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Aztecs for Education


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PLN: Trends in EdTech K12

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Aztecs for Education

  1. 1. Aztec Teachers Talk Techie with Dr. C SDCUE/Learning Communities 21st Century Teaching and Learning Trends in Ed Tech for the Contemporary Teacher @cynthiachandler
  2. 2. collaboration
  4. 4. My PLN
  5. 5. Trends in K12 Technology CUE Blog Open the Digital Door Horizon Report Project Tomorrow Project Speak Up Teachers, Kids, and Construction Fablevision Education
  6. 6. Open the Digital Door 21st Century Teaching with 21st Century Learners open-the-digital-door-lms-platforms/
  7. 7. The NMC Horizon Report: 2014 K2 Edition The NEW MEDIA CONSORTIUM And The EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative, an EDUCAUSE Program The research behind the NMC Horizon Report: is jointly conducted by the New Media Consortium (NMC) and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative (ELI), an EDUCAUSE Program. To learn more about ELI, visit ; To learn more about the NMC, visit .
  8. 8. • Key Trends Accelerating Adoption1 • Significant Challenges Impeding Technology Adoption in K-12 Education2 • Important Developments in Educational Technology for K-12 Education3 Horizon Report K12
  9. 9. Key Trends Accelerating Technology Adoption in K-12 Education 2013 Near-Term – Cloud Computing – Mobile Learning Mid-Term – Learning Analytics – Open Content Long Term – 3D Printing – Virtual Laboratories
  10. 10. Key Trends Accelerating Technology Adoption in K-12 Education 2014 Short-Term – Increasing Use of Blended Learning – Rise of STEAM Learning Mid-Term – Increasing Use of Collaborative Learning Approaches – Shift from Students as Consumers to Creators Long-Term – Rethinking How Schools Work – Shift to Deeper Learning Approaches
  11. 11. Key Trends 2015 1. Personalized Learning (Bray & McClaskey) 2. Increased Public Policy and Concern about Privacy 3. Numeracy and Computer Programming 4. Common Core Standards/NGSS 5. Interdisciplinary and Applied Learning 6. Open Content
  12. 12. Key Trends 2014
  13. 13. Partnership for 21st Century Skills
  14. 14. References • Fablevision Education • iNACOL • Johnson, L., Adams Becker, S., Cummins, M., Estrada V., Freeman, A., and Ludgate, H. (2014). NMC Horizon Report: 2014 K-12 Edition. Austin, Texas: The New Media Consortium. NMC • Bray & McClaskey (2015). • Project Tomorrow, Speak Up Survey, • 21st Century Partnership.