/week
  11. 11. Five (5) Plans to Choose From continued… PLAN V (BASIC WELLNESS)  Vision  Prescription Drugs  Hearing Plan  Nurseline Household: $14.95/mo or $3.42/week
  12. 12. Group Requirements
  13. 13. Group Requirements & Benefits  Must have minimum 5 employees for monthly List Bill  Under 5 employees, corporate will auto-draft the company account  1st month’s payment may be made with company check or company credit card  Must mail initial paperwork (originals)  Future adds/drops to existing group account may be faxed to Corporate Group Division Owner: YOU never pay for programs your employees select even if they quit….WHY? YOU never prepay….always collect funds first!
  14. 14. How Simple is It?  Only One Form to Complete (5 Min) Authorization Form  Only one application per employee (they pick one of the 5 plans)  P & W Services handles the mailing/correspondence with Corporate  Corporate mails out membership cards, and handles customer service questions directly with each employee  THAT’S IT!! EASY to Do!! BE A HERO Help you Employees Save Money on Dental and Health Now!
  15. 15. Managing General Representative Program for Insurance Agents/Brokers Now Your Company Can Offer Affordable Non-Insurance Dental and Health Programs to Your Clients Presented By: P & W Services, LLC Tim Pishdad and Cynthia Watkins
  16. 16. MGR Program Highlights  The MGR program is pretty simple and the target market is well defined. Who is eligible for an MGR agreement?  Any licensed insurance agent who has one or more “General Agent” or “Managing General Agent” contracts with recognized insurance companies.  Full monthly residual Commissions will be paid. 30% level monthly on all business.  The MGR can designate at the time of contracting whether they want to receive the entire commission and in turn they will pay their agents, or  They can designate how they want the commissions split and AmeriPlan will do the splitting and send the checks in accordance with their specified split arrangement.  The MGR and their agents can enroll members into the AmeriPlan Discount programs. (No geographic or territorial limits) The total program costs, literature, interactive websites are FREE!!
  17. 17. MGR Program Highlights continued..  AmeriPlan has five (5) attractive Dental and Health care programs  AmeriPlan provides customer support for clients  P&W Services, LLC provides comprehensive training for all agents  Web based training also available Add more income to your bottom line… FREE Literature, Training, Websites
  18. 18. MGR Program Highlights continued..  How easy is it to get started?  It takes about 15 minutes to fill out paperwork Requirements  Fill out two forms  Copy of Insurance License for Broker/Owner  Personal contact info, license # for each agent  Select % split for commissions paid directly by AmeriPlan Corporate YOUR DONE ! Now you can help all your clients regardless of income or health situation, and help your agents earn more income for their families!
  19. 19. Non-Profit/Association/Club Now Your Organization Can Raise $1,000’s and at the same time help others who need access to affordable Health Care. Presented By: P & W Services, LLC Tim Pishdad and Cynthia Watkins
  20. 20. What Are the Details?  Fill out one Form to activate relationship with AmeriPlan What do we get?  3 Websites maintained by AmeriPlan to sign up members (secure server) will be provided  Back office support to monitor account status and earnings  Help Desk Support for members All the work is done for you!
  21. 21. What Do We Earn?  Immediate residual earnings of 30% on all memberships (only 17 individual memberships are needed to generate profit from investment) What Does It Cost?  Depends on level of entry, but cost will be negated by P&W Services, LLC as our contribution to your fund raising efforts FREE
  22. 22. Example of Potential Earnings Partner with P&W Friends, Family of Services, LLC General Non-Profit Members $50 100 Monthly 100 Investment Monthly Return on Investment US Population 175 Million 4,150 Business Relationships Income based on Individual Dental Membership Only 500
  23. 23. How Will P&W Services Support US?  Handle all questions/issues about the program (No additional administration by your organization)  Media campaign to provide information to Public/General Membership and others about program utilizing Organization’s current media products/resources  Support at your fund raising activities  Personal commitment by P&W Services, LLC to excellence, integrity and financial goals of the Non-Profit/Association/Club
  24. 24. Thank You for Attending! Questions anyone? Presented By: Tim Pishdad and Cynthia Watkins P & W Services, LLC 321-220-8265