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2012 THEA info brunch ppt

  1. 1. Informational Brunch Manhattan Church of Christin partnership with The Haiti Education Alliance (THEA)
  2. 2. Welcome
  3. 3. About Haiti: History & Background  Columbus “discovered” island of Hispaniola for Spain in 1492  French invaded in 17th C  Biggest sugar producer and richest colony in New World  Slave revolt led to independence in 1804  World’s first black-led republic  African customs persist with evident influence of French colonists  Marked by political instability
  4. 4. About Haiti: Area Republic of Haiti covers 10,700 square miles Occupies the western third of the Caribbean island of Hispaniola Has few paved highways, mostly accessible by air and off-road vehicles Temperature ranges from 75 to 95 degrees F
  5. 5. About Haiti: General Facts Population: 6.5 million Capital: Port au Prince People: 95% of African descent, 5% mulatto Language: Creole, French Religion: Roman Catholic, Protestant, Voodoo Government: Republic Major Industries: Sugar refining, textiles, cement manufacturing, light assembly based on imported parts
  6. 6. General Statistics40% of Haitians do not have access to medical care40% of children under 5 suffer from chronic malnutrition60-70% of income is spent on food70% do not have regular jobs
  7. 7. Education Statistics94% of schools in Haiti are privately run65% of all children go to primary school - 60% of them drop out before 6th grade10% of children who complete primary school go on to secondary school - only 6% of them graduate from secondary school1% attends a university53% of Haitians in Haiti can read and write
  8. 8. History of THEA January 2010earthquake casualties
  9. 9. Diony Etienne- THEA’s Field Director Ben Ben and Wosalyn found by the river2010 Graduate ofCenter for Biblical Orphans Training (CBT) after earthquake from Port au Prince
  10. 10. Mission Statement The Haiti Education Alliance (THEA) provides education opportunities to impoverished children and adults in Haitiempowering them to strengthen their communities and emerge to lives of healing and hope. Educate Empower Love
  11. 11. THEA’s ObjectivesTo provide education opportunities atthe primary, secondary, vocational,and college levels for children andyoung adults in need within Haitiancommunities.To support students to pursue careerpaths in medical related fields in orderto provide consistent, long-termmedical and rehabilitative services tothose affected by the earthquake andothers, further enabling them to returnto their communities with valuedabilities.
  12. 12. THEA’s Objectives (cont.)To facilitate community life skill education programsin order to: -provide hands-on training to young men and women in their community, - increase job-readiness, -improve health, and -promote strong community relationships.
  13. 13. THEA’s Objectives (cont.)To promote self-sufficient communities and foster theimportance of giving back to ones community.To promote advocacy and awareness of vulnerablepopulations in Haiti such as children, families, peoplewith disabilities, and the elderly.
  14. 14. Ongoing THEA Training Programs Sewing Gardening and NutritionMedical Education Primary and Secondary School
  15. 15. Primary and Secondary School ProgramCurrently have 42 students enrolled in school 31 Primary 11 Secondary (3 girls)9/42 of our students have regular monthly supportersWe would like to change that to 100%You can send a child to school for $12 per month!
  16. 16. Peter’s story“Peter, you can teach them, and they CAN do it.”
  17. 17. Medical EducationHands-on training in community health and rehabilitation
  18. 18. Community Health Seminars Led by THEA’s Medical Education students, trip team members and local doctors
  19. 19. Medical EducationReceived $500 grant for medical books -Medical librariesMedical Education Volunteer Program (MEVP) -Nursing and Midwifery, Radiology, Laboratory, Dentistry, Community Health, and Rehabilitation -Hopital Bienfaisance “Half Program”
  20. 20. Medical educationAlan is currently in medical school in the Dominican Republic
  21. 21. Medical EducationWilnot- Rehabilitation Technician TrainingProgram in Haiti (this year) Erlain- Rehabilitation Technician Training Program in Haiti (next year)
  22. 22. Medical EducationWesley- college and medical school in NJ (beginning this Fall)
  23. 23. Gardening and Nutrition Training June 2010 January 2011July 2011 February 2012 April 2012
  24. 24. Gardening and Nutrition Training Drip Irrigation Training
  25. 25. Gardening and NutritionTraining
  26. 26. Gardening and Nutrition Training Update Chickens for protein AND fabulous compost
  27. 27. Gardening and Nutrition Training Update COMMUNITY INTEGRATION
  28. 28. Sewing Training Program 1st class graduates soon
  29. 29. Sewing Training ProgramUsed clothes are sold at the market
  30. 30. Sewing Training Program UpdateNeed for more marketable skillsChoir, baptistery, graduation robe business?For increased sustainability:1. Take ownership of the program2. Products must be marketable in Haitian culture3. Treadle sewing machines
  31. 31. Women’s Bible Study in HaitiLearning to use the proclaimers
  32. 32. How Can You Help?1. Sponsor a child’s education- just $12 per month 2. Contribute to THEA’s College Fund
  33. 33. How Can You Help?1. Donate teaching materials for local schools2. Purchase a book for THEA’s medical library
  34. 34. How Can You Help?1. Donate funds for shipping of donated fabric/notions/treadles for sewing training classes2. Sponsor a family garden
  35. 35. How Can You Help?Go to Haiti on a THEA team and share your expertise January 2011 March 2012 Next trips: July 2012 then February 2013
  36. 36. Thank You!!