Technology thingamijigs tesol 3 15-handouts


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Technology thingamijigs tesol 3 15-handouts

  1. 1. Tooling around with Technology Thingamajigsfor Corpus- and Content-based InstructionDr. Cynthia Schuemann and Dr. Michelle Thomas,Miami Dade College, InterAmerican Campus TESOL Conference, New Orleans, LA March 17, 2011 Hilton: Belle Chase 11:00-11:45
  2. 2. Program SummaryTooling Around With Technology Thingamajigs for Corpus- and Content-Based Instruction Participants learn to create corpus-informed, content-based materials using a practical and tested framework for selecting and evaluating appropriate technology tools for the classroom. The session shows how faculty at a large urban community college are working with a localized general education corpus to better meet EAP student transfer needs.
  3. 3. AGENDA1. Welcome to the Jungle: Project ACE2. Safari Guide: Content & Corpus Intersection with Technology3. Thingamajigs Hunt: Ten Trophies4. Bringing Home the Spoils: Evaluation
  4. 4. Project ACE Process: Content andCorpus Intersect with Technology1. Assess needs with 2. Collect information onsurvey on General the tasks, technologies & 3. Gather materials and language samples from GEEducation (GE) faculty resources used, and the content (corpus)expectations language demands of GE 5. Teach language of 4. Create EAP materials6. Evaluate the courses academic tasks with and tests related to the technology using corpus tasks, texts, andand technology and content-based materials technologies of GE
  5. 5. Are you ready?More than just a hunch… Instruction can no longer be based on mere assumptions. These must be tested. Corpus work assures that what we are teaching in our “nature reserves” is aligned with what is happening out in the “wild.” Cute! Scary!
  6. 6. List of URL’s1. &
  7. 7. Bibliography Chapelle (2004) Koehler, M. J & Mishra, P. Technology Integration Modules (2000-2008)COBALLT, CARLA html Fellner & Apple (2006)
  8. 8. PresentersCynthia Schuemann, Facultycschuema@mdc.eduMichelle Thomas, Director, Project ACEmthomas2@mdc.eduLearn more about Project ACE at: