Au Psy492 M2 A2 Mc Graw C


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Outline of Final Paper

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Au Psy492 M2 A2 Mc Graw C

  1. 1. Review Paper: Outline of Literature Findings The literature, Genetic and Environmental Influences on Behavior: Capturing All the Interplay, was self explanatory. It talked about how genetics and environmental influences affected a person's behavior. It went into depth on how which one effected behavior and how much they did. This article helps contribute to the knowledge of our problem because it explains why we do things, what factors influences those actions, and it gives more information about how genes and our environment influence what we do. In theory, the article would have been great to use, but there was not enough information for what I needed to find out for the topic of my paper. There was great information in the article but not the information I needed for my topic of research. The article, Common Fallacies About Heredity, Environment, and Human Behavior, was a great source of information. It explained why people do what they do in society and why they act on certain fallacies. It also explained the role that heredity and environment plays in this behavior. This article by far was the most helpful. It explained how heredity and environment can affect behavior a person's behavior and they had some very interesting facts about it. This source was helpful because it stated most of the fact that I needed for the problem I am researching. The source was also very dependable as well. There really were no weakness to this article, but I wish it was more specific to my research topic. I wish it had more about marital relationships as well as the genetic and environmental factors. The work, Measuring Adult Attachment: An Exploratory Study Investigating the Relationships Among Marital Satisfaction. Emotional Skills, and Self-Report, and Observational Measures of Attachment, was not a very good source. This article was a summary of a study that was about to begin. I think that once it is finish it may be a little more beneficial to me. The literature summarized how they were going to measure couples levels of attachment and their different romance styles, and how they “relate to emotion skills and relationship satisfaction” (Shelby, 1). This article was not very helpful at all. I did get a good statistic from it though. It gave me no helpful information towards my research topic. The piece, Retrospective Reports of Parental Physical Affection and Parenting Style: A Study of Finnish Twins, was only fairly useful. This article was research that was trying to find out if parenting behaviors differed because of genetic factors. This was done by observing how different pairs of twins were raised in their homes. This work was very reliable. It had good information in it that helps solve the issue of the topic. It explained how genetic and environmental influences influence each other, and how they influence people's actions by themselves. The article, Genetic Effects on Women's Positive Mental Health: Do Marital Relationships ans Social Support Matter?, was another one that gave me pretty good information on my topic. It discussed how interpersonal relationships are important to our mental health. It was very beneficial to me because it talked about the different influences that influence marital relationships such as environment, support systems, and genes.