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  • Taken from www.theveryworstmissionary.comHow Short Term Missions Are Often Done:Invite anybody (who feels like it/can afford it) on a trip to a (safe but adventurous) place. Raise funds, collect loads of supplies, buy matching t-shirts printed with a catchy logo and/or leading question to use as a traveling evangelism tool. Create a detailed packing list. Travel to destination in matching shirts, being sure to strike up at least one conversation at every stop to indicate that you are “serving the Lord, Jesus Christ”. Stay as a group in a dorm, church, hostel, or hotel. “Help” poor people, or the disaster afflicted, by offering unskilled labor, unwanted prayer, and cartoon Bible tracts. Give away some junk. On the last night of the trip, order Pizza because everybody is sick to death of local food. Arrive home, slightly conflicted, burdened for “those less fortunate”, unsure if any actual help occurred, but grateful for all your “Blessings”. Share none of your doubts, but tell family, friends, and especially financial supporters that it was an awesome trip and that you totally saw God at work.
  • Amy's THEA ppt presentation

    1. 1. The Haiti Education AllianceMission, Objectives, and Role of Short Term Mission Trips
    2. 2.  700 miles off the coast of Florida Shares Caribbean Island with the Dominican Republic Illiteracy rate is about 50% Primary and Secondary School cost $80-150/year + uniforms and supplies 18% of the country go to secondary school (7th grade and beyond) Few graduate from secondary school Most speak Creole, a colloquial language (only learn French and some English in secondary school) Poorest Country in the Western Hemisphere 80% of population are unemployedFacts About Haiti
    3. 3. Where Jesus appointed, we take volunteers. Where Jesus sent pairs, we send herds. Where Jesus admonished for danger and quiet humility along the road, we opt for vacation destinations and loud self-congratulations. Where Jesus asks to be bringers of peace, we often bring chaos. Where Jesus designed an opportunity for a disciple to lean into a new family, learn a new culture, and serve under the head of a household (who best knows his own need), we march in with a plan and the resources to “giterdone” – completely missing out on the gift of being “a worker worth his wages”. What if the original picture of “short-term teams” was meant to show us this valuable step in the process of discipleship, where we can learn dependence on God, love for others, and how to serve well? And what if weve taken that picture and turned it into a billion dollar industry, creating dependence among the poor - not on God - but on the ourselves, damaging Christs image in the world, and missing the point entirely? (Taken from Short Term Missions – DoIt Like Jesus (Luke 10)
    4. 4. Mission Statement: The Haiti Education Alliance (THEA) provides education opportunities to impoverished Haitian children and adults empowering them to strengthen their communities and emerge to a life of healing and hope. Objectives: To provide education opportunities at the primary, secondary, vocational, and college levels for children and young adults in need within Haitian communities. To support students to pursue career paths in medical related fields (for example: physical and occupational therapy, medicine, mental health, and nursing) in order to provide consistent, long-term rehabilitative services to those affected by the earthquake and others, further enabling them to return to their communities with valued abilities. To facilitate community life skill educational programs in order to: -provide hands-on training to young men and women in their community, - increase job-readiness, -improve health, and -promote strong community relationships. To promote self-sufficient communities and foster the importance of giving back to ones community. To promote advocacy and awareness of vulnerable populations in Haiti such as children, families, people with disabilities, and the elderly.THEA’s Mission and Objectives
    5. 5.  8 students meeting twice a week for instruction from medical doctor in LaVictoire on wide range of medical topics Access to Creole Medical Library – assignments using these resources Medical Education Volunteer Program at hospital in Pignon Enrollment of MEVP students in Hospital’s “Half- Program”, where the hospital will pay for further education in return for double the years of service Sending students to Medical School in Dominican Republic and other countries – one student currently in school Partnership with Rehabilitation Technicians Training Program in Port au Prince (Loma Linda University in Washington State) - 2 students starting this year; affiliations with Pignon Hospital in the new Prosthetics Clinic and with hospital in general.Medical Education Program
    6. 6.  8 students enrolled Meet twice a week with Angelot, the Program Instructor Work on training garden Working on gardens on their respective properties Learning new concepts such as drip irrigation, composting, natural pesticides, etc. Potential for further agronomy training Certificate of completion after 1 yearAgricultural Training Program
    7. 7.  12 students enrolled  Meet twice a week with Abel, the Program Instructor  Work with 6 treadle machines in rented store front location  Learning tailoring and sewing skills  Working on business development training  Exploring the possiblity of making choir robes to sell regionally  Certificate of Completion after one yearSewing Education Program
    8. 8.  THEA run by Board of Directors of 14 members – monthly board meetings Pay salaries of Diony, Angelot, Abel and facilitate communication and collaboration with them. Currently paying for 42 children to attend primary and secondary school Supporting one student in Medical School in Dominican Republic Have two students who will attend a new Rehabilitation Technician Training Program in Port au Prince Have new relationship with Hospital in Pignon – Medical Education Volunteer Program and affiliation site for RTTP students Fundraising – manage website The hope is that students enrolled in the 3 tiers of educational programs in LaVictoire will be inspired and enabled to attend further education in these fields (This is the first class of students) Open to the direction of the Spirit to further the mission and objectives of the organization in LaVictoire, HaitiOther THEA Initiatives
    9. 9.  Meet in tent Approximately 65 members Meet on Sunday mornings for worship Meet for mens’ and womens’ Bible studies during week Have mens’ leadership committee Collectively care for 22 orphans – providing for physical, emotional and spiritual development Have a womens’ choirChurch in LaVictoire
    10. 10.  Preacher for the church and Field Director for THEA Attended ACU Preaching School in Port au Prince Coordinates all of THEA’s educational programs Responsible for 22 orphans along with his family and the church Supports his mother, father and 3 brothers Engaged to be married this summer Coordinating the building of new home for orphans and relocating tent church to family land Diony Etienne
    11. 11.  Great need – physical poverty/spiritual wealth, educational deficit/ hungry for God and for knowledge, Close proximity to US – affordable flights from Austin, Dallas Great way to plug short term teams consistently into a long term, sustainable mission effort in one location over a period of time Short term opportunities: Support the three educational tiers of this organization (medical, agricultural, sewing), work with the orphans (VBS type activities), work with the church to promote local, culturally relevant evangelism. Opportunity for every member of Western Hills to be a missionary – unified with a collective effort. ◦ Provide water filters - $58 each ◦ Monthly sponsorship for children to attend school - $12/month - $144/year ◦ Fundraising opportunities year round ◦ Sponsor medical care insurance plan (Five Loaves) through Promise for Haiti organization - $200/year per person with family cap of $1000/year (see handout)  Contributing financially to THEA to add this as benefit for THEA employeesPossibilities for a Western HillsPartnership with THEA
    12. 12. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workersare few. Ask the Lord of the harvest,therefore, to send out workers into hisharvest field.”Luke 10:2